Monday, April 4, 2016

Opening Day Means Expectations (Not Quite High Ones)

So a few weeks ago I had a post where I blabbed about current topics related to the Yankees. Well one crucial thing I forgot to mention in that post is what I expect from the New York Yankees here in 2016. So here are my expectations.

Inconsistent Offense

To be fair every offense has it's flaws. And a good 25 of the 30 teams have inconsistent offenses. But that doesn't make the fact that the Yankees have a very inconsistent offense any less true or tolerable. Healthy or not, the Yankees have been the type of team to just blow out opponents like 12-1 in one game and then go on to lose by like 2-3 for what feels like the next 14 games.

Considering how all of the key components of the lineup are the same as last year and the year before, I expect nothing more or less than than mediocrity from the Yankees.

The Ride That Is Beltran

Carlos Beltran is awesome. Especially when he's his old self for like 2-3 weeks sometime in July or August. Overall Beltran's results are good but watching him across a season helps you sense a certain pattern.

A Beltran season usually consists of a month where he sucks, a few weeks where he's the best hitter on the team, a DL stint, some decent plays in the outfield and some bad plays in the outfield. All accumulating to what appears to be a pretty good season on paper.

The Disappointment That Is Ellsbury

I don't have any Ellsburys because I hate him. Here's a Beltran instead.

Jacoby Ellsbury is not awesome. Not in the least. When he's at his best he provides a good bat at the top of the order. When he's at his worst he's an easy out when facing lefty pitchers. Most of the time he's hurt or his status is day-to-day with some sort of problem in some part of his body.

I expect Ellsbury to have a DL stint, another DL stint, a relatively good season on paper, and get benched in favor of Aaron Hicks when the Yankees face a lefty pitcher.

The Show Must Go Wrong

It happens every year to every team. There's always an injury or a series of injuries that throws an entire season off the rails. While everybody looks and expects guys like Teixeira or A-Rod to get hurt (for good reason) the real truth of injuries is that they tend to happen to anybody at anytime.
As such it wouldn't surprise me if a really serious injury that cost a key Yankee their 2016 season happened. I don't want to wish injury on anybody but I can't deny that it won't happen either. It's pretty much already happened with season ending surgeries to Greg Bird and Bryan Mitchell's 2016 debut being delayed due to a toe injury.
Just watch as someone really important to the 2016 Yankees falls and the media and fans all wonder what Cash Money is going to do to fix it.

A Decent Trade Deadline Pickup

While the Yankees are known for doing their shopping in the offseason, they do make savvy trades during the season too. The Yankees have been shopping around everyone not-named-Severino to various teams and a trade could happen this year. Especially for a reliever.
If I had to guess the Yankees will probably get a reliever who has experience and has a good solid track record but just happens to be having a really bad 2016 season. As such the fans and media will bitch about how the Yankees acquired a lousy reliever but then they're pleasantly surprised when the reliever goes to do quite nicely with the Yankees.

More Internal Help

In 2015 the Yankees relied a lot on their farm system to support the big league club, watch them do it again in 2016. Gary Sanchez is on his way up I'm sure after the Yankees have managed to manipulate his service time clock. Luis Cessa will open the 2016 season with the Yankees but he probably will make at least one start when someone in the rotation inevitably gets hurt. And of course there's the Scranton Shuttle, where relievers are yo-yo'd up and down between the big leagues and triple-A Scranton. Okay at this point they're Jacob Lindgren, Nick Goody, Nick Rumbelow, James Pazos, Branden Pinder, Chasen Shreve, Johnny Barbato, Tyler Webb, Kirby Yates, Vinnie Pestano and probably a few other names I can't remember. And no I don't really expect Aaron Judge or James Kaprielian or Jorge Mateo to make their MLB debuts in 2016, but I wouldn't say it can't happen either.

Mixed Season From Castro

I suspect Starlin Castro will be a mixed bag. Everything I read about him suggests that he has spurts of brilliance and spurts of just awful baseball. Personally I think he'll be everything between an All Star second baseman and the guy who makes Yankees fans angry that Robert Refsnyder is still in triple-A.


For all of my negativity thus far, one thing I expect from the Yankees is that they'll be adequate. They'll be an okay team for 2016 who stay in contention for a good chunk of the season but because of the limitations of their roster (in various aspects) they ultimately fail to really distance themselves from the rest of the AL East, who are all just as mediocre as the Yankees.

Final (Worthless) Predictions

Yankees Finish: 2nd Wild Card
Baseball In General: San Francisco Giants win the World Series (#EvenYear)

Alright that's my final note on the big league Yankees before the season begins. Let's all cherish this last moment before the next six/seven months of our lives are filled with good baseball things, bad baseball things, frustrating baseball things and the sense of shame at the end of the season when you realize you invested so much time and money and emotion into a game that has no real impact on the world.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Couldn't be more accurate about Castro - he's a gold glover one play and a little leaguer on the next. Here's hoping he evens out a little bit for you guys this year.

    1. Hopefully a change of scenery does wonders for Castro.

  2. I think Castro is going to be a monster. Playing 2B, not a symbol for anything, around guys like Beltran and Arod, hitting in the bottom of the order. I may be too high on him, but I think he'll be a monster.

    Ellsbury...I don't think he actually likes baseball. Such a disappointment.

    1. Well Castro certainly made a good first impression yesterday.

      And yeah I question whether Ellsbury likes baseball at all too.

  3. I had the Yankees just missing the playoffs in my predictions. You just never know what can happen when your team is comprised of a lot of aging former stars. The good thing is the minor league system is so much better now. The future is bright either way!

    1. The farm system is stronger and the Yankees are smart, that said, thank goodness the division and AL as a whole is really mediocre. So mediocre that the Yankees have a chance.