Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I've never been one to objectify women. I don't bark like a dog whenever a fine piece of work passes by me (#obligatorycontradiction).

However, in recent times my go to phrase whenever I see a really cool card has been "woof."

I go to a card show and see some Paul Goldschmidt patch autograph numbered to 10 with some cool patch embedded in it and I let out a "woof."

I see one of my foreign contacts post a really cool dual autograph of Clayton Kershaw and Sandy Koufax, I reply with "woof."

I pull an autograph out of one random pack I purchased for the heck of it. I say "woof."

Now the last instance is rare. In the past 6 months I think I've purchased less than 10 packs. But every now and then I seem to get really lucky. So much so I'm getting disappointed my luck isn't present when/where it counts. But these small victories are satisfying nonetheless, and I'm grateful because things could've gone a lot worse.

Like the other day when I went to Target. I was only at Target because I needed a quick meal and decided to stop by the fast food joint right next to it. I ordered my processed food that took a good 5 years from my life and decided to stop by the card aisle, seeing as how I already made the trip out.

I only bought one single pack of 2015 Bowman retail edition. It was pretty much the last one on the shelf (in this form). I thought why not take a $3 gamble. I could always use some more TTM ammo or trade fodder. Most of the pack included dupes (like the Mitchell above), but it wasn't an ordinary run of the mill disappointment.

A few cards into the pack I pulled something that made me go "woof."

That my friends is the red refractor parallel of Tyler Beede's 2015 Bowman Chrome The Farm's Finest mini.


It's numbered 1/5. Who would've thought you could pull something like this from retail?

It's a cool card that did make me go "woof" right when I saw it. Unfortunately it's not worth a whole lot because San Francisco is a poor market and the Giants farm system is quite weak. In fact, Beede is arguably the best prospect in the Giants farm system but not even he made it onto's top 100 prospect list (meaning that no Giants prospects are on's top 100 prospect list).

Still, this is a small victory that was just big enough for me to let out a "woof." And I got my $3 worth. Or at least I think so. The gold parallel of this card numbered to 50 seem to be barely going for $2.00 so I might've just ended up breaking even.

And no I'm not sorry for objectifying baseball cards.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Man, you might only fetch a few bucks for that Beede, a former #1?
    That's one I might hold onto and then try to sell if/when he makes his major league debut in a year or two. He was okay in A ball this year, but pretty bad in AA.
    I figure he'll get another go at AA in 2016. And who knows, he may be only an injury away from AT&T next summer/fall.

    1. This is definitely a stash-away-and-dig-up-later card. I highly doubt it but it could be something in two years.

  2. Aw man..don't diss my Giants! That Beede is quite nice indeed! The Giants seem to have some sort of formula that involves a fixation on the underrated players ala Matt Duffy..As a result, their system isn't as "shiny" as say the Astros or the Cubs but man have you seen their roster? Mostly homegrown from their system.

    1. It wasn't so much of a diss, more like stating the obvious. The Giants farm system wasn't very strong to begin with this year and they traded away their best prospect to acquire Mike Leake.
      And I have seen their roster. I know it's primarily made up of homegrown guys, but their roster looks less impressive after I look at the Cardinals, who have both a roster with mainly home grown players and yet they still have an impressive farm system.
      Then again the Giants have more WS rings than the Cards so... :P.

  3. I'd bark like a pit bull if I saw someone pull a Kershaw-Koufax auto.

    And say not nice things about the Giants all you like.

    1. Lol, that was actually a redemption. But it was redeemed and looked really nice. I'm jealous of the guy who pulled it.

  4. WOOF! I usually swear when I see someone pull a nice card. When I'm with my friends I usually verbally shame them because I'm jealous it wasn't me pulling the card.

    I'm sure Beede will turn out to be a stud because the Giants are blessed.

    1. Well naturally Bumgarner is going to suffer his obligatory Giants ace regression like Lincecum and Cain did so Beede is going to fill the void. I can smell the $ now!

  5. Ok, I wasn't positive what you meant when you said "woof" to my Andrew Miller TTM auto, but now I get it!

    1. For future reference, "oof" means something totally different ;).