Thursday, February 23, 2017

Took A While But...

...I've finally acquired my first Luis Torrens card here in 2017.

Yes, I've finally acquired another Bowman Chrome (!) autograph of Luis Torrens. This time the refractor version.

These refractor autographs can be tricky because the key to acquiring them is waiting for the right price. I consider the price point for Torrens' 2013 BoChro autographs to be in the $3-5 range. Maybe a buck or two more (I'm including shipping and handling in these dollar amounts BTW).

Luckily I managed to get this for just the right price. Less than $10. I've seen some listings go for $20+, which is not a good price at all.

These refractor autographs are numbered to 500 and this just happened to be the 467th of it's kind.

I'm now up to 84 different Luis Torrens cards with this card.

With Spring Training pretty much underway, I expect more reports about Torrens to come out of Padres camp in the upcoming weeks. There's a lot of speculation about what Torrens' Padres tenure will be like but right now a lot of signs point to the Padres giving Torrens every chance they can give him for a big league job, but also having a plan in the event that that doesn't happen (because it likely won't happen this year).

If nothing else the last few weeks have brought us our first official pictures of Luis Torrens as a Padre. Seems weird, but oddly fitting.

Torrens has already mastered the art of the post-Yankees beard which makes him look ten years older than he actually is.

The Padres stink so having him as a backup catcher may actually not be the worst thing for the team. That said, the Padres do also have to consider other Rule 5 guys they picked up like Allen Cordoba and Miguel Diaz. Both are just as close (as in not very) to the big leagues as Torrens is. The Padres will have to get crafty or send back a few picks to their original teams. They can't trade Quakenbush for everybody.

At this point I've punted my Yankees fandom card to the newly discovered Earth-sized planets and I just hope Torrens makes it to the big leagues at all. A part of me even hopes he stays with San Diego. Although that's primarily because I tend to have a glorified image of California even though I've never been there (not even for a vacation) and I know the reality isn't what I'm hoping Cali is like.

So yeah, make Torrens the Padres legend happen Padres. If it means we see Torrens at the big league level, I'm all for it.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. It's kind of odd that our respective minor league faves are knocking on the door of a career in MLB at the same time, but not with our favorite teams.
    I dream of a day where Vogelbach is captured in a PATP shot with Luis and it makes it to cardboard.

    1. Oh man, that'd be perfect, it'd be the Vedder Cup!

  2. A lot of moving parts for the Padres. My guess is if they feel like Torrens is a long term answer they will try and work out a deal with the Yanks. They are going to want him to play full time.

    1. Rumor has it they want to convert Bethancourt into a utility guy/OFer/reliever just to keep Torrens on the roster as a 3rd catcher.

  3. I've got my fingers crossed he sticks with the Padres. I even picked up a couple autos on COMC the other day.

    The beard gives him kind of a Jon Snow look.

    1. I'm kinda hoping he sticks too. I'm also curious to see what you picked up...

  4. refractor + on card autograph + favorite player = nice card

    i'm pulling for him to make the team. he's one of the few guys i've actually memorized on the roster.

    1. Indeed, the only way it could be any nicer is if the serial number was 69.

      And lol, glad to know my constant man crushing has allowed you to memorize him :).