Monday, June 20, 2016

What A Game

As much as I find it difficult to rank the baseball games I've ever been to in my life, I have to admit that the one I saw yesterday in Staten Island was one of the best ones I've ever seen.

In a lot of ways my personal life has shifted and I can't really stay out too late anymore for various reasons. So this game that started at four (the gates opened at three) was right up my alley.

Obviously I was on Torrens watch. As Tony said yesterday, my Torrens watch is almost stalker-ish. 

But Torrens was still a cool dude though. He remembered me and was like "Hey, Kenny" which was insanely cool. And I asked him to sign a few autographs.


I asked Torrens to sign these two printing plates and a picture of the two of us that I took back in 2014 (for privacy reasons I won't be showing that here). Personally I love how these look.

And finally I asked Torrens to personalize this Bowman Chrome autograph for me. I felt really guilty for taking so much of his time but I can't deny how cool this is. This Bowman Chrome autograph (that came to me all the way back in 2014 from The Raz Card File) is now mine, officially.

Torrens wasn't the only Yankee I asked an autograph of though. I also asked Keith Skinner, the Yankees' 7th rounder this year, for an autograph. At the moment he's playing backup to Torrens but once Torrens gets promoted to Charleston I see Skinner taking over as the everyday catcher for the Baby Bombers.

Here is Freicer Perez. Perez was in the Dominican Summer League just last year and he's already been pushed up to Staten Island this year. He's 20 so that might be expected but it's also unexpected. The right hander is listed as 6'8", and he is very tall. He's taller than Domingo Acevedo. He might even be taller than Dellin Betances.

And finally I got Adonis Rosa, who was the starter for the first game of the season last Friday. To be honest I'm not too knowledgable about Rosa. I do know that he managed to get the on the radars of many prospect heads last year after a good season in Pulaski.

And that was kind of it as far as autographs go.

I mentioned before that the game was pretty great, and it was.

The SI Yankees starter was Anyelo Gomez who was pretty effective. Going 5.2 innings pitched with five strikeouts, one walk and allowing four runs (three of them earned).

It wasn't exactly a well pitched game as both teams gave up a combined 14 runs (although both teams had their share of defensive blunders) but oddly enough it was a pretty quick game nonetheless. The game finished in less than three hours and this is after the Yankees had played back to back games where they played 20 innings and 10 innings respectively. The only part of this game where it felt as though the game was lagging a bit was when the Aberdeen Ironbirds (the Orioles' affiliate who the SI Yankees played against) were being undone by their defense and pitching in the fourth, fifth and sixth innings.

Obviously I kept track of what Torrens did during the game. He had five plate appearances and went 1-3 with a walk and three RBI.

His first at-bat was the walk.

His second at-bat was a groundout that got him the first RBI.

His third at-bat was a pop-up.

His fourth at-bat was a sac fly to right.

His fifth and final at-bat was an RBI single.

Defensively Torrens was great too. He gunned down a would-be-base stealer at second which was a good sign given how he was shut down last year for shoulder surgery. He gunned down another unlucky soul trying to steal third from second when the ball slipped away from him. By the later innings the base runners didn't test his arm anymore when dropped the ball. Although there was one low pitch that got by Torrens so far that the runner from third came home.

Of course the other Staten Island Yankees also contributed to the win. Everybody else combined for nine hits and five walks, and they were practically scoring a run a frame for the middle of the game.

Ultimately the Yankees won the game 8-6. There was never really a point where the Yankees were behind but they were in the tie early in the game, and the Ironbirds did make the game interesting. It wasn't one of those games where one team scored a ton of runs early and the rest of the game was the other team trying to make up for lost ground. It was the both teams scoring in their respective halves of the inning kind of game.

But yeah, if you were following me on Twitter at the time I didn't make a case that I wasn't some creepy Torrens stalker. I was fanboying the heck out of Torrens' game. I recorded every pitch thrown to him via my phone, posted up to the minute updates and everything. At least I was able to allow his father to follow along on what Torrens was doing on Father's Day.

I couldn't stay after the game so I headed for the ferry but on my way out I received one cool item.

This mini-bat keychain courtesy of the Derrick Hall's Pro-State Foundation. As the title kind of suggests, the foundation is an organization that serves to assist those who've been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was launched by Derrick Hall who is better known as the President and CEO of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Mr. Hall himself was also unfortunately diagnosed with prostate cancer, but he's been determined to ensure that it doesn't beat him. As such this Pro-State Foundation does have it's ties to baseball and this promotion makes sense.

If you're interested for whatever reason, you might want to check out the Pro-State Foundation website for more information on exactly what they are and what they do.

Pretty cool giveaway from a cool cause in my opinion.

And that was the first Staten Island Yankees home game of the season for me (I didn't go to the home opener due to a lack of effort).

It was a ton of fun and it ranks very highly on the list of best games I've been to.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

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  1. Oh man you cleaned up! Congrats on getting the plates signed. Now they are true 1/1's.

    I think I'm heading to the Black Bears game tonight weather permitting.

    1. Thanks Matt. Hope you can go to the Black Bears and have a nice time. They come to SI this week.

  2. Looks like it was a great game and you did well with the autos! I didn't mind the updates on Twitter. Love the printing plates and that you had him personalize the Bowman auto. Cool giveaway with a D-Backs tie.

    1. Thanks Dan. I loved the personalization too.

  3. No one will ever rival your Torrens collection! I also really like the name "Anyelo"...rolls of the tongue.