Friday, November 17, 2017

Heavily Discounted Hockey Cards

So one of the few things I said I'd do this winter is attempt to get into hockey.

I tried once before in 2014, it didn't last. I figure I try again. With baseball's hiatus I need something to fill my time.

And what better way than by going through the world of cardboard?

My local Target had a bunch of blasters on sale. The baseball stuff they had were things like Stadium Club and Archives, neither of which I'd ever touch. This 2016-17 MVP Hockey blaster interested me. Mainly because it had 120 cards in it. Thanks to a tip from a friend of mine I got a 25% off coupon for sporting goods at Target so I got the price reduced to around $12. Meaning that I basically each card for a dime, not a bad price.

As best as I can tell, MVP is basically Upper Deck's equivalent of Topps Opening Day. It's a low end product made to introduce people to the first set of the new NHL season. Or something like that. As such the hits are pretty limited. I myself only managed this Gold Script parallel of Benoit Pouliot (numbered 089/165).

My "team" would be the Rangers. I can't name too many of the players on it except Lundqvist and Marc Staal, but this blaster had two Rangers and two future Rangers (Pavelec and Zibanejad play in the big apple now).

There were also these silver script parallels. I don't particularly care for facsimile autographs so these are meh.

I did really like these NHL Territory inserts though. They're heavy on the foil and scan like shit but they are nice in person. What I like most is that the pictures they use of the "territory" the team is based in. Like the shot of Buffalo City Hall there.

The back scans better and has a better view of the landscape. As well as some info about the player featured on it.

I managed to get two in my blaster. The Eichel and the Stamkos here. This time featuring Tampa.

I understand that Derek Stepan has a card in this insert set (although it's also a relic card), consider that an unofficial gray whale for now.

So there was my first foray into hockey in three years. Hopefully this time it'll last. I've set aside some of the cards for certain collectors who I know collect those teams. The rest are either TTM fodder or up for grabs.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Impulse Purchase 2

Okay, this time I have some words about this card.

Like how the picture is in just the right angle for us to see that Donny Baseball is being asked to sign a 1988 and 1987 Topps card by two disembodied hands.

(C) Getty Images/Bettmann

I actually managed to track down the original on Getty Images taken by Bettmann. The wider shot reveals a second 1987 Mattingly on the right, someone (probably a child) taking a shot of Mattingly below him (I'd love to see how that photograph turned out) and a few more cards that I can't make out. One of which appears to be of Mattingly in mid-swing.

Much like Nick The Dime Box King immediately going out to get the Sandy Koufax SP, for some reason I felt compelled to buy this too. The the way the Topps baseball card has past iterations of Topps baseball cards on it is a big reason, all of the fans there holding bats and balls for Don to sign is another, the weird 80's shorts (right where the gettyimages logo is), it's all so cool.

Amazing how a single photograph taken at a spring training game in 1988 can have this much of an impact on cardboard nearly two decades later. Bettmann, wherever you are, just know that your photograph was so powerful that I forked over a whole $4 to get it in it's cardboard form!

Sidenote, while making this post I realized that I didn't have a 1988 Topps card of Mattingly. If anyone has one available I'd love to trade for it!

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

Monday, November 13, 2017


My latest pickup is this On Fire diecut autograph of Luis Torrens. It's the red-ish parallel.

It's numbered 1/1 and is now the 15th 1/1 Torrens in my collection. Woof, I never thought I'd ever amass that many 1/1's.

Honestly there's not a whole lot else to say about the card itself. Just that it cost me a bit more than I'd like (and because of that I'm going to have to really buckle down and keep my card purchases limited these next two months), and that I now have the master rainbow completed.

As it stands I am only three plates away (the yellow plate you see there is courtesy of the Card Papoy), and the Holiday Bonus buyback auto numbered to /3. Leaf is a frustrating brand which I've really grown to dislike during the time I've collected Torrens. I hope they go away forever one day.

Anyway, to come up with a good enough title I looked into fire themed songs. "St. Elmo's Fire" popped up but dated 80's soundtrack filler is not my cup of tea. "We Didn't Start The Fire" popped up too but I think I saw a blog use that before (probably Tony's). Instead I went with Fire by Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

I picked this one because it reinforced my greatest fear about my collection. During the song there are lyrics which go...

"You fought so hard and you saved and earned, But it's all going to burn."

I've put in so much work and money into my Torrens collection. But at the end of the day it can all go poof with one lousy fire. Or any number of natural disasters.

It's at this point that I realized that I've invested way too much, emotionally and financially into my collection. If I had spent less on either of the categories I probably wouldn't mind as much, but now I'm constantly worrying about something happening. And the grief I'd feel if nothing survived. Sidenote, my girlfriend and family will be the first to vouch that I have a paranoiac streak.

Alright that's it, the cutting back on purchases stops now before I drive myself insane (as if I wasn't already).

As always thanks for stopping by and take care.