Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Rostering From Rosters

So a lot of people participated in my first Bat Blog Around challenge. Thanks to all of you who did. I'm glad that I was able to give some blogging inspiration to people. It was really fun to see the kind of teams people put together.

The biggest takeaway I got from all of the fun responses was that, YOU'RE ALL TOO FUCKING MODEST. For a community of individuals that doesn't claim to prioritize autographs you've all got some of the craziest and awesomest stuff I've ever seen. Woof. I was impressed at all of the rosters people put together and at the stuff people had. It was amazing. I suppose it could be a quality over quantity thing but take more pride in your autograph collections, they're all nothing short of amazing.

Also, for this followup(-ish) post I decided to have it be a hub where you can get the links to the teams everyone else put up. There's a lot of really cool stuff in here.

My original intention was to compare the rosters people put up and see how they fared against mine. But by day two it became apparent that my team was the prospect heavy tanking/rebuilding team in a league full of monsters. So I gave up.

Instead what I decided to do was to nab a name from everyone's roster and construct my own roster using other peoples autographs. Haha suckers, I'm assembling the greatest superteam ever using stuff YOU all put out into the open ;).

Before we begin let me just say that I tried to write about all of the responses I got. But there's still a big chance that I missed some of you. To be honest this BBA introduced me to a lot of new blogs and I'm not sure how many are still out that did this. If I missed you please do not hesitate to leave a comment telling me so.

Wrigley Roster Jenga

Tony Burbs put up his 13 men in record time so he gets to go first.
It's a real nice blend of some of the greatest Cubs ever and a few unique names.

Added To My Roster: Fergie Jenkins (SP)

Brett Alan

Unfortunately Brett doesn't blog but he did leave a comment on my original blogpost. This roster consists mostly of Mets of the past/present and it is nothing short of stacked. A lineup with Mickey Mantle, Monte Irvin, Duke Snider and Johnny Mize in the middle with the talented backup behind them is terrifying.

Added To My Roster: Mickey Mantle (OF)

Card Buzz

Laurens over at Card Buzz put up their 13 on 420 too.
Whoo boy what a deadly 13-man roster. It's so lethal that it's hard to pick just one key player to focus attacking on it.

Added To My Roster: Mike Trout (OF)

Off Hiatus (Part 1)

Tony pumped out two blogposts about this. One was for non-Brewers.

Along with another one for Brewers specifically. Both with that "TTM collector in the 80's" flare that only Tony could bring.

Added To My Roster: Bert Blyleven (SP) and Paul Molitor (DH/INF)

Too Many Grandersons Verlanders Manninghams

Here's an impressive squad put together by Dennis at Too Many Athletes-In-Detroit.
It really raised the stakes at it boasts hall of famers, all stars, all time greats, the works. Every guy Dennis listed is great.

Added To My Roster: Ken Griffey Jr. (OF)

2x3 Heroes

Jeff's squad is very nice. I thought that Jeff was going to lean into his CWS preference a bit more but instead he picked for the best players available and the team is stronger for it.

Added To My Roster: Yogi Berra (C)

All Trade Bait All The Time

Stealing Home's team is an impressive mix of Dodgers favorites and some of the best players of all time. It's so impressive that he divided it into two separate posts. Keeping in tune with the Dodgers tradition of elite pitching, his pitching rotation is loaded.

Added To My Roster: Tony Gwynn (OF)

Night Owl Cards

With Night Owl I was expecting nothing but Dodgers flare and sure enough, he brought it. It's so Dodgers-heavy that Night Owl didn't even have a pinch hitter or a bullpen and opted to just use five of the best Dodgers starters ever and a closer.

Added To My Roster: Sandy Koufax (SP)

The Raz Card Blog

Raz went even further and constructed a 25-man roster. I'm still shocked that he chose Wally Moon over Jonathan Singleton, but that is his prerogative.

Added To My Roster: Kate Upton (Celebrity Fan)

Baseball Cards Come To Life

Bo had a very nice New York centered squad. His outfield is especially deadly, but that's not who I'm adding from his squad.

Added To My Roster: Wade Boggs (INF/DH)

Cardboard Catastrophes

Carlsonjok brings us two squads at once. One featuring members of the 1960-1963 Fleer sets and another one for players who weren't in those sets. Both squads are equally impressive and definitely worth the click.

Added To My Roster: Ted Williams (OF)

Baseball Card Breakdown

Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown limited his choices to his favorite 2004 Retired Refractors (robbing all of us of a potential Gavin-only roster). It is impressive. Seeing all of the cards be from the same set helps too.

Added To My Roster: Frank Robinson (MGR/Player)

Cardboard Greats

Henry put up a squad that is really fitting of his blog's title.
My favorite thing about his squad is how some of the autographs are on things that aren't cards. Which is great, I wanted this BBA to give people a chance to mix some of their favorite signed things regardless of what they were signed on. His squad has a picture, a plaque, a cereal box and a program. I'd show the cereal box because I like the idea of a signed cereal box, but I don't like Pete Rose as a person. So instead I'll go with...

Added To My Roster: Johnny Bench (C)

The Lost Collector

For those of you who think that I'm the TTM king, you are all wrong and The Lost Collector's teams are proof.
TLC went as far as to construct a 25-man roster along with people around the team like members of the front office and broadcast teams. All he needs are Jack Curry, Ken Rosenthal and Sweeny Murti autographs for the beat writers!
Also TLC prepared for us another team of non-Yankees. That team itself is impressive too.
Remember, all of these are TTM's only. TLC is truly the TTM King. Not me, him. Go bow to him and sacrifice your first borns in his name, not mine.

Added To My Roster: Phil Rizzuto (INF)

The Angels, In Order

Tom has prepared for us the ultimate who's who in Angels history team.
With the exception of Vlad Guerrero and Albert Pujols (who aren't in Tom's possession yet) it's basically a look at the best names in Angels history. Having Trout be on the same team as Tim Salmon is the best.

Added To My Roster: Nolan Ryan (SP)

Pirates Treasure Room

Collecting Cutch put up an insane roster full of treasured Pirates fan favorites. Subverting the expectation I had where he'd just have Andrew McCutchen play every position. It's quite impressive.

Added To My Roster: Bill Mazeroski (INF)

Coast To Posts

Coast To Post was the first to redo the BBA in another sport. In this case hockey.
He has one of the greatest first lines ever as well as two of the greatest defensemen ever to boot. Throw in an all time great goaltender and yeah, this team is stacked.

Added To My Roster: Sidney Crosby (Celebrity Fan)

All About Cards

Baseball Nut brings us two rosters with some of the biggest names to ever play baseball. Seriously these are loaded rosters. I very much wish for a way to see these teams go up against Cardboard Catastrophe's rosters, it'd be a heck of a spectacle for all involved.

Added To My Roster: Willie Mays (OF)

Twitch Collects Cards

Twitch brings us a squad concept I really liked, the cards he had scans for. As a blogger who tends to reuse the same scans over and over again I like this approach. Plus Twitch's team did quite well for itself in spite of that limitation.

Added To My Roster: Robinson Cano (INF)

The Collective Mind

GCA managed to pump out two rosters based on all time members of his favorite team (the Baltimore Orioles) and a roster full of personalized autographs.

Let the records show that GCA brought up a good point in their post that an All-Jersey swatch team and various other types of card team is in order. Hey, I'm down for an all Rookie Card team if you all are.

Added To My Roster: Jim Palmer (SP) and Stan Musial (INF)

The Other World

Dan's squad is (appropriate for his blog) other worldly.
It features another set of some of the greatest of all time, including some of the more recent names like Roy Halladay and Buster Posey. Definitely a fun list.

Added To My Roster: Roy Halladay (SP)

The Five Tool Collector

Commishbob offers another fun lineup. Complete with the ultimate x-factor with having San Jose Fuji as his General Manager (that's worthy of some EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA creativity points). My favorite signature was the Frank Robinson signed banner/bed sheet made to support Robinson. That is a very cool item.

Added To My Roster: Cal Ripken Jr. (SS)

Bob Walk The Plank

Matt brings us some of the best and brightest in Pirates history (or at least the post-Pittsburgh being spelled with two t's era of Pirates history). Right now his collection doesn't have the Clementes or Wagners of the world but I think he'll have one in like two decades. I really do.

Added To My Roster: Ralph Kiner (OF)

Pack War

Corky brings us basically the best "incomplete" roster you'll ever see.
I think Chris in the comments said it best, who needs an infield when you can insert Joe DiMaggio into the outfield? :P. I absolutely love the variety and most of the progressiveness of Corky's roster. Extra kudos for that Corky.

Added To My Roster: Joe DiMaggio (OF)

Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz

This challenge introduced me to a new (to me) blog titled Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz, and if you're an Atlanta Braves fan, his roster is pure Braves-pornography.
Much like a few of the team-focused teams that were mentioned before, this one is focused entirely on Braves legends (although Jeff Francoeur had been left off) and is a good premier on some of the greatest players and moments in the franchise (especially the world beating 90's Braves teams). Definitely go check them out to experience the greatness that is the Atlanta franchise.

Added To My Roster: Warren Spahn (SP)

Dawg Day Cards

Here Angus twists the BBA around and does it football style.
Now I admittedly don't know shit about football, much less the Cleveland Browns. Regardless, I can still see that the roster Angus put out looks very impressive. With lots of great names that any football team would be glad to have on board. Including some Browns legends who played for the old Browns that became the modern day Baltimore Ravens.

Added To My Roster: Bill Belichick (Celebrity Fan)

n j w v

"Nick" brings us a fun lot of IP autographs of former San Francisco Giants players. Rod Beck is my favorite. But this roster also brought us our first Barry Bonds and Orlando Cepeda in this challenge. Which are big points too.

Added To My Roster: Barry Bonds

The Shlabotnik Report

Joe brings us a squad that focuses more on what he has as opposed to a world beater. I like it, these players need some love too.

Added To My Roster: Joe Torre (MGR/Coach/Front Office Executive)

This Card Is Cool

My friend Ryan finally joins in on the fun despite most of his collection residing halfway across the world from him. This squad finally brings us names like Jose Altuve, Julio Franco, Jose Canseco and Felix Hernandez. Also a unique twist at the end with an all-want team of players he wants.

Added To My Roster: Rickey Henderson

The Chronicles of Fuji

Fuji also got a lot of milage from the idea by separating it into three (possibly more?) rosters.

His favorites/A's first.

Then general MLB greats.

And then sticker autographs.

These rosters are chock full of big names and a lot of fun stuff. Seriously, notice how I had to steal all of the scans of the really good players up to this point? Fuji has them all in his collection.

Added To My Roster: Ichiro Suzuki (OF), Pedro Martinez (SP) and Lou Brock (OF/PH)

cards as i see them

gcrl subverts my expectations by not having any of the infielders in his name, but makes up for it by throwing at us our first Vin Scully autograph. Yeah, that's right. Vin. Scully. Autograph.

Added To My Roster: Vin Scully (Broadcaster)

Dime Boxes - The Low End Baseball Card Collector's Journey

Nick the Dime Box King joined the fun with some of the notable remnants of his autograph/hit chasing past. Which was very fun to see considering the collector we know him to be now. It also finally brought us the very first Hoyt Wilhelm appearance on this BBA.

Added To My Roster: Hoyt Wilhelm (SP/RP)

Dodgers Blue Heaven

Ernest brings us some of the Dodgers' very best and brightest over the generations. Really nailing down how the Dodgers have all of the starting pitching in the world and doesn't need a bullpen.

Added To My Roster: Adrian Beltre (INF)

Wrigley Wax

Wrigley Wax really packs a huge Cubs-themed punch with their roster. Even cooler is that it finally brought us our first Ernie Banks and Andre Dawsons.

Added To My Roster: Andre Dawson (OF)

Can't Have Too Many Cards

Hackenbush brings us a lot of really nice names. Just a bunch of HoF action and some crossover sports mixed in to boot.

Added To My Roster: Ernie Banks (INF)

Shoebox Legends

Shoebox Legends brings us a really nice roster with a nice mix of current Red Sox stars and all time greats.

Added To My Roster: Bob Feller (SP)

Cardboard Clubhouse

Adam's roster leans more towards current players and I love it. Any team with Johnny Cueto on it is a winner in my book.

Added To My Roster: Francisco Lindor (INF)

Waiting 'til Next Year

P-Town Tom took some time out of his busy teaching/coaching schedule to bring us his blend of favorites and greats. My personal favorite was Jim Thome there because I think this might've been his first appearance. Although who knows, maybe he was on someone else's but I complete missed him because you people have some of the craziest stuff ever.

Added To My Roster: Jim Thome (DH/PH)

Not Another Baseball Card Blog

Mike brings us a very nice down to earth roster featuring players that play for the two Canadian teams.

Added To My Roster: Cliff Floyd (INF)


My friend over in Japan did his own BBA team. Unfortunately he shut down his blog a while back but instead he summed it up in a tweet. Convenient and also pretty effective as he finally brings us Munenori Kawasaki

Added To My Roster: Munenori Kawasaki (Every Position)

Infield Fly Rule

Adam brings us some of the okayest names in Rockies history. Despite the way I just wrote that his squad is quite good. Personal favorite being the Brendan Rodgers.

Added To My Roster: Brendan Rodgers (top prospect in the minors)

Tim Wallach

Stack22 brings us an interesting roster filled with autographs from their youth. Even more interesting is their take on certified autographs. Of course I'm adding Tim Wallach to my roster, I'm all about blog heroes.

Added To My Roster: Tim Wallach (OF)

The Collector

Chris of The Collector, did a BBA that I completely overlooked (sorry Chris!). Chris is a Red Sox fan but we won't hold that against him. Because his team is quite impressive. I was torn between snatching David Ortiz or Robin Yount, but time to throw Tony's favorite a bone.

Added To My Roster: Robin Yount (INF/OF)

Alright, I think I've stolen enough names from all of you to construct a decent expansion team.

I was going put up a completed roster to see who I managed to snatch for my roster, but I ran out of energy.
All in all, big thanks to everyone for going along with my dumb idea. It was a blast to see what everyone came up with!

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. This was a fun idea, and you're right about collectors being modest. There were some sick autos out there! I don't think my team had any players that no one else had (maybe Killebrew?) but here it is.

    I'm working on a hockey lineup. Should be up soon.

    1. Fuck, I missed your post and blog entirely, my bad.

  2. I hope Topps starts releasing more Scully autographs, because I get jealous every time I see GCRL's. RAZ's Upton is sweet too! And Dawg's Belichick! Our blogosphere is filled with sweet signatures.

    1. It really is. Especially yours lol.

  3. This was a great BBA. Thanks for recapping if here. Really enjoyed everyone’s posts.

    1. It appears as though I missed at least two blogs. Blarg.

  4. Yep, I agree. Best BBA I've seen. Thanks for the recap. I definitely missed some of those the first time around and now I have some more reading to keep me occupied on baseball road trips. :)

    1. I don't know if it it's the best (I quite like a lot of NO's topics) but it appears to be one that everyone found themselves being able to latch onto.

  5. That was a great idea, and an even greater recap. Too cool.

  6. That was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next idea!