Saturday, November 28, 2015

Card Show Pickups: Hundreds & Hundreds, For Them

The semi-local card show happened. It was the November show which meant that the show itself was smaller than usual. Three of the four vendors I usually stop by didn't come this time. The overall selection was "meh." The less variety there is, the worse the card show is for a low budget collector like me.

As usual nobody had any of the players I collect. So I just ended up going to cheap vintage land by going through dime boxes, 20 cents each boxes, quarter boxes and 50 cents each boxes. Most of my time was spent thumbing through this one vendor's box that was filled with cards from 1973 to 1976 Topps there were 50 for $5 (a dime each). I was originally only planning to pick up 50 but I ended up picking up 150 while leaving some behind. Coupled with a few cards I picked up from another vendor, I ended up getting a hundred-something cards from the 70's and 4 cards from the 60s for around $20. I spent more than I wanted to TBH, but I managed to get dozens of trade bait for my Japanese contacts.

When all was said and done I picked up a total of seven Yankees cards for myself.

The most I spent on one card was a whopping three dollars for this 1958 Elston Howard. One of the most underrated Yankees legends ever IMHO. I had some thoughts about maybe adding a Bill Dickey or Left Gomez card to my collection too but those were shot down when I realized nobody had vintage cards of either of those players. At least not for prices I'd be willing to pay (I didn't get out of bed to pay above eBay prices).

Of course I got an in person autograph at this show as well. There were two rookies signing there. Some scrub on the not-Yankees named Matz and the Yankees' very own #GREGBIRD.

I had gotten Greg Bird via TTM before and obtained his certified autograph as well but I figured I'd complete the trifecta with an IP autograph. It was costly ($49) but it's worth it.

I had Bird sign my Asia exclusive 2015 Bowman Chrome Black Refractor. After taking a photograph with him I gave him another copy for himself.

There was also a free signer (Omar Moreno) but I couldn't find any Yankees era cards of his at the card show so I left.

All in all I'd say this show was adequate. The Bird and Howard were nice additions to my collection but the rest is just trade fodder to get me what I really want. I suppose that's a success in of itself. Unfortunately finding the one card to push Mark Hoyle's package over the top didn't materialize (my go-to T206 didn't have anything I could use this time), but don't worry Mark, I had a plan B stored just in case.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Sorry it didn't turn out how you wanted it, but looks like you got some sweet well-loved vintage!

  2. That's a nice haul of vintage. I never took the time to look at Elston Howard's numbers before, but he was one of the AL's best backstops for about a decade. Good pick up on the '58.

    The last time I was at a card show which had players signing was back in the 90s. $49 is the going rate these days for an IP? Wow. Just wow.

    1. For the most part it's $20. Lets just say that Steiner prices for active players can get a bit too steep at times.

  3. Great choice on the Bird card. It looks great!

    I like that Elston Howard. Nice pickup!

    1. Thanks. I didn't get the inscription but I'm quite satisfied.