Monday, April 30, 2018

Giving Some Attention To The Others

Bowman baseball is out. Apparently it's all the rage across the US and Japan as stores are having a tough time keeping the stuff in stock.

Since I'm the resident prospect dude (sort of) on here I got myself some Bowman right?

Wrong. I actually stopped by my LCS on release day but the prices were insane. Not just for the boxes but for individual packs. Packs!

I love my prospects but there's no way I'm dishing out $5+ for a pack of what will probably amount to garbage. Especially when I can spend that same amount of money on getting more Luis Torrens BoChro autographs.

And based on results left by my friends overseas who have busted multiple cases of the stuff it looks like the odds of pulling a Shohei Ohtani auto or any sort of refractor autograph are pretty steep. Likely a result of Topps producing immense loads of the stuff (and yet it amazingly still keeps flying off shelves).

Anyway it looks like a few of you on here have managed to luck into some Bowman. Congrats to those of you who did. I hope you all had great pulls.

Now we all know that Ohtani is the name to chase here. But for the rest of this post let me just go into my favorites and let you all know who else I would want to pull in this year's Bowman offering.

Zippy's Picks Part 1: The Dodgers

I have to be really careful here because there are a few Dodgers prospects I like that I hope will be in future installments of my "Ode To A Dodgers Prospect" series, but it would be a crime for me to not mention that the Dodgers are LOADED. The Dodgers checklist is so good that if Bowman was halfway affordable this blog would've turned into a Dodgers prospect blog in an instant.

The two token Dodgers rookies are Walker Buehler and Alex Verdugo. Two prospects/rookies that I absolutely love and adore. Seriously, they're right at the top of my favorite non-Yankees prospect rankings, right behind Luis Torrens. Those two command some serious coin on the open market right now because the Dodgers have clear needs in both the starting rotation and in the outfield. Also because they're both really fucking good.

On the prospects side we have Keibert Ruiz, Jered Kendall, DJ Peters (autograph) and Dennis Santana. All of whom are considered to be in the top 10 on most/if not all Dodgers prospect rankings. These are all great players to get.

Keibert Ruiz is an elite catching prospect who, depending on who you ask, may be the second best prospect in the system behind Walker Buehler (and ahead of Verdugo!). He's a catcher who can hit. That says it all.

Jeren Kendall was the Dodgers' first round pick last year and he has the tools and potential to be a really really good centerfielder. Although gives him the really unfortunate comparison of Jacoby Ellsbury ("vintage Jacoby").

DJ Peters has his first Bowman Chrome autograph in this product (he previously made his Bowman debut in 2016 Bowman Draft). Peters draws comparisons to Aaron Judge because he's a huge man who hits right handed and has power for days.

Dennis Santana is a shortstop-turned-pitcher who is armed with mid-to-high 90's heat, a slider and a changeup. He may end being the next position player-turned reliever for the Dodgers.

Also a quick shoutout to Matt Beaty who has a retail autograph. Dude's a top 30 prospect in the Dodgers system. If you pull his autograph congrats, please send it to me for free.

Notable non-autographed Dodgers include Mitchell White and Yadier Alvarez (big Yadi Alv guy too for the record).

Zippy's Picks Part 2: The Yankees

In spite of me almost turning into an LAD blogger there, I'm drawn back into the fold with a few of the cool Yankees to chase.

Thairo Estrada, my second biggest PC guy behind Luis Torrens, finally got an autograph. Albeit in retail form.

Matt Sauer was the Yankees' second round pick last year and by far the most talented player they added in the draft. Sauer is the lone Bowman Chrome autograph subject for the Yankees. He's struggled a bit since turning pro but expectations are high for him.

Estevan Florial only has an insert in the product but he's worth mentioning because right now his cards will go for a premium due to him having so little out there at the moment.

Notable non-autographed Yankees include Gleyber Torres, Domingo Acevedo and Justus Sheffield.

Zippy's Picks Part 3: The Cubs

You know me, it's all about the big markets because they're the only ones that matter.

Adbert Alzolay is the Cubs' number one prospect. And for good reason as he's got a reasonable ceiling as a middle of the rotation starter with a good fastball, good curveball and good-ish changeup.

Notable non-autographed Cubs: none.

Zippy's Picks Part 4: The Rest

Alright, these players aren't Dodgers or Yankees or Cubs so they're not worth getting that much into (at least not for me) so I'll just list names and a quick sentence on why they're worth mentioning.

*Rhys Hoskins (RC)
-This is his first official Bowman Chrome brand autograph. $$$!

*Luis Robert
-An elite (Moncada levels of elite) prospect for the Chicago White Sox

*Ronald Acuna
-You all should know how good this guy is by now

*Christian Pache
-A top 10 prospect in a loaded Braves farmsystem

*Keibert Ruiz
-I know I mentioned him already but damn it, he's so fucking good!

*Hunter Greene
-An elite. ELITE prospect in the Reds farmsystem.

*Colton Welker
-A rising star prospect in a so-so Rockies farmsystem

*Jose Siri
-A top 10 prospect in a pretty deep Reds farmsystem

*MacKenzie Gore
-A top 3 prospect in an absolutely loaded Padres farmsystem

*Brendan McKay
-Top Rays prospect who is also hitting and pitching at the same time (ala Ohtani)

*J.B. Bukauskas
-A top 5 prospect in a so-so Astros farmsystem

*Royce Lewis
-Last year's first overall pick

*Andres Gimenez
-Top Mets prospect who the Mets will screw up developing

*Daniel Johnson
-Top 10 Nationals prospect who might end up being Harper's successor

*Victor Robles
-Top Nationals prospect who might realistically end up being Harper's successor

*Jo Adell
-Elite Angels prospect who's given the system a much needed boost

*Fernando Tatis Jr.
-An absolute beast in the Padres farmsystem

*Shed Long
-Dude's name is Shed. Long.

Alright that's enough. There's a few other notable names but they're mostly repeaters (Michael Kopech/AJ Puk/Mitch Keller etc...) and a lot of you might already know them.

Anyway that was my premier on Bowman.

Obviously I am after Thairo, the Dodgers quartet and Alzolay (in that order). I am this close to dangling my Reggie Jackson autograph as trade bait for something that really wows me (if you're a trustworthy enough trading partner).

Real close.

As always thanks for stopping by and Go Dodgers! take care.


  1. A Florial autograph is not in the cards for me at the moment. Cool to see Thairo in there though.

    1. Hopefully this is the year he responds to your TTM request!

  2. I think Luis Escobar is the only auto for the Buccos this year in the set. That was kind of disappointing.

    1. Hopefully the Buccos pick up some more prospect power in the upcoming months.