Sunday, July 15, 2018

Bears (Mild NSFW)

The West Virginia Black Bears are in town you know what that means.

It's time for an old fashioned Zippy Zappy vs Bob Walk The Plank (RIP) Cup. A fierce rivalry between future trade candidates to clear Rule 5 Draft roster spots on the Yankees side and future trade candidates when they reach their second year of arbitration on the Pirates side. Dating all the way back to... um, 2015 I think?

Yesterday was a Saturday which meant that the Yankees were the Pizza Rats. I still think that Killer B's would've worked much better (WU! TANG!).

As always let's start with the autographs.

Until the team sets come out I am firmly in semi-hibernation mode right now. So all I really got baseball wise was this personalization on a certified autograph of Matt Sauer. I wanted him to sign the jersey piece but he signed the little corner instead. Oh well, thanks anyway Matt!

What really made the whole trip worth it was probably this autograph I got of Melanie Iglesias. She's a Brooklyn native who went to high school in Staten Island. She's a model/actress who might be best known for being on Maxim. She's made a few TV appearances here and there and according to her Twitter feed she's started to take up singing.

She graciously took a selfie with me (I blocked out my face to protect the innocent, which in this case is your eyes). She was super nice and friendly.

She also threw the first pitch (or one of them anyway).

She stayed around for an inning or two meeting fans and also stopping by the Yankees bullpen (she hugged Drew Finley). Then she saw the rest of the game from one of the private suites.

And that was my lone autograph. Thanks Ms. Iglesias! Extra thanks for the personalization and message.

As for the game it was cool too. The starter for the Yankees was Harold Cortijo. A guy I do not have any cards of. He was the Yankees' 14th round pick last year and he pitched super well. He went 5.1 innings pitched allowing three hits and zero runs. Amazing. The best part is that he was so quick and effective that the game was in the fifth inning before an hour had passed since the game started. The game finished in a very tidy 2 hours and 17 minutes. Somewhere Rob Manfred got a boner.
Speaking of which the nicest part of Cortijo's performance is that he pitched a total of 69 pitches. Nice. Very nice.

Also nice was that the other Yankees relievers did their thing and the Staten Island Pizza Rats shut out the West Virginia Black Bears 1-0. Pirates first rounder Travis Swaggerty went hitless, he is clearly a bust and the Pirates are doomed to another two decades of mediocrity. Take that Matt!

The only other notable thing was that the special giveaway promo for the day were these special pizza cutters. They were only given to guests aged 18 and up because duh. I love getting stuff that's practical.

And that was my latest trip to Staten Island. Hopefully the team sets come out soon so that I can blog about cards again.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

Friday, July 13, 2018

Sweet Sixteen

So I finally got my first Luis Torrens card from 2018 Topps Series 2 in my hand the other day.


Yup, starting off the newest branch of the collection in style with a 1/1.

This is a black printing plate, and one of the two 1/1's that surfaced immediately after Series 2 hit the shelves. The other one is overpriced and I'll be damned if I'm paying that much.

The seller for this plate tried selling it as a BIN for triple what I ended up paying for it via auction. Smart move since LT's card market is limited to me and people only looking to get stuff for me.

As the title suggests, this is the 16th 1/1 Torrens card to enter my collection. As of now I am pretty proud to say that I own a plate from every product Torrens has been included in. Although that excludes Panini Prizm Draft because no plates were ever released for that product and the minor league issued cards (same reason).

Even though I've been in a collecting rut, there was a part of me that had enough sense to pick up some of these rarer cards just in case. Plus the fact that this didn't cost that much helped a lot too. I think I made the right call there.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The King Came Through

So on our blogosphere we have three kings. The Lost Collector is the king of the TTM, Night Owl Cards is the king of the written word, and Nick The Dime Box King is the king of dime boxes.

Nick's keen eye for the best and brightest baseball cards ever created is well known. He's also known for living in secondary-baseball-card-market heaven as he seems to find a card show or a garage sale or flea market or whatever seemingly every other day and finds something good every time. Best of all, he often shares his findings to the rest of us.

See what I mean?

That is my third Nostalgic Enterprises card and the one I was after the most because it's JACK CHESBRO.

It's been a while since I blogged about him, but Jack Chesbro is indeed still a PC guy. My favorite Yankees Highlanders legend (outside of Luis Torrens). But man did this card break that silence in a big way. Nick even sent along a note saying it'd better suited in my collection. I'm sure it was hard for Nick to part with this oddball of an underrated Hall of Famer, but hopefully I can make it up to him with my next Zapping (not the Zapping I had just recently sent him).

I have three Nostalgic Enterprise cards now and all came to me from Nick. The king of the dime boxes is probably going to end up sending me the entire set one by one.

There were other notable cards too. Like this fun little oddball of the time Kid Elberfeld of the New York Highlanders was allegedly "dragged off the field ... by a squad of policemen".

Apparently the story goes that Elberfeld chased the umpire Francis O'Loughlin all over the fiend over a call he didn't agree with. Apparently he tried to kick O'Loughlin's ass and step on his feet before police intervened. Imagine if a player did that today man.

There were a bunch of other things for my various collections like a Luis Torrens rookie (people are actually sending me Torrens cards now?!), a stack of Matt Stairs cards and some A-Rods, but my favorite was the Trade Up A-Rod card intended to be used for a game. I'm all for physical card games involving baseball.

I'm also all for minor baseball cards, and here's a very fine quartet of cards from the short lived Battle Creek Yankees. The most notable name here is Eric Duncan, a one time top prospect who just couldn't live up to expectations. But I did meet him as a coach way back when.

It looks like Nick's been able to find some prospect stuff in his dime box kingdom too. Here's Albert Abreu, a prospect I haven't talked at all about because I have so few cards of his and he doesn't sign TTM. I'm not even convinced he'll be with the Yankees any longer so I'm putting off writing about him until I have to.

And those were but a small but surely a great representation of the awesome package sent my way from Dimeboxdonia. Thanks again Nick, you're the best.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).