Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2004-05 Panini WCCF WSA: Christiano Ronaldo

WCCF is what I can only describe as the European Football version of Sega Card Gen. Although that's probably an insult to WCCF since it's been around for a lot longer and is a trillion times more successful as a video game and as a franchise. And the sport WCCF is based on is a lot more popular and successful too.

In this game you basically assemble a virtual team (using real physical cards!) and compete and virtual tournaments.

Normally I'd translate the back but the Japanese phrases really don't translate well into English. Although a really rough paraphrase would be that "(Ronaldo is) a free thinking dribbler who had manager Ferguson and players swooning when he displayed his talent. The youngster was given the United's sacred number 7 and is creating a new legacy with his friends and allies." Like I said, that's a really rough translation but the gist of what the card is saying. The rest are basically his biological details and where he works best on the field. BTW that chart/field makes a lot more sense when you see how WCCF is played.

Photo Property of Dengeki Online

Like any set of gaming cards. There are a ton of exclusives, parallels and exclusive parallels. The Ronaldo up top is a special foil WSA (World Side Attacker) card. There have been exclusive singles in WCCF for eons and a lot of them command heavy prices. Although some (like this particular Ronaldo foil) can be had for relatively cheap. I assume that they either aren't compatible with the game anymore or they don't offer much of an upgrade over other Ronaldos.

I have a few friends over in Japan who absolutely love European football and WCCF and have a whole mess of cards. It's still my deepest regret that I never asked them how to play it or better yet, trade my unwanted (but relatively valuable) baseball cards for their unwanted (but really unique) WCCF cards.

So unfortunately I can't supply much more info than that. But what I can supply right now is one more Ronaldo WCCF card.

This is supposedly Ronaldo's base card in 2006-07 WCCF. Personally I like this action shot.

I suppose the question now is, does Ronaldo (or any of the other players I like) sign TTMs?

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  1. These are cool! I love seeing that the actual game machine looks like.

    1. Thanks TLC. I always used to be mesmerized watching people play this game at arcades.

  2. Soccer players would probably be very surprised to receive cards in their mail ! (I doubt Ronaldo signs's like sending a TTM to A-Rod)

    1. Yeah I don't think Ronaldo would sign either. Although I've heard success stories by a lot of football fans for lesser known guys.

  3. I'm with AJ. I had no idea what the machines looked like. Thanks for sharing!