Thursday, June 11, 2015

Getting P(-To)WNed (Part IV)

So P-Town Tom and I have been sending each other things back and forth throughout the, um, years(?). What started out as a small PWE-ish exchange every once in a while turned into this giant challenge to wow each other as much as possible. You know things have gotten insane when we can say we've sent each other T206es, Wampas, ROCK SHOULDERSes and LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSes.

Well PTT continued that insanity with this next package.

This was the first time I had ever seen someone mail me an x-count box filled to the brim with cards. Naturally PTT sent along some custom repacks but before we get to another Pack War (in Part V), let's get to the unpacked stuff first.

The naked portion of this box's contents could be divided into two categories.

Filler/puzzle pieces (of Willie Stargell at that).

And two complete (?) sets of 2015 Panini USA Baseball Stars & Stripes.

Out of all of the things I was expecting to arrive from P-Town, this was not one of them.

In his note PTT said they might've bought a lot of S&S. I'm not sure if they joined a group break or went nuts and bought a box or two or even a case of this stuff, but judging from how they sent over not one but TWO Kris Bryants, I guess they must be set. If they did buy over a hobby box of this stuff I hope they pulled a neat Bryant auto.

Of course some of the notable guys who were just drafted could be found in this set and PTT, knowing I like me some TTMs, sent me these cards so I could give some of the new draftees a try.

These are some of the top guys selected this year.

And as you can see Panini can actually use logos here. Panini bought the rights to use the Team USA trademarks and whatnot. Which still isn't really anything compared to Topps' MLB and MiLB license, but it's something. Or at the very least better than what Leaf and Upper Deck have right now.

My personal favorite is obviously what is officially my first James Kaprielian card lol.

Although this WASN'T sent to me by PTT but I just got my second James Kaprielian from this set as well. I bought this relic card moments after Kaprielian was drafted on eBay. It's numbered to 49 and hopefully won't stay uninked for very long. Fun/scary fact, Kaprielian and I are the same age.

Attention Bob Walk The Plank, your Buccos' supplemental first rounder born in 1997, Ke'Bryan Hayes has a card.

This set included a number of guys already in the minors. Including these two draft picks the Yankees selected back in 2012.

And the currently injured Courtney Hawkins with probably the best photograph in the entire set.

This set also features a handful of guys still currently in school. And by school I mean high school. Some of these high school players won't graduate for like two more years. Also here's another fun/scary fact, these high schoolers were born in 1999. That means we'll be seeing kids born in 2000 have cards very soon. Next year in fact!

All in all this set is pretty much proof that the prospecting craze has gotten to a point where people demand cards of next year's top prospects months/years before they ever put on an official minor league uniform. Not that I'm complaining though, I might be able to use some of these cards for TTM autos and IP autos :).

So that was the nude portion of PTT's package (okay that was a poor choice of words, but I'm leaving them in). Stay tuned for the Pack Wars segment between what appears to be three of PTT's own custom repacks. Hey Rex, you ready?

Thanks a bunch for the awesome brick of cards PTT. You're probably the only person with the balls to send TWO Dansby Swansons and Alex Bregman cards to another person for free right before/around draft day. Forget cool points, you've earned some You've Got Balls Points.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I was hoping for that all elusive Kris Bryant auto, and after two hobby boxes and two longevity boxes I was shut out. I also picked up a 600-card lot from the Bay for the price of a blaster and was able to put together five complete base sets. I need about a dozen more cards to finish off two more base sets. Such is life.

    I thought you might want some TTM fodder. Ever send a TTM to a high school? Good luck!

    1. 600 cards for the price of a blaster. Man, and I thought dime boxes were great for bargains.

      Thanks again for the TTM fodder. And I've never sent to a high school but I might try it for the first time this fall.

  2. Peter O'Brien bunting card sighting!

    1. Considering how O'Brien doesn't sign TTMs and I have a spare, consider it yours Jeff ;).

  3. Great group of cards gonna have to track that Allard down now

    1. Good luck. Shouldn't be too hard to find I suspect.

  4. Hayes is in one of the Leaf sets as well. I'm not sure if their is a more SEC name than Dansby Swanson.

    Great stuff from Tom.