Thursday, August 13, 2015

24 Hours Later And Yet...

So yesterday I went to another Staten Island Yankees game. And yet by the time this post goes up I will most likely have already seen another one (you'll all know what I mean tomorrow).

This time the SI Yanks were taking on the Williamsport Crosscutters (the Phillies NYPL affiliate).
As always I was after autographs but this time I was focused primarily on the Crosscutters.

My first autograph was arguably one of the best names I've gotten this year, Jose Pujols. Pujols was an IFA signing by the Phillies back in 2012 and he's currently a fringe top prospect in the revamped Phillies organization. I say fringe because the results he's put up to date doesn't quite scream top prospect. But what does scream top prospect material is his potential. The one major tool in Pujols' book right now is power (although he had yet to hit a home run this year). If he can harness his power and make major improvements regarding hitting in general, he could be a dangerously good outfielder in the middle of the Phillies lineup for years to come. He's also got a cannon for an arm and enough speed to cover a lot of ground in right field.

My second autograph was of Denton Keys. Drafted by the Phillies back in 2013, he had actually thrown four no-hitters (including a perfect game) as a high schooler prior to the draft. Armed with a fastball that can reach the low 90's as well as curveball and change up, the southpaw has had quite a year. The results don't exactly elicit a ton of excitement but in his first outing as a Crosscutter he matched up against a rehabbing Tyler Glasnow and out dueled him (although he had a no decision in the process) so the potential is there.

And that was it for my autographs this time. My printer decided to finally run out of ink so I wasn't able to create anymore customs for some of newer SI Yankees.

Anyway this game itself was The Dog Days of Summer night. Basically it was the one night where you could bring your pet dog to the stadium. Before the game (and between innings) the team even had some dogs running through obstacle courses. All in all, I was quite lucky and managed to avoid stepping in dog poo.

On this day they were giving out these pretty neat bobble heads to the first few fans in attendance. These whole even was sponsored by the Westminster Dog Show and the Angels On A Leash Organization.

This game resulted in another loss of the SI Yankees. Jose Pujols launched his first home run of the season to put the Crosscutters on the board and they added three more runs. The SI Yanks could only muster one run as they went quietly into the night. The one positive is that it was a very compact game. Less than 2 hours and 30 minutes total.

Anyway, my luck with getting autographs from visiting players coming to SI this year had been pretty lackluster but now I managed to obtain some more including the intriguing Pujols who may very well go on to be as good as that other guy named Pujols.

BTW, Jeff Degano was promoted to the Staten Island Yankees yesterday. Hopefully I get to see him soon :).

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).
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  1. A bobble head giveaway at a baseball game which has nothing to do with baseball? That's a bit different.

  2. Looking forward to seeing Degano. I assume Kaprielian won't be far behind either. Would be cool to see them both.

    1. Definitely. Hopefully Kaprielian won't take too long.

  3. Kudos to Denton for signing the card in the perfect spot and I love the doggie bobble.

    1. Agreed on both the sweet spot and the doggie bobble ;).