Monday, July 24, 2017

Clone Break: 2017 Bowman Platinum

Rex has been assigned a new mission. Rescuing Yankees padawans from four rack packs of 2017 Bowman Platinum. A mission that could potentially result in something like a Gleyber Torres autograph.

To ensure the mission goes smoothly, both Rex and Kanan agreed to have different troops inspect different packs at different parts of the base.

Rex left the first one with red squadron near the "craneyard."

Already the mission is off to a success, with Clint Frazier right smack dab in the middle. How appropriate that Red Squadron rescues Red Thunder. Bonus points for the Bryce Harper too. Accompanying these prime nine, were the following.

An orange parallel of Jhailyn Ortiz numbered 17/25.

An exclusive prospect card (really just an unnumbered blue parallel) of Lewis Brinson.

And an insert of White Sox catching prospect, Zack Collins.

The back of the prospect cards look like this (the back of the veteran cards coming shortly).

Just then there was a small brigade of droid fighters who ambushed the clones.

Thinking quickly Rex used the power of the Red Thunder to put an end to the droids' attacks.

The attackers likely came with the Red Sox card in the pack. There may be a chance the base is infiltrated now.

Rex and Kanan took off immediately to go see how green squadron was doing with pack two.

By the time they arrived they found that the green squadron's position was under attack.

The only chance the clones had to save the port from being overrun was to see if they could get reinforcements within the pack.

The first nine cards provided nothing.

Here's a look at the backs of the veteran player cards BTW.

The exclusive prospect card was Nolan Jones.

The insert was a Rookie Radar card of NL ROY Cody Bellinger.

The situation at the dock grew worse, our heroes had to put their hopes into the very last card of the second pack.

BLARG! Another Red Sock!

This made the situation impossible to handle for Rex and Kanan.

Plot convenience, er I mean the force, called upon Rey and Satele Shan to take care of the droid attackers while Rex and Kanan were immediately called to the main hanger.

The main hanger was in ruins and very few of the ships our heroes had left were in working order. The third rack pack was really going to have to step up.

It did not.

The exclusive prospect card and the Next Generation insert were meh at best.

And the purple Platinum parallel of a Red Sock (numbered 171 of 250) brought the situation down to all new levels of bad.

Now the first order had barged in and our heroes were dwindling in number. Unless pack four contains a miracle, they're dead.

Inside the pack was Jedi Knight Tyler Austin, who could not help Rex or Kanan due to a sore hamstring, but brought word than an even mightier force was coming to help.

No, not the exclusive prospect card of Dawel Lugo.

BOOM! Judgement day is here!

With one mighty swing of his gavel, the honorable Judge sent The First Order back into the abyss. However, there were still droids to be dealt with.

Rex reached into the pack for the remaining card. Would it be a Gleyber Torres autograph?

No, it was a Nick Senzel Platinum Presence autograph numbered 47/50...

Despite not being a Yankees Padawan, the power of the rare specimen decimated the rest of the attacking forces.

With that our heroes had managed to rescue three Yankees and gain some more fun extras to help with their cause. Tune in again next time for the next clone break.


So that was my first clone break in like forever. Was a lot of fun to do this again. Thought it took a lot of time to set up all of these shots.

Anyway here's a brief recap highlighting this haul.

These inserts are very shiny in your hand. I'm impressed.

The orange parallel is of a Phillie but, hope he works out. As far as the purple parallel goes, you could do a lot worse than pull a Red Sock numbered to 250.

These were all of the "Exclusive Prospect" cards advertised on the rack packs. The scans make them look darker than they actually are.

Based on recently completed eBay listings, these three alone could've paid for half of the rack packs.

Throw in this and yeah, my $25 purchase has been more than fulfilled.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. "The attackers likely came with the Red Sox card in the pack. There may be a chance the base is infiltrated now." This made me laugh out loud. Tyler Austin not being able to help because of a sore hamstring was pretty good, too. You should give the script writer a raise.
    Thanks for the fun break and story line.
    Platinum is probably my favorite product of the year, but I missed out when it hit the shelves in P-town. Hopefully I'll be able to track down a few singles down the road.

    1. The copyeditor stinks though, look at all of the grammar mistakes in this post!

      Platinum was more fun than I thought it'd be. It's a fun break if you can find it lol.

  2. Pretty good pull with the Senzel! Not bad you were able to snag Judge, Frazier, and Austin. I like the looks of this set.

    1. This set is impressive in spite of it being pretty generic.

  3. Awesome post! Super entertaining. The force was strong with you when you opened up these packs. Not sure what I'm more jealous about... that Judge or that sweet ARC-170.

    1. Lol, that was actually the very first LEGO set (the ARC-170) I got when I returned to the LEGO hobby. All the way back in like, 2009 I think?

    2. It's a great ship. If they ever release a newer version... I'll probably buy it and build it.

    3. I hope so. It's a nice ship and the current heads at LEGO could make a lot of fun improvements to this model.

  4. Great post, I appreciate the time you put in to make it!

  5. You pull Red Sox like I pull Yankees.

    1. Lol, well that is how we ended up as trading partners in the first place my friend ;).

  6. Dang. Fantastic pulls and even better presentation!

    1. Thanks Weston, nice to see you around the blogs again :).

  7. I'm a little late to the party (damn work) but I love these posts. Hope you enjoy your new yacht since you pulled Judge and Bellinger.

    1. I was going to buy a yacht but decided to pay off my fourth mortgage.