Monday, June 4, 2018

It's Time For The MLB Draft!

Do you know what today is? Why it's draft day of course.

Today is the first of three days where teams have a chance to draft players who may or may not go on to become full fledged big leaguers.

Now I haven't really kept up with names to watch in this upcoming draft. Mainly because even though I love my prospects the draft is just something I choose to just let happen, and then analyze/think about after it does. Because trying to predict this and that about what potential big leaguers could be one day alone is pretty tough. Trying to predict who goes where in the draft is near impossible. Especially after the top three. All I can really say is that Casey Mize is likely either going first overall to the Tigers or second overall to the Giants.

Obviously I am going to be super keen on who the Yankees take in the draft. As well as who the Dodgers take in the draft.

Keep an eye out for the first player your team drafts who was born in 2000 BTW, they all just turned 18 (or will turn 18) and are eligible to be drafted.

This is who I hope the Yankees draft

Now naturally the biggest question for most of us (I assume) will be "do the picks my favorite team just took have cards?" At this point in time I'd say there's a 50/50 chance that whoever your team drafts in the first two rounds will have cards of some sort.

For example I have several players who're said to be top draft prospects this year from a set of 2015 Panini Stripes & Stars. Given to me from P-Town Tom of Waiting 'til Next Year. This set has proven to keep paying dividends for me year in and year out. I'm working on another blogpost as we speak where I look at the players in the set and see where many of them went. A lot of the players who were still in school/amateurs when it came out have gone on to be drafted by pro teams, and the rest of are well on their way. After a semi-thorough check, there are still four players who're poised to be big name draft picks this year in the set (Nick Madrigal, Brice Turang, Luken Baker and Austin Bergner) AND there are still a few more players who're still in college and may end up being draft eligible as early as next year.

This is why I've long thought that the best way to get ahead of the prospecting curve is by going down the amateur/Team USA/Perfect Game stuff. Chances are the really good prospects will have cards a good three-to-five years before they ever turn pro.

One of these days I'm just going to stop buying major league cards as well as like 75% of minor league cards altogether and just switch to MiLB team issues, Bowman Draft (fuck regular Bowman or Chrome), Panini Stripes & Stars and Leaf Perfect Game. I'll finally reach the logical destination that probably most of you have been expecting me to end up since I first started being our corner of the blogosphere's resident prospector, pre-draft prospects!

Anyway, let the fun three days of the indoctrination of the newest people to enter our favorite organizations begin!

As always thanks for stopping by and take care.


  1. I like seeing who the Yankees pick, but otherwise can't get too excited about the Draft since most of us have never seen these guys play. In NFL and NBA, there is a little more familiarity with the top picks from watching in college. Still, it's always intriguing to see which way the Yankees go in terms of grabbing a guy who falls, or going for a reach pick first to save money for some later gambles.

    1. You know, that's an interesting and fair point. I think I'll save it as a post idea for next year because the topic of why the MLB draft is so bad is worth going into.