Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Welp, it looks like one of my goals won't be met this year.

I was at a card shop recently and found that they had 2018-19 Upper Deck NHL MVP in stock. It's basically the hockey equivalent of Topps Opening Day. A more low-end set focused more on set collectors and inserts more than the hits. Or since this is hockey, it's all about the rookies.

The reason I bought this was because it was cheap ($40 after tax per hobby box is a pretty decent buy), and because this is one of the few products on the market right now that has a card of Rangers rookie Lias Andersson. A smart person would've waited until more Andersson rookie cards came onto the market to pick one up. But I'm not that person. I wanted to pull one with the prospect of pulling even more Ranger cards in the process. Of course I would've been happy with a Neal Pionk rookie too.

Of course in the time I've been opening hockey products none of the cards I've ever truly been after were ever in the boxes (Chytil was nowhere to be found last year), but if nothing else these box breaks are great because they allow me to get acquainted with good players on other teams. And give me a big ass supply of trade fodder in addition to TTM fodder.

So what happened with this box break?

Well as far as Rangers go, I pulled two base cards, four total. No Anderssons :(.
Shattenkirk and Spooner are both perfectly capable NHL players, and as of this post Spooner is a pretty good candidate to get traded away at the trade deadline this season.

Other notable base cards included John Tavares as a Islander (hahahaha) and a bunch of other cards already marked for some of my trade partners on here.

In this set anything above the 200's in the checklist are automatically short prints. There are fifty short prints in total and 20 of them are established vets like Connor McDavid and Mathew Barzal there. I pulled four of them total.

And the remaining 30 of the 50 short prints are all rookies. Unfortunately I didn't get a Andersson rookie or Pionk rookie, but I did get an Adam Gaudette who is probably the best rookie/prospect I pulled in this entire break.

The most common parallel set are these Silver Script cards with faux-autographs printed on the tinted cards. I pulled six including a Travis Dermott shortprint.

And being that this is MVP, there were a few puzzle pieces. I got six of them and none of them come close to helping me complete one puzzle.

This is also the 20th Anniversary of MVP's release, so there are these special inserts giving tribute to the first MVP set that came out back in 1998. These are pretty cool actually.

Of course they had a "Colours and Contours" parallel set (all numbered to 198 unless you got pulled a purple parallel numbered to eight). Mine was a damn Blackhawk.

Here are the "Player Credentials" inserts. These are almost like the ID cards you need to get into venues only they're fake (duh) and they have a sparkly effect like the starfoil rare parallels found on Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. I was pretty stoked to get Shattenkirk but then I found that I beat the odds with the Eeli Tolvanen (another top rookie). The Entry Level Access cards are at 1:22 pack odds, I only opened 20 packs. I win.

And that was my break.

Yeah, so no real big hits and the names I wanted eluded me, but for the price of two retail blasters I had a pretty fun time with my first (and hopefully only) hobby box for 2018.

And if you're wondering why Rex didn't take charge of this box like a Clone Break it's because I didn't feel like creating new set pieces.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I don’t plan to buy any hockey boxes this year, but I love those 20th Anniversary cards. I might have to overpay and buy a set. If you don’t want the Seabrook, I’m sure I can find plenty of Rangers to send you. He would look great in my Blackhawks binder!

    1. Unfortunately I didn't pull any Seabrooks, but I did pull two Duncan Keith inserts.

    2. HA! What a brainfart. I was referring to the Keith Colors and Contours. I do like that they numbered them this year, that's new. ePack has hurt a lot of secondary prices, so hopefully this helps a little.

    3. Well if you pull any no-name Rangers rookies let me know. That's what I'd hope to get in return.

  2. Love Burns and the beard. If he ends up being a TTM success, please keep us posted. That guy his tough, tough, tough to get in person.

    1. All of the Sharks are going to you my friend.

  3. I've never loved MVP because I believe it replaced Collector's Choice as Upper Deck's low-entry brand. I'm mostly referring to baseball, but I'd bet it did this for hockey too. It was a pretty similar product with the silver signatures and whatnot.

    Long-live Collector's Choice!

    1. Honestly both are a bit before my time so I wouldn't know.