Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Kimo Trade Part 1: Emma-Jay

So I underwent my first international trade this year. This time with a good collecting friend of mine in Japan who goes under the pseudonym "KIMOWOTA".

The thing is that we don't really trade or focus on baseball in our trades anymore. I mean we could (the Shelby Miller blank back I blogged about a while ago was for Kimo), but we've branched out to other non-baseball things as the main focal point in our trades. Now that might be a big turnoff for most of you, but this is my blog and I want to blog about what I deem to be cool.

Our latest trade involved me getting a massive box filled with awesome goodies. So I want to separate it into multiple posts posts. To really give each component the awesomeness they deserve (also because I'm running out of non-draft blogging material and this is free content I can space out to keep my blog afloat until the Staten Island Yankees season begins).

Today is part one and involves my favorite thing in the entire trade package.

A QUO card of miss Emma Jasmine.

I've blogged about "Emma-Jaz" before. Mainly how I got her autograph on a polaroid "checki" picture last year thanks to my friend Ryan over at This Card Is Cool.

Well now I have another unique magazine promo to boost my Emma Jasmine PC (that's a thing now lmao).

For those of you who are wondering, a QUO card is basically a gift card that can be exchanged for goods at various stores.

The back of the little plastic container the card came in lists a ton of stores where you can cash in the points on the card (usually you're probably just going to get something like a 500 yen/$5 discount).

Like the polaroid autographs, these QUO cards are also giveaways where you just send in a postcard with some personal info to the magazine. You might one of the lucky winners to win a special QUO card with a special picture of whoever the cover model (or inside cover model) of that magazine issue was. Depending on who the model is these can go for all sorts of prices on online auctions.

Speaking of which I also asked Kimo for another magazine that Ms. Jasmine was on the cover of through Yahoo Auction.

I thought I had all of them now but apparently I still have a third one I still need (drat!). Hey Ryan, a little help? And that'll conclude the magazine covers where she's appealing to the male gaze. I say that because she's also on a lot of magazine covers where she's modeling for Japanese fashion magazines aimed at women (ie she's got on more clothes and more stoic faces). Will I go after them one day? We'll see.

Regardless, that doesn't take away how I needed this issue for my apparently new PC lol.

So that concludes part one of my trade with Kimo. Hope you some of you come back for the other parts later.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Good stuff all around. I did a quick Yahoo Japan Auctions search to see what else she has out there. Looks to be a bit of magazine work. The only card I saw was the QUO card you have. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you got.

    1. So according to my own research I still need at least two more QUO cards, great :P.

  2. I used to collect magazines/covers of my favorite actress. That kind of collection takes up a ton of space and it gets heavy fast. That’s why I stopped doing Beckett and other magazines I had. They’re pretty tough to flip through so they just sit in a box. I just want SI for Kids now. But even that’s an unlikely collection.

    Anyway, point me in the direction of that third mag. I’ll hunt it down if I can!

    1. Actually my friend KIMO saw this and immediately went out and got the last issue for me lol. That said, I could use some help with another QUO card...