Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2015 MLB Draft (Day 2)

Rounds 3-10 of the 2015 MLB Player Draft took place today.

Pick Number 92 (Third Round)

The Yankees' first pick on day two was 92nd overall pick, RHP Drew Finley.
Finley was ranked as the 60th best draft prospect by Baseball America and was also the Yankees' first pick drafted out of high school.

His father is David Finley who was once a minor leaguer and is now, ironically, the vice president of amateur and international scouting for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Finley is armed with a low 90 mph fastball, curveball and change up (although his secondary offerings are work in progress pitches). He is one of the more polished high school arms but he's apparently committed to the University of Southern California. Will the Yankees be able to sign him? Who knows? After all, he's not a fan lol.

And yes, Finley has baseball cards already.

Pick Number 123 (Fourth Round)

Jeff Hendrix
School: Oregon State University.
Position: OF

College bat, will most likely ascend the minors pretty quickly.

Pick Number 153 (Fifth Round)

Chance Adams
School: Dallas Baptist
Position: RHP

A hard throwing reliever with a fastball that can reach the mid 90's and a good slider. Might be another reliever who zooms through the system.

Pick Number 183 (Sixth Round)

Brandon Wagner
School: Howard College
Position: 2B

More of a hitter than a second baseman. Might get moved to an outfield position.

Pick Number 213 (Seventh Round)

Jhalan Jackson
School: Florida Southern College
Position: OF

Another college bat with a high floor. The Yankees are not taking gambles and I'm just fine with that.

Pick Number 243 (Eighth Round)

Donny Sands
School: Salpointe Catholic High School
Position: INF

An infielder who was drafted as a third baseman, Sands is the second high school player the Yankees have picked and possibly see his future as a middle infielder with a potentially high ceiling.

Pick Number 273 (Ninth Round)

Ryan Krill
School: Michigan State
Position: 1st

A first baseman who has, a little, power and more importantly the ability to hit. Another relatively safe college pick.

Pick Number 303 (Tenth Round)

James Reeves
School: The Citadel
Position: LHP

A pitcher who has a fastball in the low 90's, slider and change up at his disposal. He might be a guy the Yankees try out as a starter before inevitably moving him to the bullpen as a power pitcher.


And that ends day two of the 2015 MLB Player Draft. Sorry I made everybody post Finley short. I had a tummy ache.

Some notables from today's draft include:

Mike Matuella - A RHP who was a potential first overall pick before injuries ruined his draft stock. The Texas Rangers rolled the dice and drafted him in the third round.

Mariano Rivera III - That other Rivera's son. Although many had the Yankees pegged to draft him the Nationals snatched him up in the fourth round.

Also one general observation, the Dodgers and Astros are killing it with this year's draft so far.

Tomorrow will be the remaining 11-40 rounds. The ambidextrous Ryan Perez has yet to be picked. At this point don't expect any of the undrafted top high schoolers picked to sign, they'll likely just go to college and were just picked because teams wanted to roll the dice on them.



  1. I think Finley is a coward for having deleted those tweets. He should have left them up. Perhaps his dislike for the Yankees would have dissuaded them from selecting him -- or it can be his reason for being more difficult to sign!

    1. The Yankees most likely had private investigators look into every minute detail of Finley's life/character prior to drafting him (he's not going to be cheap so they want to guarantee that they're going to spend their money on the right person). I guarantee that Yankees officials saw his comments about the Yankees before they decided to draft him.
      Plus at the end of the day team biases (both pro and con) mean nothing compared to guaranteed cash. If getting money means having to throw away your prior preferences, then fuck my opinions and give me the money! After all, the Yankees sign Ian Clarkin out of high school and his introduction video shown seconds after he was drafted showed him saying that he couldn't stand the Yankees lol.

      That said, I don't disagree. Those Tweets would've been good ironic LOL tweets. And if he considers them to be a mistake, he needs to own them, not delete them.

  2. The results of this draft will be interesting. Since their was no clear cut superstar a lot will depend on scouting and player development. I agree that the Astros seem to have gotten good value, but they also had more picks.....

    1. The Astros also had the biggest bonus pool, which pretty much allowed them to get Daz Cameron and his demands uncontested.
      And I agree about player development. A lot of teams have really stepped up in that area and the next few years should be pretty exciting.

  3. I snagged an auto of his cheap yesterday. Will be a tough sign but hoping they got a good gauge from him that he'll sign. Would hate to waste a 3rd rounder otherwise.

    1. Judging from how the Yankees saved a bunch of money by going with college kids in the first 10 rounds, I'm sure they'll have enough left over to sign Finley.