Sunday, July 2, 2017

Month-End TTM Roundup: 6/5-7/1

Not a whole lot came through this past month. Kinda sad, but I'm amazed any came back all since the last time I sent everything out was in May :P.

Received On: 06/10/2017

My first return this period came from Ryan Mountcastle.
Ryan Mountcastle was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the first round of the 2015 MLB Player Draft. Although Mountcastle is currently a shortstop, there are rumors that he may end up being in the outfield long term, mostly due to questions about his arm and the fact that the Orioles have other infielders already. It likely won't matter due to how Mountcastle projects to be a very consistent hitter either way. Enough power to generate some bombs in Camden Yards, and enough hitting prowess to hit all over the field when needed.

Received On: 06/19/2017

Here's another Orioles prospect, Austin Hays.
Hays was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the third round of the 2016 MLB Player Draft. With a great arm and enough speed to cover lots of ground, Hays projects to either be a centerfielder or rightfielder longterm. Offensively he has enough power to also produce some dingers in Camden Yards, while also hitting somewhat consistently the rest of the time. At best the Orioles have their new right fielder of the future, at worst he's the Orioles' serviceable fourth outfielder of the future.

Received On: 06/20/2017

I was pretty stoked to see these returns fro Mario Feliciano back. The 2017 Choice is a bonus card he sent along that made this return super cool, but you'll see what made it really cool in a bit.
Feliciano was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the competitive balance round of the 2016 MLB Player Draft. The Puerto Rican backstop is said to have a lot of hitting prowess and power that would be very nice to have in a catcher. Whether or not he stays at catcher long term remains to be seen (like any catching prospect some have questions about his future at the position), but his arm is good enough to be useful in the outfield if that's where he ends up as well. The race to be the new Brewers' everyday catcher in the post-Lucroy era still continues and Feliciano is at least in consideration to take the spot three years from now.

What made this return from Mario Feliciano extra special for me was this super cool note he sent along. All it takes is one note like this to really brighten up my day. And this also reminds me that all it takes is one note to possibly brighten up a player's day as well. This got me thinking that perhaps the letters I send need to inject some more personal things about the player in them. To date I've only done that with past SIY players, but I could definitely expand it to other players.

Anyway those were my returns this past month. Kinda disappointing to only end up with three but, it is what it is.

Big thanks to Mr. Mountcastle, Hays and Feliciano for the awesome autographs.

And as always thank you (the readers) for stopping by.

Take care.

2017 TTM Count: 83



  1. Love that he sent a letter. Some guys just get it more than others.

    1. Indeed. Fan service should be one of the tools when judging a player's ability.