Monday, February 8, 2016

One Month Of Baseball Card Sobriety (Sort've)

So I've had this goal of going six months without buying a baseball card. I'm one-sixth of the way there and it's been okay.

I did acquire a handful of baseball cards this past month but all of them were either via trades or were TTM returns that came back.

Like for example this sweet A-Rod that came to me courtesy of Dan over It's Like Having My Own Card Shop. There were more A-Rods, but this is special because it's a cool Pacific insert. Thanks for the A-Rod da Gawds Dan!

One of the questions some of you might have is whether or not I miss acquiring baseball cards by giving up money.

The answer is no. I don't miss spending money on baseball cards. Especially since nothing notable or useful to me is available during the first month of the year (except maybe Elite Extra?).

Not in terms of baseball cards at least.

I did snap and ended up buying a handful of Star Wars The Force Awakens (Series 1 apparently) cards. Which broke my no cards (in general) for a month goal for January. And as some of you may have noticed I went a bit crazy and ended up buying several Star Wars related things.

Come to think about it the money I've spent on Star Wars things this past month probably rivals (if not exceeds) what I spend on baseball cards in a given month.

I've purchased four different LEGO sets including the Poe's X-Wing Fighter (75102), The Battle Of Takodana (75139), Rey's Speeder (75099) and The First Order Battle Pack (75132).

And some Kanan Jarrus related goods including a comic book, a novel and a Disney Infinity figure.

Anyway, seeing as how I screwed up the no cards in general for a month goal I decided to make the most of it by obtaining what I needed from Star Wars centered offerings from Topps.

Like some Star Wars Rebels tattoo inserts. These were in the Star Wars Rebels trading card set made by Topps in 2015. I acquired the Ezra above,

And this Chopper tattoo.
With these two I'm only one more tattoo away from completing the 10 tattoo insert set (only need number 4 - Hera Syndulla) and from completing a master set of Topps Star Wars Rebels.

Speaking of Rebels, I also decided to just bite the bullet and pull the trigger on some cool Star Wars Tek cards.

Obviously I went for this Kanan Jarrus card from Tek. The design is apparently a Millennium Falcon motif. This is a pretty cool piece of plastic. We see Kanan as a gunslinger more than as a Jedi. Which is basically an accurate way to describe a large portion of his post-Jedi order life.

Also, I went for a non-autographed card because Kanan Jarrus' voice actor Freddie Prinze Jr. didn't sign autographs for Tek.

And here's a "Tidal Diffractor" of Chopper that's numbered 80/99. Chopper is a droid who speaks in beeps, therefore he has no voice actor and in turn has no autographed cards.

Now the rest of the Ghost/Rebels crew does have autographs in High Tek and I'll have to track the rest down another day. But I got this autograph of Vanessa Marshall along with the other two Tek cards for the sake of saving on combined shipping.

This is also a "Tidal Diffractor" but the autographed TD-parallels appear to be numbered to 75 as this is 32/75.

Anyway now that we're into February here's where the real challenge starts. 2016 Topps Series 1 has hit the market and several more sets will soon follow in the upcoming months. Luckily I'm the type of person who doesn't care for most of the big league releases so avoiding the urge to buy them should be fairly easy. Plus it's the shortest month of the year meaning that it should be an easy home run for me to not spend any money on baseball cards this month.
That said, I am fairly interested in doing those "mail-ins" where you mail Topps/Bowman a PWE with your name and address and they send you a card for free-ish.

One last note is that all of this has been a grim reminder that I've been putting off my clone breaks for eons now. Oops. Guess I might save them for the summer now ;).

Anyways thanks for stopping by and take care.


  1. The force is strong with this one... sorry had to do it. Congrats on almost one month without buying cards

  2. I'm right there with you. I bought four baseball cards in January, but I used Ebay Bucks and I had use them before they expired. So, I don't count that.
    You're right about it being pretty easy so far. Topps S1 is not a draw for me either.

    1. TBH nothing really interesting appears to be coming out these next few months. Who knows. Maybe by July the baseball card world will have something for us Tom?

  3. Star Wars Lego just seems so much more fun than baseball cards.

    Pacific used to make some cool stuff - I bet I still haven't seen all the weirdness they came up with.

    1. I hope more people don't think like you because there's no way I'm reading a bunch of Star Wars Lego blogs.

    2. @Paul: LEGO SW is indeed more fun than baseball cards.

      @NO: Lol. Maybe we should all switch at once to LEGO SW

    3. I'm in. I've got a butt-ton of Star Wars LEGO that I could post about.

  4. The month off can be liberating. I usually limit purchases every December for the holidays. Have you checked out the Contenders set? Some cool cards in that set.

    1. I have seen the Contenders set. Good names. Bad execution/design.

  5. I haven't bought many cards over the past month either, but I think that's more to do with the fact that there just haven't been many cards I've wanted to buy. A little step back from the hobby every now and then can be good, I've found.

    1. I agree with the lack of purchase worthy baseball cards.

  6. Man... I really need to pick up Poe's X-Wing. It's really a thing of beauty. Great stuff. Love any SW related post.

    1. Thanks Fuji. Lately I've been in a baseball funk so that's where I've been headed lol.