Friday, May 13, 2016

A COMC Haul...

I came across some good fortune these past few weeks. In short I managed to sell a card and use that money to get myself something really special. Want to know what that was?

Yep. A 1/1 Cyan Printing Plate of Luis Torrens from 2014 Leaf Metal Draft. This is the NINTH 1/1 Luis Torrens card to enter my collection and it was paid for using the money I got from selling another card. Love it.

I picked up some more cards for others but let's leave them a surprise for now.

Okay back to stuff that'll satisfy my needs because I'm a selfish prick. Like this blue die-cut of LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSS from 2013 Elite Extra Edition.

And at long last, an Isiah Gilliam auto from 2014 Leaf Perfect Game. He's an under the radar position player prospect for the Yankees in my book.

Cito Culver, once seen as promising shortstop who could've been Derek Jeter's replacement is now doomed to never reach the majors. Much like so many failed Yankees prospects before him.

This card was a thorn at my side for at least a year. It's not because it's a Yankee or because it's Austin DeCarr (who's a good dude BTW) but because this was the only black paper parallel of a Yankee from 2014 Bowman Draft Asia Edition that I didn't have. I pulled everyone but DeCarr. Now I have the whole team set and I can be at peace.

I would end it here but I might as well add on some of my recent additions from eBay too.

I think someone's coercing me to build the Leaf Metal Draft rainbow of Luis Torrens guys. I have three of the five 1/1's from that rainbow and now I just need the red refractor to pop up.

This Brady Lail took two weeks to arrive at my residence. Apparently it was busy vacationing in Puerto Rico.

At long last, a Jordan Montgomery autograph! J-Monty was one of the few members of the 2014 Staten Island Yankees that I never got an autograph of in person. So it's pretty good to get this certified autograph to fill the gap.

I'll talk about Gilliam, Lail and Montgomery another time in more detail. Right now I'm just really giddy about getting all of these cool additions to my collection.

Anyway sorry for this blatant "look at my shiny new cards" post. It's been a while since I made a post like this and I got kind of excited when I drafted this post. Anyway hopefully I can get the cards designated for others to their new homes soon.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Love the Travis Phelps card! For some reason I really like snagging autos of prospects and coaches. Maybe because minor leaguers are often pretty humble and coaches always seem to be pretty friendly and generous with their time.
    Whoop! I think I just listed another reason why I like attending MiLB games more than MLB games.
    That Japan-fractor is sooooo sweet! The Vogelmonster was hitting over 0.340 in AAA last I looked, which means that card must be worth just a hair under 10 grand. (Yes, I live in an alternate universe.)
    That may just trigger another rainbow!

    1. Is the alternate universe where you live in the one where the Cubs win the World Series every year?

  2. That Gilliam is super cool! It's the best when other cards can find your collecting. I've been going that route where my selling sustains my buying, so I'm not dumping in "real" money. Makes me feel better about it.

    1. Thanks TLC. I agree that it is cool when cards fund cards. It's be great if they could find cards too though lol.

  3. Sweet haul. That plate auto looks awesome. Pen ink color should always match the plate!

    1. Thanks defgav.

      I'm not sure if the ink color should match the plate, but signed plates sure look snazzy.

  4. I like the look of the autograph signed directly onto the printing plate. It's a shame that more companies don't do this.

    1. I know Topps and Leaf do on-card autographs of printing plates. Not sure about Panini and Upper Deck though.