Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Miniature To Fill Time

So my post about the Japanese BBM cards from my friend Kimowota is taking a lot longer than I had thought. In the meantime I've prepared this filler post where I just show off my latest Luis Torrens acquisition.

At first glance it looks like your typical 2013 Bowman Chrome purple refractor. But as the title of this post suggests, this is the Bowman Chrome Mini version.


The standard size Bowman Chrome purple refractors were numbered to 199, but these mini purple refractors were numbered to a lot lot less.

They were actually numbered to five. Which is the number of hits Torrens has this year so far.

I managed to get the fifth one of this card in it's print run. Pretty neat.

I have no idea what else I need now (except the superfractor and two of the plates) but I'll worry about that another time. Right now, I'm just glad that I can keep adding more Torrens cards to my collection.

Speaking of Torrens, there's been a lot of developments for him at the big league level since I last blogged about him.

For one thing he's notched a few more career firsts like his first run.

And thanks to me he has a few All Star Game votes now.

Overall his stats are pretty down but that's to be expected. For one thing, Torrens is not ready. There was a reason the Yankees opted not to protect him from the Rule 5, they didn't think anybody was dumb/crazy enough to actually keep him after spring training (they were wrong and right at the same time). For another thing, he's getting sporadic starts in between like 4-5 consecutive Austin Hedges starts. The number one thing Torrens needed this year was consistent playing time. He's not getting it, and how that has an effect on him long term is starting to scare me. This isn't a slight on Hedges, who the Padres are more invested in for a lot of obvious reasons. It's more like me complaining to the void that AJ Preller is a shitty GM. Just watch, he (or whoever comes in to replace him after he gets fired) will mess up the rebuild.

Anyway, there's still some hope that Torrens returns to the Yankees, but the Padres are so bad (they're basically the Angels without Mike Trout) that whether or not he's there wouldn't make the slightest difference. Plus there's that whole "the Padres have his contractual rights" thing and all. Consider this season a write off, I have :P.

But I'm not giving up my supercollection, ever. Because Torrens is still the best, no matter how bad the present may be.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Cool addition. This subset of minis baffles me...just never could keep track of them.

    1. I really hate that I have to care about these things.

  2. Yep, definitely a nice add to your collection. Congrats!

  3. He's batting .333 this month with a 1.000 OPS. As for the card... very nice parallel. Pretty in purple.

  4. I got to see Torrens this week here is AZ against the D-Backs. Thought of you! I was hoping he would hit his first home run and I was going to send you my ticket stub.

    1. That would've been great, but thanks for thinking of me for that lol.