Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Non-Luis Rainbow? Do I Dare?

So the other day I was on eBay and I picked this up.

Contrary to what you might think, that's actually an INDIGO refractor parallel from 2014 Bowman Chrome mini. Of PC guy Thairo Estrada.

This INDIGO refractor is numbered 2/3, and makes me fear exactly how many other parallels are in the Thairo Estrada BoChro Mini rainbow.

As it turns out if you exclude the plates the rainbow has...

Red (3/5)

Orange (08/10)

Blue (06/20)

Yellow (14/25)

Shimmer (No Serial Number)

Refractor (No Serial Number)

Base (No Serial Number)

All those and a green refractor (numbered to 15) that I don't have yet.

All of these came from a bulk lot I bought during the middle of April where I decided to just say f' it and swooped in to acquire pretty much all of the Thairo Estrada mini parallels at once. Although the Indigo refractor at the start came from another seller on eBay.

I even bought 10 Estrada mini bases cards since it'd be cheaper to buy 10 at once just buying one for like one third ($1) of the price the lot itself went for.

And yes there were some Torrens minis too that'll be in another post.

In a lot of ways this Estrada rainbow may haunt me since I don't know where the Estrada green could be. But on the other hand if I have the super, the indigo #'d to 3 and the red #'d to 5, then I might as well go for it all. Shouldn't I?

Only one more!

If any of you manage to find the Thairo Estrada Bowman Chrome Mini Green Refractor numbered to 15, you know where to find me.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. You know you can't stop at the mini rainbow, right?

    1. Considering how I don't really want to the hassle of the full sized rainbow (I have no idea how many parallels that rainbow has) I might have to.

  2. Remember "Jungle Book"? Not the recent live action, but the cartoon from the 60's? The snake Kaa would hypnotize you with eyes that would shimmer in multiple colors? Yeah - that's what Topps is doing with these rainbows.

    You know why Kaa would hypnotize things, right?

    side note - Sterling Holliday with the voice of Kaa. Also heard as Winnie the Pooh. I only say this cuz Pooh is my favorite Disney character. I should probably stop typing now. In fact - I think I should have stopped 3 sentences ago.

    1. Indeed. Topps/Bowman have me by the balls with shiny colors.

  3. Replies
    1. I will. I just hope the green shows up soon.

  4. I completed the Gavin LaValley rainbow from this mini set recently (well, still lacking some plates). The Green wasn't hard at all. Funny thing is the Blue /20 was the last one I needed. It finally showed up in a larger lot that I bought just to get it. Soon after 2 separate Blues popped up cheaper (BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY WOULD), but oh well. But yeah, I'm sure a Green will pop up for you soon.. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Gavin!

      Do you know if I'm missing any parallels (besides the green and plates)? These are it right?

    2. Pretty sure you've got it with these 10 plus the 4 plates.