Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Card From Venezuela

It's now June, Luis Torrens has yet to receive an official baseball card from Topps or Panini or Leaf as a San Diego Padre. At this point he may end up getting a rookie card in Topps Update and that's it :P.

While I don't mind that, the anticipation has me a little antsy. I'm so close to adding a new Torrens card to my Torrenterion Collection after a three year a gap. Make it happen already!

Well actually, it did just happen the other day.

So there's the first Padres-era Torrens card I actually paid money for. I'm hesitant to call this card official because I can't see any MLB licensing info anywhere.

If you're wondering what this card is, it's one of the unofficial cards from Venezuela. If you've ever looked up players from Venezuela, chances are you've seen a few cards made exclusively for them.

And this is how Torrens gets his first 2017 card.

TBH I was a bit hesitant to add this to the Torrenterion collection because the quality of this card is a little below Gavin's awesome customs. But on the other hand this has the novelty of being an exclusive from a foreign country, those are always cool. Now I can say I've had a card shipped to me from Venezuela.

So the wait for Torrens' Topps RC continues, but here was a nice small treat to hold me over in the meantime.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. This card is shrouded in mystery. I love it!!! Hopefully one of the companies makes something of him. My money might be on Panini as Topps was super slow with some Pirates in recent memory. Topps will only be first if he has a NOW moment.

    1. Agree with the NOW moment, that's probably his best bet. Even still, with as much as Topps ignores small market teams, like the Padres, Torrens may have to hit five homers in a game to grab Topps' attention. :p
      Good decision on grabbing the Venezuelan card.

    2. @Matt: Yeah I agree that Topps may be super slow, but they have a knack of throwing in rookies that very few people actually know/want in their sets. We'll see.

      @PTT: Torrens' ToppsNow action? What a way to horrify my wallet lol.

  2. Definitely a unique addition. I've wanted to pull the trigger on a few of these in the past, as these Venezuelan cards are often the only Cubs cards of "bottom of the roster" type players out there. Maybe I should go ahead and bite the bullet.

    1. If you do go through with it expect shipping to take two weeks, and shipped via FedEx.

  3. Oboy, a new source for me to check out and find more Braves cards, lol.