Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Red Addition

Alright, throw out what I said about not spending money on cards this month (I'll really have to stick to my guns come October/November/December). That went out the window with some of my latest purchases, which included this Luis Torrens red Prizm refractor autograph from 2013 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks.

It's numbered 039/100 and is a very spiffy card (most/all of these Panini Prizm autos are actually).
I've been after this card for a while but these seem to show up for for more than what I'm usually willing to pay ($10+ with S/H). For this one I was about to get it for around $5.

Torrens had himself a meh return to the field here in 2016. Obviously this year was all about seeing if Torrens was finally healthy and how his arm changed (if at all) after his surgery. By all accounts, it didn't really change. It was just as quick and dynamic as it was before Torrens went under the knife.

Torrens didn't really hit too well in his return, but I'd chalk that up to readjusting to playing everyday after spending over a year rehabbing an injury. 2017 will be the true challenge for Torrens.

If nothing else, MLB.com ranks Torrens as the 9th best catching prospect in all of baseball. This is after Gary Sanchez lost his prospect status for the record. Obviously this is eight spots too low but I'm guessing that not every scout was able to catch a glimpse of Torrens this year.

Next year. There's always next year.

And that was my latest Torrens pickup. As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. The colors on these cards are always very striking.

    How man Torrens autos are you up to?

    1. Do IP autos count? If so it's 31. I'm not including dupes.

  2. Future Pittsburgh Pirate Luis Torrens.