Monday, July 9, 2018

Killed With Kindness

So I mentioned how I recently underwent a trade with a collector in Japan again right? Well I wasn't exactly being 100% accurate, this time I conducted a trade with two Japanese collectors at once. They are Kuroneko-Straycat (@imagecat) and RIN (@RIN_KBcats) Both of these kitten themed usernames combined their powers to get me good. Real good.

To show you how good they sucker-punched me, we'll go straight to the insane stuff. Like the 2/5 red Derek Jeter parallel from 2013 Topps Tribute. It's a low numbered parallel of Derek fucking Jeter. Gud gawd.

I was super pumped to get these two parallels. A blue refractor of Clarke Schmidt (numbered to 200 copies) and a red cracked ice parallel of Dellin Betances (NUMBERED 01/25!). The package honestly could've ended right here and now and I would've been thrilled but it didn't.

MORE PARALLELS. Everything but the Severino is numbered, but even the Sevy is cool because it uses the Yokohama Tire motif.

By this point I had fallen and I refused to get up.

In my last trade with a Japanese collector I got my very first ball relic. Well now I can say that I also have a dirt relic. Of former big leaguer Norichika Aoki at that. Woof! This card comes from a product called "Touch The Game" and this card lives up to that billing. Also it's numbered to 100 copies.

So the Aoki will transition us into the NPB stuff, because that's where things get crazier. Like that beautiful cut autograph of Hiroshi Gondo. Gondo spent his entire playing career with the Dragons back in the 60's and is still in baseball today as part of a coaching/managing capacity.

He's also this guy.

This Gondo cut autograph is numbered 3/5 and is from a special custom brand brought to us by a prominent card shop in Japan called BROG, one of those card shops that operate on the super high end level and is geared towards collectors who bust cases upon cases of products without any second thought. Hence why they can afford to make stuff like this. If you're on Yahoo Auction long enough you can find other buyback-ish autos like these from them, from big names like Ichiro Suzuki to Keisuke Hondo.

I got four (count 'em, FOUR) BBM brand Chunichi Dragons autographs in this trade. The only one I knew was coming was the Kazuki Yoshimi, but these are so fucking cool. I'll expand further on these cards and players in another post. But just know that in true Japanese baseball card fashion, these are all numbered.

Of course those weren't the only Dragons cards in there. I got Dragons cards of...

...the BBM variety

...the Calbee variety

... AND the Baseball Heroes variety (the precursor to Sega Card Gen)

I especially love these Baseball Heroes. Cards intended to be used for gaming purposes will never not be interesting to me. Plus I'm not a brand loyalist so I always welcome competition in a market that BBM has thoroughly dominated. All of these cards will be further discussed in future posts.

Because I'm a defacto Yankees fan I ended up getting a ton of Masahiro Tanakas this time too.

Of the BBM variety.

The Calbee variety.

And the Baseball Heroes variety.

Variety is the spice of life. Cherish it.

Lastly we'll end on some super-cool non-sport stuff.

Like these special exclusives to Japan. My collecting buds even made sure to explain what these were lol (that was nice of them). I'm a huge fan of Sanrio characters (My Melody forever!) so I love that Pom Pom Purin card. The Pokemon card brings me the fuck back.

Here's something super cool, miniature toys of three notable Avengers sold at Japanese vending machines (gacha-pon machines). The Japanese are masters at creating and making toys and figurines for the Japanese market, these are no exception. They're so cute and cool at the same time.

Speaking of cute and cool, all of my Japanese collecting friends know that I have an obsession of sorts with the Dark Magician Girl. So they sent me this cool cell-phone strap. The fact that's DMG already makes it the best thing ever, but you know what makes it extra cool?


Hell yeah boiiiiiii.

And that was the whole package.

Hats off to the cat duo who got me good. I felt so bad and guilty about my first package to them (that sucked major ass in comparison to all of this) that I sent a follow up. I pray that I sent enough. I really do.


This post didn't give these cards the level of depth and insight they clearly deserve, so expect that to come at another time.

Thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Those are some loaded trade packages!

    1. Indeed, Japanese traders man, they're the best.

  2. Lots of ink and cool relics, but the Hiroshi Gondoh card of him by the ocean is the bee's knees.

    1. Greatest manager card of all time. Bar none.

  3. That's a great group of cards. The Jeter must look great in person. The Frazier Bowman Tek is very cool too.

  4. That package alone probably involved more Japanese cards than the entire rest of the blogosphere owns put together.

    1. Not sure about that, I think my last trade with a Japanese collector had a bit more in terms of overall volume. But this one did pack a punch regarding variety.

  5. Holy cow. That is an insane package!!!! Can't believe the generosity.

  6. Wowza. That's an insane trade package. Wowza.