Thursday, September 8, 2016

It Begins

Yesterday was the very first playoff game for four of the five Yankees minor league affiliates that made it to their respective leagues' playoffs (Tampa started on Tuesday).

Yesterday was Game One of the 2016 NYPL Playoffs (Round One) between Staten Island and the State College Spikes (Cardinals affiliate).

My first autograph was the always cool Alex Bisacca.
Bisacca actually remembered me from last year (which was really cool) and thought I'd be coming this year so he came out before the game to see if I was there. We caught up and talked a bit and luckily I got him to sign my Pulaski Yankees card.
Alex had been in Pulaski for the most of the season before being transferred to Tampa when the Pulaski season ended. Then he was reassigned to the Staten Island Yankees when Joseph Harvey got bumped up. Unfortunately Bisacca didn't get a chance to pitch yesterday but at least now he's got another chance at a playoff ring.

Solak's normal sized card is on the left to show size difference

Next up I got the oversize 8x10 (I think) card of Nick Solak from Monday signed.
Solak has been far and away this team's best position player (I'm not including Torrens). The second rounder was seen as one of the better college bats going into this year's draft and he's really shown why he earned such a reputation this year. The right handed hitter projects to hit for a lot of contact and a high batting average but not too much power. A second baseman by trade, some prior to the draft also saw him as a potential center fielder in professional ball. For now Solak is part of an immense logjam of middle infielders in the Yankees' farm system. He's also a sign of just how deep the system is. In most other farm systems, Solak would be a slam dunk top 30 prospect. But in the Yankees farm system he's on the almost top 30 because of the influx of talent via trades.
Solak's had a great year in Staten Island and I eagerly await what he can do going forward. As a very polished college bat, it wouldn't surprise me if he completely skipped Charleston next year (Eric Jagielo style).

My last autograph for the day (and probably for the year too) was from Spencer Mahoney. Spencer Mahoney was signed as a non-drafted free agent by the New York Yankees. Mahoney spent his college years as a shortstop but an ill-timed injury ruined his draft prospects and he went to indy ball out of college in 2015. Then in late 2015 the Yankees signed him. This article from Drive Line Baseball had a very good writeup on Mahoney. Basically, he was signed for his easy high-90's velocity. Hence why he's been a pro reliever since being signed by the Yankees.
Mahoney was a super cool dude and an excellent way to cap off the 2016 IP autograph season.

I took this photo myself and I'm very proud of it

Overall the game was... saddening. The Staten Island Yankees lost 0-3 (BOX SCORE) and dropped game one of the first round. Now they're on the road to State College and need to win both games to go forward. Staten Island starter Kolton Mahoney pitched an (all things considered) decent game, going five innings allowing three earned runs on seven hits. Spencer Mahoney pitched three innings of relief after Kolton and then Claudio Custodio closed things out in the ninth. Unfortunately the offense couldn't get much done, only mustering five hits and four walks.

Sidenote, apparently half of the State College Spikes were guys in the 2016 Peoria Chiefs team set. Curses, I'll have to ask PTT to obtain one for me next year.

However there's still hope for the baby bombers. Plus with their best pitching prospect Frecier Perez on the mound tomorrow, they've got a decent shot to win.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

2016 IP Auto Count: 76


  1. I love the oversized Solak auto. It came out great!

    1. Thanks TLC. I like how it turned out too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Gav. Even though the field was in pretty shitty condition this picture was just great.

  3. Need you to come out to San Jose and show me the tricks to getting IP Autos... especially since I'm planning on attending at least 10 SJ Giants games next season. They're so much fun.

    P.S. Awesome photo!

    1. That gives me an idea for a post Fuji!

      And thanks :).

    2. Does it involve you flying out West? If so... let me know and I'll take you to some games.

    3. Lol, not at the moment (I'm low on cash) but...