Friday, May 27, 2016

(PSA) Some Changes Coming

So for the longest time I used a certain site to store the photos and scans of cards I used for this blog.

However in recent times I've found that that site is useless and riddled with ads/adware and other such things I don't want.

So I decided to delete my account and all of the pictures in it in one foul swoop. What does that mean? It means that a good chunk of the scans on my blog will disappear and make the blogposts look really bad.

My solution?

Well unfortunately this means my blogposts that relied heavily on that-site stored pics that are beyond salvage will meet their demise. This means that most of the TTM posts from the past are now going to go out the door and be deleted. As will several other posts I've use where the deleted pics built up most of it (i.e. the clone break posts).

The posts that remain are likely posts with pictures I stored on Blogger's default photo sharing site. One that I probably should've used more but didn't for concerns over storage.

All the same, expect some overhauls (fewer blogposts from the past) these next few weeks regarding my blog.

Oh and I picked up a Bowman Chrome autograph of Domingo Avecedo who I saw in Staten Island last year.

Thanks for stopping by and take care ;).


  1. Replies
    1. He's got that prime pitcher face always.

  2. My Acevedo is in the mail! We're always buying the same cards, aren't we?

    1. Makes me wonder how many times I'm bidding against another Cubs blogger for my cards.

    2. @TLC: I suppose so. We're not bidding against each other are we?

      @PTT: Probably a lot.

      @Tony: You're guilty lol.

  3. Acevedoin' Up Cards! Photo storage can really add to the difficulty of maintaining a blog.

    1. Photo storage will be the death of this blog.