Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Top 5 Yankee TTM Returns of 2014

So yesterday I blogged about my top 5 non-Yankee returns (from minor leaguers and major leaguers). Today I'm going to be ranking my top 5 Yankees TTM returns (from minor leaguers and major leaguers).

Top Five Yankee MiLB Returns

1). Nick Goody ('10 EEE & Note) - NYY
That note cemented Goody as number one on this list.

2). Gosuke Katoh ('13 Bowman Draft paper & Chrome) - NYY
As a guy who had a similar upbringing to Katoh (minus the being good enough to be drafted in the second round of 2013 draft part) I really wish Katoh the best. 加藤選手頑張ってください!

3). Tyler Austin ('11 Pro Debut blue & '13 Bowman Chrome) - NYY
I tried Austin back in 2013 but it was a failure, so it was a pleasant surprise to see these come back.

4). Bryan Mitchell ('10 Bowman Chrome) - NYY
With Shane Greene and David Phelps now out of New York, Mitchell may have a shot to join the rotation in 2015.

5). Kyle Higashioka ('11 Topps Heritage Minors) - NYY
I'd love to see Higashioka bounce back and provide even more catching depth for the Yankees org.

Honorable Mentions: Taylor Garrison, Carmen Angelini and everybody else who signed for me :).

Top Five Yankees MLB Returns

1). Hiroki Kuroda
In case you didn't know Hiroki Kuroda is my favorite pitcher of all time.

2). Don Hood
Don Hood not only had a sweet inscription and signature, but he also sent along with that picture that was cut so it could fit in the envelope. That guaranteed him a top three spot on this list.

3). Don Larsen
From one Don to another, Don Larsen is my favorite pre-60's vintage Yankee TTM return ever.

4). David Robertson
It's sad to see another homegrown Yankee go but I wish Robertson the best with the White Sox.

5). David Phelps
From one David to another. Although he was traded to Miami, I loved rooting for Phelps during his time in the organization. I wish him the best in Miami.

Honorable Mentions: Bobby Richardson, Rollie Sheldon, John Olerud, Brian Cashman and everybody else that signed for me :).

So those were my top 5 favorite MLB and MilB Yankee TTM returns.
I'd like to thank all of the Yankees players who took the time to sign TTMs for me.
And I'd like to thank you (the reader) for stopping by. As always take care :).