Friday, June 1, 2018

Gray Whale 2018 Edition

Recently Once a Cub and I had a little discussion on Twitter about Gray/Grey Whales.

For those who don't remember, I coined this term for cards that you want that are easily found on eBay/COMC/wherever and aren't super expensive, but are priced just high enough that you just can't pull the trigger on them. Also they usually have the dreaded shipping fee's (usually $3.99) attached to them too for good measure. You could probably describe a good chunk of whatever your set needs from the 2000's are this way.

The only real way to acquire these is by either biting the bullet and just buying whatever you want/need, or get crafty and take advantage of combined shipping. Better yet, maybe a trading partner wants something for combined shipping and they manage to find something for you in the process!

***Also just to go on a little tangent, our currently-in-childbearing-hiatus friend The Junior Junkie also coined their own term for another kind of whale, the "Killer Whale". The kind of card that exceeds your white whale because the Killer Whale is super rare and expensive and will kill your budget. It will likely kill you and your family too because you won't be able to pay for food anymore after you buy it.***

Anyway, OaC asked me if I had an updated version of my gray whale list and it was then that I realized that I haven't really had an updated gray whale list in nearly forever. For the most part I've acquired a large portion of gray whales I originally blogged about and any new ones that popped up in the meantime were scooped up.

Like how I managed to finally snag this Nolan Martinez BoChro autograph on eBay for a fairly nice price.

I still need the 2004 Bowman Chrome Prospects Autograph of Phil Hughes as well as the 2003 Just Minors Autograph of Joaquin Arias, but they've fallen significantly low on my radar. But when I tried thinking of what else I need, I kind of gave up halfway through.

I guess that the Luis Torrens BoChro base autographs I'm after are gray whales since they're usually priced just high enough that I pass on them.

The problem when I post want lists is that they get dated very quickly. Whenever I compile a wantlist of any sort, it's usually just what I happen to want at that particular moment in time. No shit since that's occupying my mind (rent free) at the time. But after, say, two weeks, chances are very good that I want something else. I go through these cycles because I'm a moron who can't stay focused on one thing for too long. You've all unfortunately had to suffer post after post of me declaring that I'm onto something new, when really I'm not.

Still though, it never really hurts too much to list out what I need in case someone sees it. I don't have the trade reserves to make trades happen anymore, but eh fuck it.

*Matt Sauer 2018 Bowman Chrome Autograph
I'm not in any real rush with this one (especially with the newness tax on it right now), but I'm definitely on the prowl for one

*Clarke Schmidt 2017 Bowman Chrome Draft Autograph
Prices on these have remained steadily high ($10-ish if you infuse s/h like I do), so I'm playing a real long ass game of the waiting game here

*Albert Abreu 2017 Bowman Chrome Autograph
An overlooked but key prospect in the Yankees system that I still need an autograph of

*Jemile Weeks 2011 Bowman Sterling Autograph
HARK! A small market team!
Fuji's post about his favorite/best A's got me thinking about who my favorite A's player was. It's that guy, Jemile Weeks. And I've wanted his Bowman Sterling autograph card since 2011 (the last year he was actually any good).

And that's pretty much it, give or take some cards I'm very likely forgetting.
The non-Weeks contingent have prospect capital attached to them, hence why they're priced just high enough to make me go "no way" but are plentiful and low enough that with one more baseball card sale I could easily finance these. Hmm...

Anyway that was an updated gray whale list. Chances are very high that I'll lose interest in these by next week and be going after something else. But meh, might as well put this up here for now and see what happens.

Why don't the rest of you list out some of your key gray whale needs. Maybe someone fooling around on eBay looking to take advantage of combined shipping will find it and get it on your behalf and you two can work out a trade or something? I dunno.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Jemile Weeks? I didn't see that one coming.
    Killer Whale... hadn't heard that one before. Appropriately named for sure!

    1. These gray whales are always tricky man. One of these days I'm going to compile the whole whale lexicon.

  2. I bid over $1700 for my Sauer autograph. Get on it!

    1. Well I'm not operating on a marketer's salary so I'm afraid I have to wait lol.

  3. I just caught a huge gray whale last Sunday. It's a Ruth/Gehrig Tuff Stuff phone card from back in the mid 90's. I've been tracking this card for years waiting for someone to list an affordable copy.

    I'd say the next one I'll start targeting is the 2002 Fleer Fall Classics HOF Plaque of Willie Stargell. Guys like Jimmie Foxx, Eddie Collins, Tris Speaker, Cy Young, Jackie Robinson, Reggie Jackson, and Walter Johnson all sell for under a buck on COMC... but the Stargell is never priced below $2.75. I need it for a set, but refuse to pay over a buck for it.

    1. Lol, good luck Fuji. At least you made some progress on a gray whale.