Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello Blizzard

So those of us on the East Coast (the better coast) of America had a blizzard approach us. We were due for some snow after a not-so-white November and December. We got more than we bargained for, but it was inevitable.

I took advantage of the snow to satisfy my inner 7 year old.

Yes, my motto is that when life gives you lemons, you recreate Star Wars scenes using LEGOs.

This is of course a recreation of the trench run seen in Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens.

Admittedly a lot of the shots I took are awful because A). this X-wing is hard to hold, B). my hand is in a lot of the pics I took and C). the few shots I didn't take with my hand in it didn't capture the full beauty of this X-Wing.

Unfortunately I can't do the Battle of Hoth because I have ZERO play sets from the battle. No Rebel Hoth base. No AT-ATs. Not even Luke Skywalker and his snow speeder.

But that doesn't matter because the battle of Starkiller base with the X-Wings is just as good.

Speaking of which. The LEGO Star Wars Poe's X-Wing Fighter (Set #75102) is one of the funnest builds I've had in a good while. It's the first set in over a decade that took me over an hour to complete. Also, the details on Poe's helmet are simply sublime.

I would complain that the set is a tad overpriced (aprox $80 retail), but honestly who cares? It leaves me with less money to waste on baseball cards (that I can't buy anyway until July). And it's one cool set (no pun intended)!

Remember, snow isn't all bad. It gives us a chance to play with our toys in unique ways.

As always thanks for stopping by and take are :).


  1. I'm glad somebody's having fun with snow. :-)

  2. That X-wing is pretty bad ass. $80 is a steal in my opinion.

  3. Thankfully the weather has been warm the last two days and it has already started to melt. I'm guessing some of the piles will be in my area until the spring as the plows have them over ten feet high.

    Glad you are enjoying it. I tried letting my daughter play in it, but the only thing she wanted to do was throw snowballs at me. Evil kid.

  4. Hope you and the family are staying safe and warm. I've been stuck in a few snow storms during ski trips in Tahoe and they weren't a lot of fun. But then again... I didn't have a sweet Poe Dameron X-Wing Fighter to play with.

    1. TBH things were pretty okay here. The snow here was a bit deep but nothing unbearable. Plus the sunny days following the storm really helped a lot of the snow melt in a hurry.