Monday, February 6, 2017

My Player Collection List (2017 Ed.)

Alright, so here's that definitive "who I am collecting" post most of you have been anxious to have. As always, I've divided my collection into tiers.

Tier 1: The Constants

Luis Torrens, Thairo Estrada, Hiroki Kuroda, you've heard these names before on this blog and they're not going away. Next.

Tier 2: Enter The Dragons

Takuya Kinoshita, Iori Katsura, Nomura Ryosuke, Shinnosuke Ogasawara and Masahiko Morino are some of the Dragons players I'm focusing on in this department, but really I'm open to all Dragons.

Tier 3: The Immigrants

More specifically, non-Japanese players who've played for the Dragons. Creating this list is tough due to how there is no cohesive or complete list of MLB/MiLB players who've gone to Japan (let alone every non-Japan born player ever to play ever), but I'll see what I can do.

I suppose I can start with the foreigners who play for the Dragons and then work my way to foreigners who play for the NPB in general, and then in the NPB's overall history.

So here are the key names I'm keeping an eye out for right now. With their MLB teams in parenthesis next to them.

*Dayan Viciedo (CWS)
*Alex Guerrero (LAD)
*Elvis Araujo (PHI)
*Raul Valdez (NYM/STL/NYY/PHI/HOU)
*Jordan Norberto (ARI/OAK)
*Jorge Rondon (STL/COL/BAL/PIT)

And here is a list of all of the former-NPB players who've played for the Dragons. The ones in bold are of a higher priority right now.

*Ken Aspromonte (BOS/WSH/CLE/LAD/MIL/CHC)
*Alex Ochoa (MIL/LAA/ATL)
*Scott Anderson (TEX/MON/KC)
*Jimmy Williams (LAD/CLE)
*Anderson Hernandez (NYM/WSH/CLE/HOU)
*Dan Carlson (SF/TB/ARI)
*Bobby Castillo (LAD/MIN)
*Daniel Cabrera (BAL/WSH/ARI)
*Eddie Gallard (DET/TB/COL/MIA)
*Wayne Garrett (NYM/MON/STL)
*Joel Guzman (LAD/TB/WSH/BAL/CIN)
*Matt Clark (MIL)
*Franklyn Gracesqui (TOR/MIA/BAL)
*Ivan Cruz (NYY/PIT/STL)
*Gary Rajsich (NYM/STL/SF)
*Alexis Gomez (KC/DET/COL/MIA)
*Leo Gomez (BAL/CHC)
*Sang-Hoon Lee (BOS)

*Maximo Nelson (NYY)
*Santiago Ramirez (WSH)
*Dion James (MIL/ATL/CLE/NYY)
*Bobby Jones (TEX/LAA)
*Gene Stephens (BOS/BAL/KC/CHW)
*Charlie Spikes (NYY/CLE/DET/ATL)
*Dionys Cesar (MIL)
*Leyson Septimo (CHW)
*Tyrone Woods (MON/BAL/BOS)
*Wei-Yin Chen (BAL/MIA)
*Victor Diaz (NYM/TEX)
*Benny Distefano (PIT/HOU)
*Ozzie Timmons (CHC/CIN/SEA/TB)
*Willie Davis (LAD/MON/TEX/STL/SD/LAA)
*Tomas De La Rosa (MON/SF)
*Larry Doby (CLE/CHW/DET)
*Domingo Guzman (SD)
*Ricardo Nanita (CWS)
*Don Newcombe (BK/LAD/CIN/CLE)
*Bart Shirley (LAD/NYM)
*Alonzo Powell (MON/SEA)
*Jim Barbieri (LAD)
*Martin Vargas (CLE)
*Marc Valdez (MIA/MON/HOU/ATL)
*Joe Valentine (CIN/OAK/HOU/MIL)
*Melvin Bunch (KC/SEA)
*Rafael Perez (CLE)
*Ralph Bryant (LAD)
*Brad Bergesen (BAL/ARI)
*Tony Blanco (BOS/CIN/WSH/COL)
*Fred Kuahaulua (LAA/SD)
*Scott Bullett (PIN/CHC)

Shout out to John for this Monteleone. Thanks John!

*Rich Monteleone (SEA/LAA/NYY/SF)
*Amaury Rivas (MIL)
*Nelson Liriano (TOR/MIN/KC/COL/PIT/LAD)
*Hector Luna (STL/CLE/TOR/MIA/PHI)
*Ron Woods (DET/NYY/MON)
*Jay Ward (MIN/CIN)
*Paul Foytack (DET/LAA)
*Jim Marshall (BAL/CHC/BOS/SF/NYM/PIT)
*Gene Martin (WSH)
*Warner Madrigal (LAA/TEX/NYY/ARI)
*Luis Martinez (MIL)
*John Miller (NYY/LAD)
*Brook Jacoby (ATL/CLE/OAK)
*George Hinshaw (SD)

I'll have to do a followup where I have a list of foreigners in NPB in general, but for now just keep me in mind when you see:

*Brandon Laird (NYY/HOU)
*Chris Martin (COL/NYY)
*Hensley Meulens (NYY/MON/ARI/SF)
*Ramiro Pena (NYY/ATL/SF)
*Brad Eldred (PIT/COL/DET)

Right so, that was a bunch of hours I'll never get back. And what's worse is that I'm sure I'm missing a few names from that giant list.

Anyway, there you have it. a PC guy list. Don't feel obligated to get me anything. I lost track of what I owe to who at this point.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Shoot. I was filling a Sportlots order yesterday afternoon and was trying to maximize the shipping... I could have done some serious damage to this new PC list if the stars had aligned.

  2. Brad Eldred! That brings back some memories.

    Where is Arod?

    1. I figured you'd recognize that name.

      As for A-Rod, he's busy being Dad-Rod.

  3. Some great names on here! I'm sure if I dig through a few boxes I can find some.

    1. Thanks TLC. Don't feel obligated though.

  4. I have some cards that could help your PCs. I know of one for sure. I'll double check and contact you, if you're interested.

    1. Thanks Trevor (and welcome to my blog) but don't feel like you have to. I'm not sure I could offer you much in return anyway.

  5. Does this mean no more A-Rods? I'm still holding some for you.

    1. Oh I am, it's just that the top tier guys have been repeated so many times that I assume I didn't have to list all of them lol.

  6. Had no idea that Larry Doby and Don Newcombe played for the Chunichi Dragons. Very, very cool. Do they have a lot of cards with them featured on the Dragons?

    1. Me neither, but it was really cool to find out. As far as I know Doby doesn't have any Dragons cards, but I have seen one Dragons era Newcombe. I'll have to get back to you on this.

  7. Glad to have something to work with while putting together trade packages for you! Maybe you could make a sidebar link to it for easy access for your trade partners?

    One thing, you might want to take Mel Hall off your list (rapist).

    1. I thought about that, but I'd need their consent for that.

      And good point about Hall. I've offed him.

    2. Sorry, about the link I meant you should link to this here post in the sidebar so us trading partners of yours could find it easier. Like maybe a page for it under "Blog Pages". But at this point I feel like a dick trying to tell you how to run your blog so nevermind but I just wanted to clarify. lol

    3. Oh I see what you mean now. Sounds like a good idea. I'll see if I can put something up by the end of the month.