Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekend TTM Roundup: 9/19-9/24

Received On: 09/19/2016

My first return this week came from Zech Lemond.
Zech Lemond was drafted by the San Diego Padres in the third round of the 2014 MLB Player Draft. The righty hurler throws a mid-90's fastball, curveball and change up. Originally a reliever in his amateur days, Lemond has since been converted into a starter and the results have been mixed. Lemond's development has been slowed by injuries here and there and this year the Padres seemed to ease his workload as he made a few appearances in relief down the line. Whether or not his future is in the starting remains to be seen.

Received On: 09/19/2016

Next up is Cardinals farmhand Tommy Edman.
Tommy Edman was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the sixth round of the 2016 MLB Player Draft. The Stanford product is a switch hitting middle infielder (primarily shortstop) who projects to be a consistent hitter who can hit for average. Edman's pro debut was very promising and only strengthens an already deep farm system for the Cardinals as he was selected to the New York-Penn League All Star Game and he was a key contributor for the State College Spikes during their run to the NYPL Championships. He killed the Staten Island Yankees in Round 1 of the playoffs BTW.

Received On: 09/20/2016

Here are a couple of returns that put me over the 250-count courtesy of former Yankees prospect Lyle Mouton. Mouton was drafted by the New York Yankees in the fifth round of the 1991 MLB Player Draft. He was traded to the Chicago White Sox as the PTBNL in the Jack McDowell trade in 1995. Mouton made his MLB debut with the White Sox and spent three seasons with them before he was sent to Japan to play for the Yakult Swallows. Not long afterwards he was back stateside after the Baltimore Orioles purchased his contract. After that he latched onto other teams/organizations before his career ended in 2003. A quick look back reveals that Mouton was a consistent hitter but didn't exactly amount to much other than a fourth outfielder. Still, the former LSU Tiger had himself quite a career that I'm sure many would love to have.
Shout out to San Jose Fuji for the assist.

Received On: 09/21/2016

Here's a return from Dodgers prospect Jordan Paroubeck.
Jordan Paroubeck was drafted by the San Diego Padres in the competitive balance round (like after the second round?) of the 2013 MLB Player Draft. The switch hitting outfielder (primarily left field) was traded to the Atlanta Braves in the Craig Kimbrel trade and then was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for international free agent bonus pool money. The smart Dodgers are smart. Paroubeck has yet to really tap into his potential but the possibility of him being a future outfielder (fourth outfielder?) with a fair bit of power and solid contact skills are what has made Paroubeck so in demand.

Received On: 09/23/2016

Continuing the Dodgers parade is a '79 Topps return of Manny Mota.
Manny Mota was originally signed by the San Francisco Giants as an amateur free agent in 1957. Mota eventually made it to the big leagues in 1962 and his playing career largely known nowadays for being a part of the powerhouse Dodgers teams of the 1970's. He was even an All Star in 1973 with the Doyers.
Of course he might be more known (especially with Dodgers fans) as a long time coach. Mota spent over three decades with the Dodgers as a coach. He's still very affiliated with the Dodgers organization (I should know, I sent this request to Dodger Stadium) and is a member of the Dodgers' Spanish broadcasting crew.
Quick shoutout to Night Owl Cards for the assist. N.O. sent this along while also saying that Mota had a very nice signature, N.O. was not wrong.

And those were my returns this week. Big thanks to Mr. Lemond, Edman, Mouton, Paroubeck and Mota for the awesome autographs.

And as always thank you (the readers) for stopping by :).

Take care.

2016 TTM Count: 253


Thursday, September 22, 2016

My First Gleyber!

It took until the end of the minor league season, but I finally got my very first Gleyber Torres.

It's not some super fancy autograph but instead something that I think is better. A MINOR LEAGUE TEAM ISSUED CARD OF GLEYBER TORRES!

This 2015 Choice card of Gleyber Torres as a member of the South Bend Cubs came to me from P-Town Tom.

Tom sent me back the Adam Warren cards I had previously sent him. And added this saying it was the "interesting" on the AW loan. I did not agree to such an interest fee and this is obviously a ploy to get me to feel guilty and up the ante on the next Zapping for him! Well, wish granted Tom ;).

Anyway I like these minor league cards more than most cards so I'll happily proclaim this as my first Gleyber. BTW, I'm still not sure exactly how to pronounce Gleyber. I've heard people say it as "Glee-ber" but I just pronounce it like G(l)ay-bar.

Gleyber Torres was the top prospect who came to New York in the Aroldis Chapman trade. Back in June I joked about Gleyber (or Ian Happ) being a future Yankee in a bullpen trade with Chicago (at the time I didn't think the Yankees would actually sell) but the Yankees became sellers and Gleyber Torres became a Yankee. Yes, I was shocked as well. But that shock turned to joy in an instant. Gleyber Torres is a Yankee! The Yankees had a new number one prospect (depending on who you asked)! Of course Torres' spot as the number one prospect would be usurped by the acquisition of Clint Frazier but still, landing a guy like Torres for a rental was huge.

Gleyber Torres projects to be a really good infielder (whether it's at short or at second is unclear at the moment) who can flat out hit. He could be the next heir to second base (because it's probably not Starlin Castro), one thing's for sure though, some scouts seem him as a potential top ten prospect next year (even over Clint Frazier). Boo-yah!

Anyway big thanks to Tom for this Gleyber.

And as always thank you (the readers) for stopping by. Take care :).

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More Inbound Cards From The Motherland

Shortly after the package from Rizara-san over in Japan arrived, I got another package from ハーパーsan too.

I sent ハーパーsan an in person autograph (complete with inscription too) of Ryan Ripken as well as a few Nationals cards (he's a Nats fan) and he sent me back a ton of goodies.

After I got the base version of this Turn Two insert of Jorge Mateo and Aaron Judge, I got this gold refractor version (the serial number is 16/50) too. What a world.

Aaron Judge's season ended prematurely due to an injury while Jorge Mateo's name is now in trade rumors. You know, like Gary Sanchez's name was a few years back...

Woof! A Bowman Chrome autograph of Aaron Hicks!
At the time of the Hicks trade I thought Hicks was a pretty decent acquisition. No he wasn't anywhere near the big league regular the prospect lists thought he was going to be, but there was still a chance he could become that with the Yankees. For the first half he stunk up the join, but he really picked it up in August (seems so long ago now doesn't it?) before an injury put him on a DL for a bit. Will he be back next year in the fourth outfielder role? Heck if I know.

Dellin Betances! 1979 Topps motiff! YAY!
To be honest the blue border around this is a bit unsettling. I'm not used to this kind of border on the 1979 Topps design. At least this thing is numbered thought (026/199). Betances hasn't had the best stretch here in the second half but he's better than most of the guys every other bullpen is running out there.

Alright, now here's where we get to the good stuff. Like the prospects. ハーパーsan is a prospect expert (he knows more than me!) and he knows his stuff when it comes to Yankees prospects. The Chance Adams was a legitimate need and I'm happy to have my first non-auto card of Hoy Jun Park too. Dustin Fowler's a nice dupe to have too.

Oh heck yeah! Japanese exclusives!
Well technically these are Asia exclusives but I don't care about the non-Japanese parts of Asia. What I do care about is that there are my first black refractors of Severino, Holder and Degano. I'm stoked!

USA stuff. Dig the cool Blake Rutherford who was all of 18 years old on that card. Also the reclamation project Dillon Tate and James Kaprielian who recently threw to live hitters.


Inserts of James Kaprielian, Luis Severino and Greg Bird.

The jury's out on Sevy's long term future. Some see him as a potential starter getting back to where he once was (throw the change-up already!), others see him as the next Betances/Rivera in the failed starter-dominant reliever mold. I say it's too early to give up on his potential as a frontline starter and to see what he can do next season before deciding on a definitive course of action.

Gerg Bird is going to the AFL this winter (again) to make up for lost time. He'll have to fight for a first base job next spring with Tyler Austin and the various shmucks the Yankees bring in for the first base job.

And those were some of the goodies in the package that ハーパーsan sent me. There was more but these were the really cool ones IMHO.


As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).