Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Of Course

My good buddy MetallAttorney is a natural at pulling Yankees cards.

This should be no surprise since they're a Red Sox Fan In Nebraska. One of the 10 commandments states that one who really dislikes a team has to pull cards of that team, a lot. And well, MA's proof of it.

Seriously, MA's stack had like 27 cards of Yankees that I'm presuming they pulled by themselves. Why bother buying cards myself anymore if MA is just going to pull them all in my place?

All jokes aside I am thankful that MA dumped this latest batch of Yankees on me. Want to know why?

2016 Topps cards designed in the 1979 Topps motif!

Not to be a Night Owl clone but these 1979 Topps cards in the newly released Archives look fantastic. I can't get enough of them.

Of course it's because they're using a classic design. One that I've gone on record as saying it's my favorite Topps design ever created (and no my opinion has not changed).

But it's also because these just feel like a continuation of the original '79 Topps Yankees team set. That Boggs card above (which is probably my favorite out of all of these '79 Topps Yankees cards) doesn't look out of place at all! You know when you get passed the card stock and kind of too clear picture that is (the OG '79s were kinda grainy in a really cool way #biased).

Look at these things.
Well, I think they're cool anyway. And I'm really tempted to just go after the '79 Topps cards from 2016 Archives. Hey, I'm building the original 1979 Topps set so why not?

Of course there were other Topps Archives cards (MA pulled like 15 of them because the Yankees cards just come to him). Including that quartet of '92 Topps themed cards.

And a sextet of '53 Topps themed cards (I didn't scan two of them because I didn't like the card subjects).

It wasn't all Archives though. There was a trio of 2016 Diamond Kings and a GQ Tanaka mini.

Of course MA knows my affinity for prospects and sent me all these Bowman Yankees. Look at those. MA's a natural at pulling Yankees!

MA also sent along this. No, it's not a declaration of war. I actually asked MA if they had any dupes of top BOS prospect Anderson Espinoza. By the time this post goes up this is probably already in a PWE waiting to be mailed via TTM.

All in all this was an awesome package from my favorite lawyer who roots for the Red Sox (that description would make him a vile villain in the eyes of other Yankees fans).

Although this is also a stark reminder that I need to work on a Zapping for MA and that my Zapping reserves are at an all time low (seriously, I think I have like three Red Sox cards on me at the moment) so a return package will take some time. I feel like I don't have to worry though. If I buy more products this year I can probably expect more Boegarts, Mookies, Ortizes and Prices.

So yeah, thanks MA for the awesome Yanks. I hope you won't mind if my Zapping for you takes a little longer.

And as always thank you (the readers) for stopping by. Take care :).


  1. I hadn't seen many of these yet. I love the Boggs, especially with the 125th Anniversary patch on his sleeve.

    1. I like the Boggs too. I hope my TTM request to him returns soon.

  2. Archives has been pretty under the radar for years now. Those '79's do look great.

    1. I wasn't too fond of the past few Archives offerings to be completely honest but you can never go wrong with '79 Topps.