Friday, September 16, 2016

Cards From The Hot Corner

Last month I met Drew from Drew's Hot Corner and I gave him some cards. He threatened me that he'd get back at me with his own generous package, and he was true to his word.

Yep, Drew knows how much of a stickler I am for Luis Torrens. He got back at me by sending me a Bowman Chrome autograph of his. Maybe I should start accumulating these for myself and have a 20-30 card stack of these like some maniac. C'mon, you all know that I'd totally do that.

This Rutherford has been at the top of my want list for a while. This USA auto is important because it's from 2012. Rutherford signed that card when he was all of 15 years old. These 2012 cards are interesting because Rutherford displays a change in his autograph even before he turned pro. Rutherford has since had other autographs, most recently as part of the 18U National Team, and his autograph is much shorter. These early autographs still have his full last name on them. Which is why I've wanted a 2012 autograph in particular for a while. Thanks Drew!

Oh yes, a Justus Sheffield autograph from 2014 Bowman Draft!
Sheffield is pretty much the Yankees' top pitching prospect with Kaprielian having an injury shortened season this year.

Accompanying the autographs were team bags and team bags of random cards of Yankees.

There was a lot of great TTM fodder in there but what struck me the most were people who I had no idea were Yankees. Scratch that, people who I didn't know period. Seriously, I had barely heard of 1.5 of those eight players i just showed.

Then again I am that prospecting guy so these unknowns of these Columbus Clippers are very welcome. Even though the only "new" name to me is Van Snider.


There were tons of cards in this package but these were the key highlights to me. Drew basically knocked off two of my want list needs (I put up a want list on the right side of my blog BTW) that I've since updated.

Big thanks for all of these great cards Drew. Now to pay you back with a Zippy Zapping at MAXIMUM POWER (only TLC has been able to survive this level of a Zappage).

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Good stuff! Love the Nady.. forgot he was a Yankee at one point.

  2. Thought you would enjoy some of those obscure mid-2000's guys. Funny to think that some of them were Yankees. Glad you liked everything!