Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Fan Package

It's not everyday you get a package from a major league baseball team.

Earlier today my mailbox had this brownish mailer sent to me from Yankee Stadium, the very place I ironically ranted about a few days ago. What was inside?

Why a Yankees fan pack of course.

For those of you who don't know a fan pack is an assortment of goodies a team sends to you (if they do fan packs that is) for free. Sometimes you'll have to mail in a post card or fill out an online form (they basically just want your name and address). The latter was the case for this fan pack from the Yankees. They tweeted out an online form to get one and I signed up for one after failing to get one via postcard last year.

There were four things inside this fan pack.

1). Perfect Cut Decal

This is basically the kind of sticker you put on the windows of your car.

2). Die Cut Magnet

A magnet for your fridge.

3). Keychain

The Yankees want you to attach it to your keys so they can track them down and find which one is the key to your heart.

4). Pencil

In this age where everybody texts each other using a touch screen surface (or a keyboard) being able to write with a utensil may become a lost art. Then again even when writing utensils were at their peak, barely 10% of humans were able to write neatly.

Pretty simple package for being a "loyal Yankees* fan."

Have any of you ever gotten a fan pack from your favorite teams?
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  1. When I was in fourth grade (I think) one of our assignments was to write to a sports team, celebrity, well-known figure, etc. and see if they ever sent a reply. I wrote to the then-Devil Rays (I was a big fan of theirs at the time, still am), and ended up receiving one of these fan-pack-type packages in return.

    I may have to revisit that fourth-grade project here these days, because those Yankee returns look terrific.

    1. You were a Cubs fan who also liked the Rays?...

      Anyway these fan packs are pretty nice. Better than paying $2.50 for them at your local CVS.

  2. One year I had my students write to their favorite teams as an assignment. They received an assortment of items like: calendars, cards, pencils, stickers. lanyards, newsletters, folders, squishy balls, and a variety of other items. If I remember correctly... the White Sox has a really cool fan pack.

    1. Man, why couldn't I have had you as my teacher?

      I've found that minor league teams tend to have great fan packs. Sometimes they send along really old team sets for free.

    2. Hmmm... might need to try that with the San Jose Giants. A lot of schools in the area take kids to SJ Giants games. That's one of the great things about minor league games... they really cater to the kids.

  3. Back in the late 90s, MLS teams used to send out amazing fan packs. The league was knew and they put a lot of effort into them.

    1. Judging from how you wrote that all in past tense, I assume MLS doesn't really do fan packs anymore?

  4. I haven't done any recently but I did for a few years not long ago. The Yankees sent me a couple of basic cotton caps along with similar swag as yours. Very nice. I also did it as a kid back in the pre-internet days. Just receiving an envelope with a real team logo on it was exciting.

    1. Nice get with that cotton cap. And TBH there's still something cool about seeing an envelope to you with a real team logo on it.

  5. I remember local businesses giving out Pirate fan packs, but most were imprinted with the logos of the company giving them out.