Monday, June 4, 2018


Me This Morning:

Twitter At around 9:20:

I'll post a write up another day. Right now I'm just excited that I got a prediction right and got an autograph before they turned into a Yankee.

Also the main key with Anthony Seigler is that he's a catcher who is a switch hitter and a switch pitcher. A SWITCH PITCHER!

Sidenote, the MLB Network draft broadcast is always ass but I can't get enough of the proud smiling parents. Love it.

Hell yeah!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks John. BTW, Idk if you saw my comment but the Greiner USA insert you pulled might turn out to be something. He was drafted last night as a sandwich pick!

  2. The real question is......does he sign TTM?!

  3. Trying to predict the MLB Draft is intimidating... heck, just thinking about it gives me an intense headache. I can't even fathom correctly calling a prediction like that - well done! Now, when do you sign your contract with ESPN as their resident draft guru?

    1. Well ultimately I had about three names in mind, Seigler was the one I liked the best because I'm a sucker for high ceiling catchers lol. The other two names were Brice Turang (who went to MIL) and Ryan Rolison (who went to COL) BTW.