Friday, July 3, 2015

The Day After/More Dodger Brilliance!

For a lot of casual Dodgers fans the only noteworthy thing that happened to the Dodgers recently was probably Brandon League getting DFA'd.

For the smarter ones, it was how the Dodgers once again used their money and their brains to make them a better organization going forward.

Now if you've got a reasonable grasp on the world of prospecting, you'd know that yesterday was the start of the July 2 signing period. The day when teams are able to being negotiating and signing amateurs from Latin America (and various other parts of the world) to professional contracts.

The Dodgers themselves are no strangers to finding successful gems from Latin America (Julio Urias for example) and this year they were considered favorites to basically run buck wild and sign everyone like the Yankees did last year. This was mainly because none of the other big spenders were allowed to give bonuses any bigger than $300,000 meaning that they obviously weren't going to be getting the Vlad Guerrero Jr.s of the world.

Now for the most part the Dodgers didn't go on a rampage like the Yankees did. This year pretty much every other team was looking to go over slot and take whatever prime talent they could. With the proposed international draft coming up adding impact talent to farm systems by scooping up international free agents will be getting a lot trickier after all.

That said the Dodgers took full advantage did snag a few notable prospects.

One of which was a guy I blogged about a while back, Starling Heredia. Dude has been getting a lot of praise from scouts and signed with the Dodgers for a $2.6 million bonus.

The Dodgers also got Yadier Alvarez for a whopping $16 million bonus. As well as Ronny Brito (a really good shortstop) for a $2 million bonus.

Of course the Dodgers signed a few more players but more information will come gradually as all of the smoke and dust settles. Although True Blue LA has semi-extensive coverage. All we really know now is that they're well past their spending limit.

Now, this haul itself wasn't the only impressive part. No what's just as impressive is that the Dodgers are using their money to their advantage to continue to buy prospects from other teams.

For example, the Dodgers got Caleb Dirks and Jordan Paroubeck from the Atlanta Braves in exchange for a international signing slot. Paroubeck was one of the sort-of top prospects that went to the Braves in the Craig Kimbrel/Melvin Upton trade on Opening Day.

Or how the Dodgers got Chase DeJong and Tim Locastro from the Blue Jays for bonus pool money. DeJong is yet another sort of top prospect who was the Blue Jays' second round pick back in 2012.

This is incredibly smart because the Dodgers already know that they've blown well past their spending limit meaning that they'll have to pay heavy fines anyway. So they might as well buy good prospects from other teams who don't have deep pockets with bonus pool money that wouldn't make the slightest difference to the Dodgers.

In retrospect I'm starting to wonder why the Yankees didn't take this same exact approach when they went all out last year (maybe because the Yankees bought everybody?). But that's another topic for another day.

So to recap, not only did the Dodgers add a bunch of high caliber talent from Latin America, but they've added four more prospects who're already here under the age of 22 with some potential as well.

So yeah these new Dodgers, they're smart and they're rich. And the rest of us? We should all be scared dearly.

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    1. Thought you would. Your beloved Dodgers have basically won both the draft and IFA signing period. The question now is how well the product on the field does.