Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cleared For Takeoff

Bowman Draft is due to come out in a little over a week (as of this post).

Yesterday Bowman just released the checklist and there are four Yankees in the autograph checklist (Kaprielian, Holder, Degano & Finley). Six Yankees in the base card checklist (those four plus Hendrix & Judge).

Anyway, there are padawans in need of rescue.

Stormtroopers suck

Get ready Rex, it's almost showtime.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Is Bowman Draft your favorite set of the year?

    1. It's easily mine for two reasons:
      1. Young Cubs who don't otherwise have cards
      2. Rex and his missions to rescue the Padawans

    2. @Tony: Yes, Bowman Draft is my favorite set of the year. It's the very best prospect centered product that comes out. The Bowman Chrome autographs in it can be some of the biggest names in the minors and their value holds up better than anything else. And I don't have to deal with veterans clogging up space in the base card checklist.

      @Tom: I'm glad you like my missions. Even though the stories are some of the most generic and cliche action plots you'll find on this side of a Michael Bay movie.

  2. Bowman Draft might be only a week away; but, this post reminded me that the new Star Wars is now officially less than a month away!

  3. I enjoy draft too! Look forward to your postsm