Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wallet Card (2018 Update)

How many of you are still taking part in the wallet card thing? I'm sure the "challenge" or whatever initially set it off has long since ended, but how many of you still have a piece of cardboard in your pocket?

I still do.

That dirty lint-infested chrome card of the patron saint of this blog has been in my wallet for a good three years now (at least).

Gotta hand it to Bowman, the chrome coating on this card has allowed it to stay in tact much longer than it would've if it were your traditional regular glossy card stock.

The front and back have had little damage that didn't involve just being dirty thanks to being roommates with dollar/yen bills that came from who-knows-where and living inside my pocket.

I mean the bottom corners are still as sharp as ever.

The only real damage that the card has suffered is how at the top of the card the face and back is starting to separate. So in recent times I've switched to having the card be in my wallet bottoms up (with the better, still in tact lower half being exposed and on top).

Meanwhile the penny sleeve I've kept this card in, (inside my wallet) has also seen better days. It's basically ripped and unusable lol. But it's the card's official home.

In recent times I've considered switching to a different wallet card. Having another card on my persons at all times (or at least when I'm outside).

The only problem is that I don't think none of the other cards I'd want to use could survive.

Dark Magician Girl? No. I've seen enough wallet card updates with your standard normal paper base cards to know what'll happen to this. I doubt it'd survive even if I put it in the clear window in my wallet where family photos are supposed to go.

I think there was a point where I was actually considering putting in a Torrens certified autograph in, only to realize that it'd be a stupid idea a few seconds later.

Screw it. There's only one wallet card that I've used for years and that'll be the only one I use until the day comes when the card itself finally disintegrates and I need to find a new one.

Day 1, Early 2015

As always thanks for stopping by and take care.


  1. Chrome cards are like Fords... they're built to last. Or is that the Chevy slogan?

  2. Nice! I still have mine, but rarely take it out. Still, it's pretty beat up. Long live the Torrens wallet card!

  3. Looking good! I think Chrome cards are closer to plastic than they are to cardboard, so I guess it's no surprise the wear hasn't been worse.

    Do you ever take Li'l Luis out for #walletcard photos? I swap in a new card each year, in part to help distinguish when a photo was taken.. though with technology these days, that's probably not necessary. After 9 years, I could have a cool page of wallet cards. Oh man, I gotta remember to do that!

    1. Yeah, I hate the warping on chrome cards but man is it perfect for a wallet.

      I should take the card out more often (I missed golden opportunities when I met Torrens in person again as well as when I went to Japan) for pics, but for the most part the card remains in my wallet unlike the dollar bills right next to it. That wallet card binder page is a cool idea though, go for it Gavin.