Wednesday, July 20, 2016

One Card, And Woof What A Card It Is...

The other day I received two bubble mailers from Bob Walk The Plank. One was filled with Indians cards for my friend Anco-san in Japan. This is like mere days after I had already sent out the package I had been assembling for Anco-san (#irony).

The other was meant for me and only contained one card. In a magnetic case at that. Add that to how this is a Bob Walk The Plank offering and that can only mean that this card must be good.

What could it possibly be? A rare Torrens? A rare Estrada? Turns out, it was even better than I could've hoped it would be...


Yes, BWTP sent me an Alex Rodriguez autograph. My first Mariners era autograph of him at that.

Just when I thought I had a decent Pirates filled package for BWTP almost ready for take off, this comes along and throws a monkey wrench in the whole procedure. *fart noise*

No complaints though. Anytime I get an A-Rod to add to my A-Rod collection is great, and A-Rod autographs aren't exactly cheap. Oy vey, how am I supposed to repay BWTP now? Maybe another in-person autograph of a Pirates legend with an inscription for their blog?

Also, shortly after I tweeted that I got this in the mail A-Rod hit a home run (he's getting closer to 700 HRs!). Because he's a God.

Relevant Music Video

Anyway thanks a ton for the A-Rod and Clevelands BWTP. I don't know how to return the favor, but I'll think of something.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Great card! Love that it's on-card and signed in a great spot. The card is designed well too - very minimalist. Just a solid all around effort.

    1. I agree. The only knack is the unimportant team ;).

  2. That is an A-Mazing A-Rod addition. That Matt is a swell guy!

  3. I never got to give you the proper thank you for going out of your way with the Candelaria. I tried a few different times to get a Yankee's version but it just never happened. Maybe it was for the best as the more recent versions tend to be stickers.

    1. Thanks again for the A-Rod matt.
      I don't really mind stickers. Especially if the alternative is a non-Yank.

  4. BWTP has been dropping some gems on the cardsphere lately. Woof is right! Great looking card.

  5. Wow... very difficult to top an old school Topps on-card autograph. That card is awesome.