Friday, December 1, 2017

Clone Breaks: 2017-18 Upper Deck Hockey Series 1 (Part 1)

Welcome, in preparation for a long and grueling winter, I've had Rex and his troops set out on a quest more daunting than any they've faced before. Exploring the unknown and entering the realm of a non-sport box break.

With 2017-18 Upper Deck Hockey.

This will be their first foray into the world of hockey (and my first hobby box of a hockey product). Will it produce adequate results? We'll see.

So with baseball the mission was always to rescue Yankees padawans and knights (and maybe grandmasters), oh and that Luis Torrens guy. This time there aren't any Yankees, but Zippy Zappy has a hockey team he calls his favorite so Rex will be on the look out for them.

The Rangers! In particular Rangers padawan Filip Chytil, the 18 year old Czech rookie for the Rangers who has a "Young Guns" card in the set. Apparently these Young Guns are more prized than really anything else because in the world of hockey, it's all about the rookie card.

So there are 24 packs and Rex will be inspecting them 12 at a time.

Upon opening the box the first thing that greets the world is this pamphlet by Upper Deck. I'll have to make a note to run out and get some packs on March 3rd next year...

Right, enough with the ads, onto the packs!

Pack 1.

A whole lot of nothing. Except maybe TTM fodder.
Although the photography is impressive on a few cards, like the Carl Soderberg and the Frederick Andersen.

Pack 2.

Ey, we have a Rangers hit in Jimmy Vesey (sidenote, I am looking for his Young Guns card from 2016-17 Upper Deck).

Rex also uncovered this relic of Kings defenseman, Jake Muzzin. I remember him having some key moments against the Rangers in the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals. Therefore this card will be banished (and sent straight to Kings fan, Stealing Home).

Pack 3.

These horizontal shots are pretty great. Upper Deck's calling card of near-full bleed photography still works to this day. I also dig the Tukka Rask shot.

Pack 4.

Ey another Ranger with Michael Grabner!
Also we have our first Young Guns insert of Will Butcher, aka the wrong NJ Devils rookie.

Pack 5.

Ranger! Brady Skjei!
William Nylander needs to be a New York Islander in the future. His name won't allow otherwise.

Pack 6.

A Shining Stars insert of Mikael Granlund, who apparently inspired this song.

When I think of Finnish music I think of Helsinki based hip hop and death metal. Then again they are European so house music isn't out of the realm of possibility.

Pack 7.

The Mikael Backlund and Derick Brassard shots are my favorite of this bunch. Both reinforce my belief that baseball cards would look great with locker room shots and pictures of the players coming off of the field.

Pack 8.

Another Ranger with Kevin Hayes! That's a pretty sweet shot too. Even if he's just reaching for a disembodied hand.

Pack 9.

A J.T. Miller! Just in time since there's a chance he's doing a public signing event next month. Although I'd prefer to get his Young Guns card for that.
Also note that the cover boy for Series 1, Auston Matthews, is here.

Pack 10.

A Young Guns insert of Denis Gurianov. And a bunch of horizontal shots.

Pack 11.

The first UD Canvas card we've uncovered so far. The Leo Komarov is a nice shot, mainly because we actually see the sky on a hockey card.

Pack 12.

Last pack of part one features a red tinted Auston Matthews insert.

It's never really fun to immediately pull a hit so early in the break, but considering how the jersey relics are only in 1:36 packs (and a hobby box only has 24 packs total), not bad?

No Chytil either. Rex and his men will have to regroup and hope for something good/salvageable in the second half of the box.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I've never seen so many hockey cards in one post. I love the different action poses... a nice little respite from batters swinging and pitchers in the middle of their wind up.

    1. I do as well. Although the rest of the set suggests that there are plenty of generic, guy looking at puck shots in the set as well.

  2. The lure of hockey has claimed another blogger! It got me last year. I'm hoping to get a box of this for Christmas.

    1. It's kinda fun, even though my beginner's luck wore out lol. Good luck with your box though.

  3. Welcome to hockey! Wish I had a Miller Young’s Guns, I’d send it your way. If he has a canvas card, those look really nice signed. I know you mentioned the “hit” already being out of the way, but the flagship jersey cards aren’t the thing. It’s definitely the upper tier YGs. Im waiting on ePack before I start collecting the one that I want (DeBrincat). Looking forward to part 2!

    1. Thanks Kin. Luckily I've got a Miller's YG coming way the easy/lazy man's way lol. And you're right, the prices the rookies are driving are insane. They're not even autographed lol.

    2. Just keep in mind that other than the very top players, the prices will drop once Series 1 hits ePack. COMC will be flooded with them and the sellers undercut each other. Even the drop guys MIGHT drop, but the "common" YGs certainly will. I figure I'll be able to get DeBrincats for less then $10, and I wouldn't be shocked if I can get them for $5 for a certain amount of time. The other Blackhawks (Hayden) will probably drop to 50 cents or less.

      I do hope to see more hockey from you, though! There aren't enough hockey guys in the blogosphere.

    3. That certainly explains why the Young Guns from last year are cheaper than I expected. ePack seems like an interesting concept that reminds me of eTopps.

      And we'll see. I tried getting into hockey back in 2014, didn't stick. This time? We'll see.