Saturday, March 12, 2016

Two Months Of Baseball Card Sobriety

Alright, so another month went by where I didn't buy a single baseball card. Now I'm one third of the way to accomplishing my goal of no baseball card purchases for six months.

It could be because of my non-collecting life getting a wee bit busier but for the most part staying away from baseball cards was pretty easy in February.

Mainly since the only product to came out (of note) is Topps Series 1. I know people really want to leap for the first baseball card product of the year and that for many it's a tradition. But as the years have gone by I've found the whole thing less enticing than it seems. Mainly in that after I buy a few packs and open them, I'm left with regret, open wrappers and a bunch of useless cards that probably aren't even TTM-able.
And outside of Series 1 not much else popped up on the shelves in February. And it's not like anything I needed on the secondhand market presented themselves either.

If you ever want to take a break from the hobby and just go for a month without buying any baseball cards but you're worried you can't go a full 30/31 days, try it in February as it's the shortest month of the year (even during leap years) and offers the least amount of products in the entire year too.

After all. I haven't spent a dime on a single baseball card this year (yet) and I now have a T205 in my collection.

Unfortunately I failed to accomplish my no buying cards in general for a month goal. I cracked and bought one (ONE!) pack of Star Wars The Force Awakens Trading Cards. Stupid Zippy! Show more self control!

Anyway now we're in March. This is when things get trickier. I guess. This is about the time when other products like Heritage and some high end sets appear. More options and more things to spend money on.

Hard to say whether it'll be a problem for me though, minor league themed cards don't come out for another month or two and even then buying new Bowman cards on or near release day is a fool's errand. On the other hand, IT'LL BE NEW AND SHINY! Also I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little interested in acquiring a Kenta Maeda autograph.

Alright so as for purchases I've made towards this hobby in general so far, pretty much 100% of it has gone towards mailing things. As in, my first hobby-related purchase this year was a roll of stamps and the rest of my hobby-related purchases since then have been either envelopes, more stamps, Zippy Zappings or shipping fees on international trades.

So any other developments?

Well very recently I sold some of my cards for the first time online. It's quite surreal seeing the Betances cards I picked up for pennies back in 2012 sell for decent amounts of money. I guess a humble PC that I put together just because "Betances is from Washington Heights" paid off big dividends in the end.

Looking ahead I'm probably going to seriously consider selling some of my cards like my Jeter auto and Posada auto and see what happens. Most likely it'll amount to nothing but who knows?

Alright, enough of my rambling. The important thing is that two months have passed without my buying a single card in either of them. (At least) four more to go!

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Congrats! Not an easy feat, but looks like you're going strong.

    1. Thanks TLC. It's actually quite easier than I was expecting. It certainly helps that I have wonderful friends like you all to help fill the void with wonderful surprises from time to time.

  2. Congrats on two months!
    I've purchased a few cards from Ebay, but nothing for my own collection.
    Packs? Not one pack so far this year! I'm pretty proud of that actually. My LCS owner is probably wondering if I'm still alive.
    Good luck to you when the minor league sets are released!

    1. Thanks PTT.

      Looks like you've done a fantastic job of keeping costs down too. And thanks. It'll be fairly tough but just remembering how Bowman (and Bowman Chrome) is the one(s) with the veterans in the base set might keep me away lol.