Monday, July 20, 2015


So after my abysmal experience at Yankee Stadium, I washed the awful taste of MLB out of my mouth with another Staten Island Yankees game on Saturday (which I didn't get to blog about yesterday due to my weekly TTM post). And man, that awful MLB stadium humbled me and reminded me to be really blessed that I have minor league baseball.

As always I'll start with the autographs.

Now because I had most of the Staten Island Yankees I decided to go for the Lowell Spinners (the Red Sox's NYPL affiliate). Big mistake. It took 40 minutes for most of the players to come out and in that span I only got one signature. Luis Ramon who is the signature on the right. Originally I intended to get a bunch of Spinners autographs on the ticket for a Red Sox fan I know but that became impossible. Why?

Because none of the other Spinners signed. I asked for guys like Tate Matheny and Jordon Austin but no luck. Now to be clear it's not like they were a-holes or just rudely ignored me. No, they were just busy working out and stretching and I can understand that. So I basically made my way over the Staten Island Yankees side to see some familiar faces.

I immediately got Jonny Drozd. This time I had prepared a custom with a better picture (courtesy of Robert Pimpsner over at Pinstriped Prospects).

Then I got Josh Rogers who had just signed with the Yankees like last week. He's the signature on the left of the ticket stub. I'll have to get to work on his custom immediately.

Then I got Travis Hissong. Hissong has been one of the coolest players I've spoken with this year and to thank him I made another custom for him and also gave him an uncut sheet of my customs including Travis himself and the two players I know he's really cool with (those two being Ethan Carnes and Kyle Holder).

My last autograph from this game was one I actually got during the game. That pretty girl you see there is Katlyn Cohen, one of the Pinstripe Patrol members. The Pinstripe Patrol are a cheerleading group/dance group for the Staten Island Yankees who entertain guests between innings during games, mainly by elaborate dance routines or just helping guests chosen for random activities. Miss Cohen is a Staten Island native and actually won the Miss Staten Island Scholarship Pageant this year. You can read more about that at this link on SILive.

The game itself was pretty good, and very tidy too. You'd think that a game between a Yankees minor league affiliate and a Red Sox minor league affiliate would be as long as their quad-A affiliates' games are but this one was only like 2 hours and 30 minutes, give or take. That said I had to leave around the fifth inning to tend to other matters, but you know what, it was all worth it. Not just because of the autographs I did get, but because of this day's giveaway...

BAM! That's right, it was Dellin Betances bobble head night. Until today I only had two bobble heads in my collection (and one of them is on it's way out) so this'll slide into the number two spot behind the A-Rod bobble head I got at Staten Island back in 2013.

Oh and the Staten Island Yankees won 3-1 as well. Zack Zehner hit a game typing solo HR in the 4th. In the 7th Kyle Holder hit an RBI single to take the lead and Ryan Krill later drove home an insurance run in the 8th.  Naturally they took the lead after I left. Naturally.

So all in all, even if I was only at this game for a few hours, it was awesome. Oh minor league baseball, how I missed thee.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

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  1. Great bobble head! The minor league ones are always pretty cool.

    1. I agree. And if you went to the stadium, they're usually free(-ish) too :).

  2. Yikes...I've been out of town so I just read your Yankee stadium experience. Minor league baseball is less stressful.

    Very nice bobble!

    We should go to a Yankees game sometime and get really drunk....:)

    1. You're not going to get me to go to a big league Yankees game anytime soon. Maybe a Maruders vs Tampa Yankees game in hotter than hell Florida?

  3. Sounds like you had more fun than @ the NY Yankees game ;)

    Congrats on nailing down those autographs... and the sweet bobble.

    1. Yep, I had a much better time. So much so that I was sorry I had to leave early, not glad :).

      And thanks. These MiLB bobbles are the best :).