Friday, April 25, 2014

Straight From The Topps Vault...

So by now I'm sure that many of us are aware of Topps' 1/1 blank back cards. The online-exclusive cards with a sticker on the back (that's blank) saying that the card is a 1/1 that also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Despite it's gimmicky nature, I picked one up a while back.

Apologies for the horrible scan (my scanner really hates these bloated card holders/cases).
As you can see I picked up a 1/1 Blank Back of Hiroki Kuroda. More specifically Kuroda's card in 2014 Opening Day.


I had been wanting to add a 1/1 Big Hirok card to my collection for a while now but the ones that popped up were always more expensive than what I was willing to pay.
I managed to pick up this blank back for a little less than $15 (including shipping fees), which is pretty fair IMO. Now I can proudly proclaim that I have a 1/1 card of all three of my main PC guys (Hirok, Betances & Jagielo).

Now that I have this 1/1 I'm tempted to try and go after the complete rainbow for Hirok's Opening Day cards. I already received the base from Nick and it shouldn't be too hard to find the blue parallel. Although the printing plates and purple Toys R Us parallel (yes, toys r us has their own Opening Day parallels too) will be something else.
On second thought forget it, I'm too lazy/cheap to undergo such a thing.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and tolerating my horrible scans. As always, take care :).

Monday, April 21, 2014

Awesome Schwag From The Staten Island Yankees

A few weeks ago the Staten Island Yankees were hosting a fun little promotion on Facebook known as #Yanksgiving. You basically had to mention one person that you knew was going to have one heck of a year this year and you (or rather the person you nominated) could've potentially won an assortment of goodies courtesy of the Staten Island Yankees. Unfortunately I never one anything (like always) but the Staten Island Yankees were nice enough to send everybody who participated a compensation prize.

I'm not sure about the other participants but my gift came in a PWE that featured the SI Yanks logo, address and ballpark logo on the top left.

If you look at the letter the Yankees sent me, you'll probably notice that it mentions a certain collector of the lost variety. Well that's because I mentioned/nominated our good friend AJ as the "friend" who was going to have one heck of a year. Partly because nothing beats somebody who's going to have their second child, but also because AJ's the only "friend" I know who's into baseball as much as I am. Most/all of my friends in real life are too busy with school, work or drugs (or all three) to bother going to sports games with me or are currently living in another country. Forever alone, thy name is Zippy Zappy.
So thanks for your help AJ. I'll be bombarding you with a huge stack of Yanks for your help (or I could spot you a ticket if you'd wish).

There were other things in the envelope too like this bookmark. On one side (above) it's ruler on the other side (below) it's the SI Yankees's mascot Scooter The Holy Cow.

The Staten Island Yankees also sent along this ticket voucher for one game during the 2014 regular season. One free professional baseball game is probably the best prize you could ever give to a baseball fan.

So yeah, you can probably see why I'm such a huge fan of the Staten Island Yankees. I'm pretty sure that a lot of other minor league teams and even some major league teams do these kinds of promotions (maybe even on a bigger scale) but I just love supporting my semi-local team.

As always thanks for taking the time to stop by and take care :).
BTW, #BabyBombers is the Staten Island Yankees's official twitter hashtag this year. Take that the other 7 Yankees affiliates! ;).

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Godzilla, Seahawks & Knights

Hey guys, so yesterday was an extremely busy day for me. But it was also a fun one.

For the first time in months I went to Richmond County Bank Ballpark, the home of the Staten Island Yankees. The SI Yanks were doing a fun promotion where if you came and bought at least one ticket for a Staten Island Yankees game you could get to have Hideki Matsui to sign one item for you.  Naturally I decided to attend and had Godzilla sign my 2010 Topps Heritage card featuring one of Godzilla's finest moments in pinstripes, Game 6 of the 2009 World Series.

A White Whale Is Finally Mine!

As you'd expect there were A LOT of people there. A lot of Japanese fans and a fair number of Yankee fans showed up. And naturally the lines were so slow you'd think we were all at the DMV. It took us (or me I should say) one whole hour of waiting in the ticket line, and then another 30 minutes waiting to see/get close to Hideki Matsui. So yes, I had to wait in a line for an hour just to join another line. As stupid as that sounds, the end justifies the means. And I've gotta say, meeting Hideki Matsui (a guy I've known since my elementary school days) in person and sitting right in front of me was pretty surreal. In fact I had a much harder time comprehending how this was possible than when I met Mo a few weeks ago. That time I spent like $310 for an autograph. This time I paid $15 for a future Staten Island Yankees game where I plan on obtaining even more autographs, plus I got another added bonus (more on this below). It's just too good to be true. Whether or not that finally sinks one day is unknown, but right now I'm just really happy to have a Godzilla autograph.

So after getting Godzilla's signature, I noticed that the tarp was being removed from the field and that the grounds crew started setting up a batting cage on the field. To my surprise it turned out that a baseball game was actually going to happen at RCBBP. But not just any kind of baseball game, a college baseball game.

Yes that's right, while the Staten Island Yankees won't take the field for another two months the ballpark is currently home to the local Wagner College baseball team; the Seahawks. Being the greedy opportunist that I am, I quickly picked up a postcard featuring the ballpark and started asking players for their autographs. Unfortunately by the time I had gotten Godzilla's autograph most of the Seahawks were busy practicing and I only got two signatures (still better than nothing though). However I managed to get eleven autographs of the opposing team, The Fairleigh Dickinson University Knights. And yes, all 13 autographs are going to count towards my IP auto goal countdown. These are all guys who could potentially be drafted one day so it totally counts!

Although it's kind of hard to see I ended up getting 13 autographs.
*Zack Yesko (OF)
*Shaun Flynn (INF)

*Ryan McGrath (Utility Guy)
*Jack Loftus (C)
*Ryan MacDonald (1B)
*Patrick McClure (C)
*Riley Moonan (OF)
*Joe Flack (RHP)
*Shane Siebler (OF)
*Ryan Brennan (Utility Guy)
*Anthony Calise (RHP)
*Jose DeLeon (INF)

It turned out that the two teams weren't going to just play a baseball game, they were going to play a double header. The first game was pretty sweet. It wasn't a slugfest as both teams combined to score only 1 run but in turn that made the pitching performances that much better. Plus I saw Knights center fielder Riley Moonan make an incredible over-the-shoulder catch. The Seahawks won the first game 1-0 and improved their record to 7-21 (4-3 NEC) overall.
During the second game I left during the fourth inning because I wanted to stop by a certain part of New York (more on that another time) but after looking at the results online it appears as though the Knights slugged their way to a 7-3 victory. The Knights improved their record to 7-17 (1-6 NEC) overall.

Whether or not these guys get drafted (or get signed as non-drafted free agents) remains to be seen but all of these players put on a heck of a performance. And no, I won't start following college baseball (I love prospecting but that's going WAY too far) but if I ever get the chance to catch another college baseball game I probably won't pass it up.

So with that I'll just share some grainy photos (I zoomed in way too much) I took to close out this post. As always thanks for taking the time to stop by and take care :).

IP Auto Goal Countdown: 18

Friday, April 4, 2014

Joy Of A Completed Set: 2012 Sega Card Gen

I'm not sure who came up with the title "Joy Of A Completed Set" but whoever you are, I owe you a card.
Anyway, after two years of working on the 2012 Sega Card Gen set, I'm finally finished! Last week I noticed that two of the very last Sega Card Gen cards I needed were on eBay (and yes, they were sold by the guy who always sells SCG cards) and although they were pricey ($24 bucks for 2 freaking cards!?!) it was all for greater good as I can finally put the base set to rest.

And what where those cards that cost me $10 each you may ask?


Well the first one is Gio Gonzalez.


The second is former Yankees farmhand Tyler Clippard.
For whatever reason, the Nationals in 2012 Sega Card Gen are really hard to come across. Especially these two. In fact, these two cards were basically the reason this set took two years to complete. I managed to get all of the other cards in a matter of months but these cards took years.

But I have them now and that's all that matters. And because I finally have all 408 base cards in 2012 Sega Card Gen, I'm going to show the rest of them all in this post. I'll be going in the order these cards are arranged in on the checklist (which itself is in alphabetical order, American League teams first, Nationals League teams never, er, I mean second).
BTW, I'm sorry if some of the cards are hard to see. I kinda scanned everything in a hurry and wasn't expecting all these size differences.

Baltimore Orioles: Cards 1-14

Boston Red Sox: Cards 15-28

Cleveland Indians: Cards 29-43

Chicago White Sox: Cards 44-55

Detroit Tigers: Cards 56-70

Kansas City Royals: Cards 71-83

Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim: Cards 84-100

Minnesota Twins: 101-113

New York Yankees: Cards 114-128

Oakland Athletics: 129-138

Seattle Mariners: Cards 139-150

Tampa Bay Rays: Cards 151-164

Texas Rangers: Cards 165-179

Toronto Blue Jays: Cards 180-194

Arizona Diamondbacks: Cards 195-209

Atlanta Braves: Cards 210-223

Chicago Cubs: Cards 224-234

Cincinnati Reds: Cards 234-246

Colorado Rockies: Cards 247-260

Houston Astros: Cards 261-271

Los Angeles Dodgers: Cards 272-283

Miami Marlins: Cards 284-298

Milwaukee Brewers: Cards 299-311

New York Mets: Cards 312-325

Philadelphia Phillies: Cards 326-339

Pittsburgh Pirates: Cards 340-353

San Diego Padres: Cards 354-367

San Francisco Giants: Cards 368-380

St. Louis Cardinals: Cards 381-395

Washington Nationals: 396-408

Now that the 2012 SCG base set is done. I might (MIGHT) go after the exchange cards/short prints. I won't be going after the 60-card foil variation subset though, that's too expensive.
And for those of you who are wondering, I will NOT be going after the 2013 SCG set or the 2014 SCG set. In fact, I can safely say that I'll probably never chase another full set for a product that has over 50 cards ever again.

Now before I end this post, I'd just like to thank everybody who's helped me build this set and those of you who've supported me during this journey. And finally, in order to celebrate this joyous occasion, I'll be hosting my very first contest (as a blogger anyway). I haven't decided what I plan to do just yet, but look out for my contest post sometime tomorrow or on Sunday.

As always, thanks for stopping by and take care :).