Thursday, September 22, 2016

My First Gleyber!

It took until the end of the minor league season, but I finally got my very first Gleyber Torres.

It's not some super fancy autograph but instead something that I think is better. A MINOR LEAGUE TEAM ISSUED CARD OF GLEYBER TORRES!

This 2015 Choice card of Gleyber Torres as a member of the South Bend Cubs came to me from P-Town Tom.

Tom sent me back the Adam Warren cards I had previously sent him. And added this saying it was the "interesting" on the AW loan. I did not agree to such an interest fee and this is obviously a ploy to get me to feel guilty and up the ante on the next Zapping for him! Well, wish granted Tom ;).

Anyway I like these minor league cards more than most cards so I'll happily proclaim this as my first Gleyber. BTW, I'm still not sure exactly how to pronounce Gleyber. I've heard people say it as "Glee-ber" but I just pronounce it like G(l)ay-bar.

Gleyber Torres was the top prospect who came to New York in the Aroldis Chapman trade. Back in June I joked about Gleyber (or Ian Happ) being a future Yankee in a bullpen trade with Chicago (at the time I didn't think the Yankees would actually sell) but the Yankees became sellers and Gleyber Torres became a Yankee. Yes, I was shocked as well. But that shock turned to joy in an instant. Gleyber Torres is a Yankee! The Yankees had a new number one prospect (depending on who you asked)! Of course Torres' spot as the number one prospect would be usurped by the acquisition of Clint Frazier but still, landing a guy like Torres for a rental was huge.

Gleyber Torres projects to be a really good infielder (whether it's at short or at second is unclear at the moment) who can flat out hit. He could be the next heir to second base (because it's probably not Starlin Castro), one thing's for sure though, some scouts seem him as a potential top ten prospect next year (even over Clint Frazier). Boo-yah!

Anyway big thanks to Tom for this Gleyber.

And as always thank you (the readers) for stopping by. Take care :).


  1. Yeah... like Torres will ever unseat Torrens. Ha!
    Cub fans I know pronounce his first name like Glay-bur. Glay like clay and bur like sir.
    Glad you like it! I'm not sure how two of those wound up in my collection, but I still have a complete set!

    1. Nice to know you still have one in your collection PTT. Thanks again!

  2. Treat our Gleyber well! Also, minor league team issues are the bomb.

    1. You could come to the Pinstripes to be able to call Gleyber yours again ;).

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