Thursday, September 15, 2016

Better Than A Hobby Pack (2016 Bowman Chrome Edition)

So I've said my two cents about Bowman Chrome in the past. I don't really buy it because of how it usually offers the weakest checklists, how half of the base cards are of major league veterans, and how even though the packs/box contain nearly half of what their Bowman and Bowman Draft counterparts have, they're priced almost exactly the same.

This year 2016 Bowman Chrome seems to be an, interesting product.

For one thing this year's edition of Bowman Chrome is aiming to be like Topps Finest. The regular hobby boxes now contain two mini boxes (12 packs per mini box, five cards per pack) and within those two mini boxes are guaranteed autographs (one each). There's also something called a "Vending Box" made for vendors who just want the three autographs.

I'm sure both editions have their exclusive parallels but at this point I've stopped caring about parallels altogether because Bowman keeps pumping out new ones with every product.

Now I've said that Bowman Chrome usually has the weakest autograph checklist. In fact, I'm not the only one who has ever said that. In the past going the singles route was the best course of action.

This year it's a little different. The checklist is pretty good. And good in a way where it doesn't have to rely on repeaters, like there are guys genuinely making their baseball card autograph debuts in this product. Highlights include (but probably aren't limited to) Vlad Guerrero Jr., Cornelius Randolph, Harrison Bader and a few others I'm too lazy to look up.

Anyway I stopped by Chameleon Comics and Cards again to see if I could acquire some Yankees base cards from this latest offering since they have a dime box with some of the latest offerings inside.

I found one in the form of Dustin Fowler. Who also has an autograph in this product.

Outside of Fowler I picked up a bunch of interesting (to me) guys who I can use as TTM fodder and trade fodder. All for a dime each.

Zach Eflin is an intriguing righty. Eflin was a first round pick by the San Diego Padres back in 2012, then found himself traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Matt Kemp trade, then was shipped out to the Philadelphia Phillies in the Jimmy Rollins trade. The righty has a fastball, slider and change up and projects to be a middle of the rotation starter. Even though his 2016 has been largely a disaster, there's still hope for the righty. Especially with a rebuilding Phillies team.

I had a chance to get Chalmers' autograph this summer as he came to Staten Island with the Vermont Lake Monsters. This card would've really come in handy. And yes, Chalmers is a top pitching prospect for the A's, they desperately need them.

More top prospects (in their respective organizations) that I won't talk about here because I'm lazy. I also pulled a bunch of other First Bowman Chrome prospect cards. Because those are the bread and butter (to me) of this product.

The dime box has a surprising amount of numbered refractors. Like this purple refractor (numbered 146/250) of Vanderbilt hero John Norwood. Given how unpopular the Marlins are (and this isn't a knock on Norwood but), I wonder if cards and players like Norwood are included to cash in on the college baseball crowd. I know certain Vanderbilt alumni really like their baseball team.

There was also this purple refractor of Juan Hillman (numbered 184/250) and a regular refractor of Nick Plummer (numbered 304/499). Both are highly rated players in their respective farm systems.

To further add to how this dime box was better than a five-card hobby pack, I got these two inserts. Ha!

Of course the best part of the dime box is that it wasn't just limited to Bowman Chrome. It also had 2016 Topps Chrome. I picked up that black refractor (no number) of Pedroia and purple refractor (numbered 252/275) of Lackey and topped the trade bait portion off with that blue refractor (numbered 142/150) of new MLB call up Matt Olson.

In addition to all of the pretty recent cards, there were some cards from the 2000's! And from other decades like the 90's, 80's and 70's but who cares about them. This Mitch Jones is from 2002 Bowman and saves me the trouble of having to spend one whole dollar on it on COMC or eBay.

The very last card in my pile was another need of mine, this 2001 Upper Deck card of Shelley Duncan. Even though Duncan never really went anywhere, his career interests me greatly. A second rounder who had power (and not much else) who made triple-A his office for most of his professional career. He did manage to have a career as a big leaguer with the Yankees, Indians and Rays but unfortunately his power wasn't quite good enough to extend his career. He's a manager for a minor league team in the D-Backs org now (Hillsboro Hops I believe).

And there you have it. I also had three more Bowman Chrome cards of veterans I scooped up for Zippy Zappings but I didn't scan them. At the end of the day I got 25 cards for $2.50. Meanwhile I think the packs are like $4 for a pack of 5 cards. *fart noise*

For the record this month is one of my "no spending money on baseball cards" months for my goal. And to be honest (warning, I'm going to use a loophole), this wasn't exactly my money. I bought some medicine for someone close to me a while back and they paid me back (I wasn't expecting it because you don't repay family) but they did and I used some of that money to buy these. So this wasn't my money and doesn't count towards derailing my goal. /end very flimsily and not very good loophole.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I'll take a dime box over ripping new product any day of the week. Well done.

  2. "So this wasn't my money and doesn't count towards derailing my goal..."

    So - when does your political career begin, Senator Zippy?

    1. When I deem America is ready to embrace socialism.

  3. The recent card shop I went to didn't have a dime box, but he did have a discount relic/auto box. I guess you can't get everything.

    Great deal by the way. I'll nab the Pirate stuff once the initial prices go down on eBay.

    Could you imagine how much mail a Marlin blogger would get once it got off the ground?

    1. I got a Kuhl in this dime box lol.

      And I'd imagine that that blogger would get bombarded.