Monday, July 27, 2015


In case you haven't noticed the running theme of 2015 has been the ascension of several top prospects. From the top tier guys like Byron Buxton, Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor to the top in their organization guys like Michael Conforto or Aaron Nola, we've seen a lot of guys make it. And although it remains to be seen what happens going forward, we're probably going to see a lot more well before September (Corey Seager anyone?).

Surprisingly enough the Yankees are in on this trend as well. Although he was only up for a whopping four games Robert Refsnyder was finally promoted to the big leagues and several former top prospects like Slade Heathcott and Mason Williams made it, as did solid top organization prospects like Jacob Lindgren, Ramon Flores and Nick Rumbelow.

Well now we can add Nick Goody to that list.

Nick Goody is a guy I've mentioned a few times on here. He's a reliever who throws a fastball, slider and change up and was drafted out of college as a polished reliever who projected to zoom through the Yankees organization in a hurry. Unfortunately Tommy John surgery slowed his roll but after he came back he just chugged along and BAM, he's in the big leagues now.

This season Goody absolutely destroyed hitters in double-A and triple-A. According to Fangraphs Goody had a 2.18 FIP (1.73 ERA) in 41.2 innings pitched in double-A and he had a -0.13 FIP (1.35 ERA) in 6.2 innings pitched in triple-A. This is a very small sample size but I'd be lying if I said these weren't pretty numbers. Basically two years removed from the surgery, Goody is now in the big leagues and is ready to show the world and more importantly the Yankees just how deep and effective their relief corps are both in the majors and down on the farm.

I hope Goody gets at least one game under his belt and he manages to impress Yankees brass enough that they'll call him back up in September.
That said he's already done wonders for the Yankees ballclub as his promotion to the big leagues involved having to DFA Gregorio Petit from the 40-man roster. Which is addition by subtraction at it's finest.

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  1. I like Goody a lot! I hope he finds enough success to keep him up for the rest of the year.

    1. At this point I just hope he finally gets to actually play in a game.

  2. It really is crazy how many high end guys are debuting right now.

    Those personalized notes with your TTM requests are the best.

    1. Yeah it is. Hopefully there's ore to come.

      And thanks. Goody's awesome.