Friday, October 13, 2017


Recently the checklist for 2017 Topps Update Baseball came out (PDF). I checked it out and was ecstatic to see that US32 is none other than LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSS Torrens!

It's happened folks! After a three year hiatus, Torrens is back on cardboard! Woof!

According to Cardboard Connection there are parallels, I count about 15 of them. You bet that I'm going to go after them all. Part of me wonders if I should take this opportunity to go full on Tim Wallach Collector and declare that I'm going after every copy of the rookie card (base or otherwise) in existence. But based on what P-Town Tom has told me I'd probably lose my mind.

Anyway Update doesn't come out for another week or so so to kill time and ease the anticipation, I picked up some distractions.

Right off the bat we have my second ever On Fire Black autograph of Torrens from 2014 Leaf Valiant. I already had another copy thanks to Bob Walk The Plank from several years ago, but I recently found an offer that was WAY too good to pass up. How good? It was less than a rack pack.

Making this that much sweeter is that this puppy is numbered 4 of 5. Yup, I got a great deal on a numbered autograph limited to five copies!

I was already happy about that the black fire was part of a two card lot that also featured this orange On Fire diecut (numbered 25/50). This is like the fifth copy of this card I've owned. If I hadn't already given one copy to Torrens himself I might've been tempted to go after the complete 50 card print run.

In the meantime I guess I can consider completing this print run. The two you see there are the 3rd and 4th copies. Three more to go!

I also recently decided to make a quantity over quality purchase. I lucked out on getting five of these BoChro autographs for cheap (by Luis standards).

The rainbow for this will take the longest, but at long last I am starting to make progress on hoarding these.

Rounding out the rest of the purchases were cards for other people and two more non-Torrenses for me. Like this autograph of former top NYY prospect Nick Johnson. Looking back his numbers in triple-A were tremendous. If he had stayed healthy he could've been one of the best 1Bs ever.

And last but not least is a card I've been eyeing since it came out. I'm a sucker for the 1979 Topps design and if I ever have an opportunity to get a Harper autograph, you can bet that I'm going to seriously consider using this.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. If you pull any Torrens rookies, you know where to find me ;).

Take care.


  1. I can't imagine what would happen today on social media if Nick Johnson was a current prospect. His minor league numbers were insane. I always hated him because he was the guy who was going to take Tino's place, although that never really happened due to the Giambi signing and Johnson trade to the Expos.

    You can bet that any Padres Torrens I come across will be headed your way.

    1. Interesting. How do you feel about both Johnson and Giambi in retrospect considering what happened?

      And thanks man :).

  2. Seeing all of those Torrens signatures reminds me of the days when I was hoarding Ben Grieve autographs. I guess the difference is that I paid top dollar on Grieve... which is why I don't feel the need to hoard anymore. Best of luck on tracking down all 15 versions of his Topps rookie card.

    1. At the risk of rubbing salt on your wounds, stories like your Grieve are why I rarely ever strike when hoarding. I wait for the perfect deals (ie what Grieves go for now) and then see what can happen.

      And thanks :). Hopefully I can wrestle a few away from you (he is a Padre after all ;)).

    2. For a split second... I though you meant Grieve (which I'd gladly would've shipped over a few). But sure. All extra Torrens will be headed in your direction.

    3. Oops, my bad Fuji. I should've been more careful with my wording. Thanks man. I wouldn't mind taking a Grieve off of your hand too though. I appreciate collecting failed prospects too.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the endorsement Hoyle lol. I just might actually.

  4. So excited for you that LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSS is in Update. It'll be a fun chase for sure and I wish you the best of luck in trying to track down all fifteen variations.
    I promised myself early on that I would try to get one copy of every Vogelmonster card made in 2017... I didn't realize, that with parallels and auto parallels, that the card count would be well over 100 cards. You have a much more manageable task ahead of you!

    1. Thanks PTT :). The chase is on, and will likely push me over the hump for 100 different Torrens cards!

      Thankfully Torrens managed to escape the "token Padres rookie" treatment (which went to Hunter Renfroe this year) so I didn't go insane in the membrane looking for his cards. I'll be sure to do everything I can to help you with your Vogelmonster collection though.

  5. I'm sure many of us will be able to help you on your quest. Good luck finding them all