Friday, October 14, 2016

Likely My Last Of 2016...

Currently I'm on a baseball card hiatus (don't sue me Tony!). I'm a bit too burnt out from the hobby and my mind is elsewhere at the moment.

That said I do still engage in baseball related things from time to time (my Twitter feed shows as such). At the moment I have three baseball card focused (or related) posts brewing that I'm definitely going to publish in the next few months. And another three baseball card focused ones that are long work in progress posts that'll require more time and are iffy in terms of when I can release them.

In the meantime here's one of the aforementioned posts that I'd definitely blog about.

Currently I'm out to accomplish my goal of no baseball card purchases for six months. I accomplished the first three months of this goal in January, February and March. I'm going to complete it in October, November and December. Luckily this is perfect timing because I'm burnt out of this hobby at the moment and there's nothing really coming out in the next three months that I feel like I need to get. And if there is, well they can be acquired at a later time.

That said, I wasn't so burnt out of the hobby that I thought I was going to run away, sell everything in my collection and never come back. I acquired some cards in the waning days of September so that I'd be in a good spot if/when I return. Obviously there was the Torrens printing plate, but there were also these.

Green Refractor

Blue Refractor


Black Gold Refractor

A four card lot of Donny Sands (1st Bowman) cards from 2016 Bowman Chrome.

I scanned the backs for those of you who still haven't picked up any Bowman Chrome from this year.

Green Back

Blue Back

Refractor Back

Black Gold Back

The foursome above was a bundle on eBay that I swooped in and got for roughly $7 (S/H fees included). That's a pretty decent deal when you consider what these would cost if you bought these individually. It's also the type of deal that you have to pounce on after the product has just been released. Although the initial wave of just-released cards are often known for being comically overpriced, it's also a low-key good time to get good deals on card lots. In that sellers are trying to move their inventory quickly before the hype dies down, people realize how many of these darn things exist and the prices go down with it. So some sellers have big lots of some quality cards for very fair deals (usually because they're banking on making big bucks on other things they pulled). These are usually cards of the non-autographed variety. Unless the parallels are really limited (less than 25 copies limited) then you could score some nice deals.

Donny Sands is an infielder-turned-catcher who was drafted by the Yankees in the eighth round of the 2015 MLB Player Draft. Sands is so good that he's on the Yankees' top 30 prospect list on (the 26th best prospect too). That's saying a lot considering how deep and talented the Yankees farm system is. He projects to be a very good hitter who can hit for consistency and a fair bit of power (double-digit power). Defensively he's still adjusting to catching but the early reports seem to be good. I seem to remember a lot of people raving about his arm during his short stint in Pulaski this year. In short, he can potentially be the next great Yankees catching prospect.

I actually first heard about Donny Sands through this video made by Tucson, Arizona reporter Chuck Constantino that documented Sands' draft experience. From the phone call to the announcement on the live stream to Sands visiting his mother to tell her the news. It was just all so cool. Sidenote, it's even cooler to know that Sands can speak Spanish (likely thanks to his mother). Reminds me of former Yankees prospect Peter O'Brien actually. Gaelic-ish surname, but also can speak fluent Spanish.

Obviously I'm a fan of Sands already. Yankees catching prospects are my favorite type of prospects. Even if they drive Tony mad because they take away spots on checklists away from Brewers ;).

So this is a strong contender to be my last baseball card pickup of 2016. Assuming I don't crack and buy something this month, next month or December. If it is, I think I finished 2016 with a nice bang.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I'm definitely going to pick up a card of Sands. He seems like an awesome dude.

  2. The lawsuit for infringing on my well-established brand name and copyright over the use of the word "hiatus" in regards to baseball card blogging is on its way. It's amazingly simple to file lawsuits in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, you see.

  3. I saw Donny yesterday. My brother had the regular chrome card to get signed (I didn't have a card of his, so I missed out on an autograph). Anyway, my brother hands the card to Donny and Donny says "that's my limited edition third base card." So, I guess that confirms that the Yankees do not consider him an infield option.

    1. Very cool. And yeah at this point he's been converted like so many infielders-turned-catchers before him like Francisco Cervelli, Luis Torrens and John Ryan Murphy.