Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Bit Of A Splurge

After the disappointing card show earlier this month, I decided to go about and splurge a little online. During the process I was reminded that I have zero patience and should opt for overnight shipping whenever it's available to feed my want for instant gratification. It may cost more, but since there is a legitimate chance I might die before the package reaches me, I want it NAO!
Unfortunately sellers on eBay didn't really offer that as a shipping option and my COMC scratch card was only good for $3 standard shipping (still better than nothing though ^_^). So with normal flat rate shipping everything lined up to make for an interesting week for my mailbox this week.
To hold me over during the wait I've been catching up on music some friends mine kept recommending, as well as a few songs I used to like but haven't listened to in a while. So today I thought I'd share some random tracks I've been listening to these past few days to accompany each card.

The crown jewel was this Wilkerman Garcia autograph. Wilky was one of the international free agent prospects the Yankees signed as part of their insane 2014 IFA haul. The Yankees have a logjam of sorts of promising high caliber middle infielders in the minors and Wilk-man there is one of them. His pro debut in 2015 was quite good and the Yankees aggressively had him arrive stateside after a few games in the DSL. Some scouts believe he's already a better prospect than Jorge Mateo.

Oh and here's the back because this is the refractor version. The back says he's 5'11" but according to MiLB he's already 6'0" this year. Now these measurements are always bad and inaccurate, but this much is clear. He's still just 17 years old and won't turn 18 until next April.
Okay, now for the unrelated track.

Can Modest Mouse be considered a one hit wonder? Like in the same way Jimi Hendrix was technically a one-hitter?

I REALLY need to clean my scanner

Here's Dermis Garcia, another top shortstop prospect for the Yankees. He was also one of the prospects the Yankees scooped up in the insane 2014 IFA haul. Garcia was also aggressively pushed and made it stateside pretty quickly. Unfortunately his 2015 was derailed by injuries so hopefully he can bounce back and show everybody his stuff in 2016 :).

Unrelated Song:

This is so British. In a good way.

Here is the overlooked Leonardo Molina. He was basically the high profile IFA signing in 2013 and was aggressively pushed as well as he started almost immediately in the USA the following year. He's had a few struggles since he arrived but he just turned 18 so there is still plenty of time. He made significant strides at the plate and in the outfield these past two years so if all goes well he should be on a time schedule similar to a domestic high school prospect from next year and onward.

Unrelated Song:

This is the first time I ever heard of this group. I'm somewhat optimistic to find out what the rest of their discography may hold.

Here's promising third baseman Miguel Andujar. Andujar has his highs and lows but overall he's a solid prospect who could be a nice return on the Yankees' investment. He has a cannon for an arm and has a ton of power. He even won the FSL Home Run derby this past summer! Hopefully he can put it all together in 2016 and make other third baseman in the system like Jagielo nervous.

Unrelated Song:

This song reminds me of The Neighborhood's Sweater Weather. Speaking of which, I waited until Autumn to share this with you all for extra irony.

And that concludes the cards I picked up (minus one which is on it's way right now). Here are a few more tracks from various genres that I'm going to listening to to hold me over while I wait for that card to arrive.

What did you expect from the Vaccines?

Mick Jenkins' interview with Nardwuar is the best.

Big K.R.I.T. and guest rapper Lupe Fiasco deliver a fantastic track.

Wait, the singer was a dude?!

I need to catch up on the singer-songwriter scene.

Lord Huron sure is soothing.

Remember 2004?

I need to take a look through my dad's record collection.

And those were some of my latest card purchases and some random songs I wanted to share.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. That is a nice splurge! You did well, ZZ.

    1. Thanks TLC, you'll see what this splurge amounts to in a few days from now :).

  2. Modest Mouse is a one-hit wonder? Is it Float On? Dashboard? Ocean Breathes Salty? Missed the Boat?

    1. Last I checked Float On was their only major pop hit in terms of success in the mainstream music scene. That said, they don't really feel like one hitters due to their influence, reputation and how they've had hits on the alternative charts.
      Like I said, they'll probably leave behind a legacy akin to Jimmy Hendrix or (as far as the UK is concerned) Nine Inch Nails.

  3. I don't think of Modest Mouse as a one hit wonder. They've always been around and are gods in the Indie circle.

    You can never have too many high end infield prospects. If they pan out they are like gold. The Yanks would be able to make some big trades. I'm sure the Cubs thought they were in that situation until Starlin Castro decided to be terrible.

    1. I don't either. But to those who don't listen to indie rock, they probably are.

      To be fair this isn't the first time Castro was bad. Even before this year he had one really good year sandwiched between two bad years. Plus I hear the hype and expectations for him were quite high.

    2. He just came out of the gate so fast and had a really high babip. Now he can't hit and stopped running. Cubs will probably have to eat half the contract if they ever want to move him.

  4. Really cool cards. Splurging is good sometimes.