Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tons Of Dime Box Goodies

Over the past few weeks I've made more trips to Chameleon Cards & Comics than I did for all of last year. I'm not sure what exactly has changed, but it might be due to how I have some trades and Zaps in the works.

Anyway, every time I go, I head straight towards the dime box. It's small and often doesn't contain a whole lot quantity wise, but quality wise there's a lot of really great stuff in there. I often dig through the cardboard looking to ramp up my TTM reserves or get some nice misc cards for pretty much nothing.

Hello old friend

This time, I went with old MLB products and a few recent MLB products to serve as Zap fodder for trading partners. The Bowmans and whatnot will be for them to discuss. I'll instead talk about other things.

Before we begin, let me admit that I'm spoiled. Due to card shows and card shops having incredibly great dimeboxes (and nickeboxes) I won't pay more than 15 cents for late 70's, early 80's cards, or junk wax for that matter. This is why my COMC purchases are always limited to Yankees prospect flame outs or parallels meant to go to other collectors. This is also why I take full advantage when I actually do see these types of bins. Especially when I'm dealing in a no-man's land we all call...


Nobody cares enough to look or think twice at this crap but I (oddly enough) do. Why? Because when you're able to add HoFers and fan favorites for 10 cents each, you do it.

In all of these bargain bins, there are often some HoFers and nice names you know are worth more than 10 cents inside. Are they going to break the bank on eBay? No. But this way you don't have to spent 0.99 cents and possibly shipping to have it sent to you. Which is a deal in itself.

Sandberg showed up the most with five cards. Admittedly one of them isn't from his playing days, but I figure it'd be a nice card to send along to any Cubs collectors as Zip fodder.

To ensure that there's no anti-Brewers bias, the box made sure to have three Molitors inside of it. As well as three Schmidts. Sixty cents for six cards of two HoFers, not bad.

All of these cards were pretty much in the same section/column of the box. I'm guessing that the store just bought a bunch of this stuff from someone who wanted to get rid of it, but the person who sold it kept all of the good names together. Works for me.

The box is really making an appeal to Tony to ensure that it's not accused of Yankees favoritism. I can personally attest to the box's overall lack of Yankees BTW. There were more Sixto Lezcanos in the box than there were Yankees.

With all of that shown, off to the fan faves.

Always good to see names like Tommy John and Orel Hershiser in bargain bins.

And of course the box supplied it's fair share of cool shots too. All of which you've all likely seen before at card shows or on Nick The Dime Box King's blog.

All of these cards were rather fun. I know that they're not really all that special to most of us here in the states since we see these junk wax cards being sold for dirt cheap, but they're still HoFers and notable names and I still enjoy picking them up for literal pennies on the dollar. Especially since they mean more and are worth more to my friends overseas who don't have much access to cards made before 1995.

I guess I'll wrap up this gratuitous "just a bunch of scans with no substance' post with a few cards I picked up for personal reasons.

I picked up a shit-ton of Giants for a special trade I'm working on and the number of Jack Clarks in the box were right up there with the number of Orel Hershisers. This would've been a fun box for Giants and Dodgers fans to yell at eachother about.

Years ago when I got the Candelaria 8x10 photo custom signed for Bob Walk The Plank at a card show, I scrambled to find a Yankees-era Candy Man card to get signed for myself. It showed up two years too late in a dime box and I have no signed Yankees-era Candy Man card in my collection.

The late Dodger Bobby Castillo holds a special place in the fans of Dodger fans who remember him. He was also a member of the Chunichi Dragons so this goes into my Dragons PC.

Sobs... I still miss him...

Finishing off this post is the lone 50 cent pickup I made. This blue refractor of Tetsuto Yamada. It's numbered 120/150. Yamada is still one of the more notable bats in the NPB but he is having a down year this year. Hopefully the 25 year old can get back on track soon.

And that was my haul. In all I spent about $20 between this latest trip and my last trip combined. These dime boxes are awesome but when they add up, they really add up.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I really need to go to this shop. I have no excuse why I haven't been.

  2. Love the Mickey Hatcher card!
    Man, anytime you can get the iconic card from my childhood for a dime you're living the good life. ('87 Topps Bo Jackson)

    1. It's kind of amazing to see just how much a lot of these once went for in the 80's.

  3. Some classic cards there! The Tony Perez might just be my favorite card from the '86 Topps set.

    1. Thanks Nick. That's definitely a great shot.

  4. Good stuff. I would always look at '80s stuff, even if I have most of it, you never know what you'll find.

    1. Exactly. Every now and then you can find some really good gems too.

  5. Damn. 10¢ for a 2nd year Wizard? That has to be a new record. Great finds Kenny!