Monday, November 3, 2014

More Backstops

Got another batch of catchers in recently. Let's dive in shall we?

First up is Luis Alfonso (Saez) Torrens' first mainstream card here in 2014, a blue refractor parallel from the newly released 2014 Leaf Metal Draft. This one is numbered 28/50 and uses the same picture that Panini used for LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS' base card in 2013 Panini Perennial Prizm Draft. A picture which Panini and Leaf most likely purchased from Four Seam Images.
Interestingly enough I had my eyes set on the base/normal version of this card but some sniper outbid me at the last second by going fifty cents over my max bid. Unfortunately for whoever set that sniper, my max bid was a sky-high $20, roughly quadruple what Luis Torrens autographs usually go for, so they most likely ended up overpaying. And to put things in perspective, I was able to add the blue there for $10.50 (shipping included). I'm winning so much that people call me Charlie Sheen #datedreference.

Next is the purple version numbered 18/25.
This fantastic specimen was sent to me by frequent trader Matt, the guy who runs the fantastic blog Bob Walk The Plank. He suddenly emailed me out of the blue and asked me if I was interested in this card. Which I was and we struck a deal, although in hindsight I probably do owe him a few more cards.
According to Beckett, I have two sixths of the Luis Torrens 2014 Leaf Metal Draft rainbow now (plates excluded). I should be tempted to go after the rest of the pieces but in all honesty I'd rather not. I don't need another big semi-expensive project on my hand. Especially after I've let most of the key pieces slip by already. But despite that I'm extremely grateful that I have this in my possession. Thanks Matt :)!
BTW, Matt recently got himself a local minor league team, a Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate at that, known as the West Virginia Black Bears. They're a New York-Penn League team that's going to fill the void left after the departure of the Jamestown Jammers which can only mean one thing, a good old fashioned rivalry between the Staten Island Yankees and the West Virginia Black Bears on this blogosphere. Bring it on! ;).

Next up is Trent Garrison, another former SI Yankee that I had the pleasure of meeting.
Trent H. Garrison was drafted by the Yankees in the 28th round of the 2013 MLB Player Draft and is the twin brother or Taylor Garrison who was also drafted by the Yankees one year earlier. Stat-wise Garrison was good in 2014 but not really that great, although to be fair when you're in an organization loaded with catching depth it's tough to make a name for yourself. But he is an interesting guy to keep an eye on. For whatever it's worth he improved his walk-rate immensely in 2014 and also improved his on-base percentage.
Interestingly enough midway through the season Trent got reunited with his brother as Taylor Garrison spent some time with the Tampa Yankees. Trent currently has a wife and two kids, graduated college with a 3.0 GPA, likes Bull Durham and his first job was a pizza maker at a restaurant.

Wesley Taylor Wilson had an interesting game this season. On May 16th, Wilson played a big role in a 18-inning long marathon between the Tampa Yankees and the Palm Beach Cardinals. In that game Wilson caught the first 14 innings but came in to pitch the next four innings. He faced 13 batters, struck out three batters and held the Cardinals scoreless. Interestingly enough by that time the Cardinals were also having a position player pitch for them. Cardinals third baseman Bruce Caldwell pitched 3.1 innings of scoreless relief before allowing an unearned run to Dante Bichette Jr. and gave the Tampa Yankees a 7-6 walk off win.

Next up is a signed 2014 Pro Debut card of former Yankees farmhand, Peter Robert O'Brien.
Now one interesting thing about this card is A). the photo has already been used for O'Brien's 2012 Elite Extra Edition card and B). actually uses a picture of O'Brien as a Staten Island Yankee.
Don't believe me? Check out the patch on O'Brien's left sleeve. It is the SINY (Staten Island New York) patch. Plus the original photo, which can be found on Four Seam Images, explicitly states that it was taken during O'Brien's time as a Staten Island Yankee.
So this isn't a Tampa Yankees card of O'Brien, but instead a Staten Island Yankees card of O'Brien. I'll have to do something about that logo on the lower left-hand corner but I'll take what I can get.

And of course we have Peter O'Brien again. I really do wish he was still in the Yankees organization.
His unclear future at the plate aside, he has a ton of potential. And all that potential comes from his power. You wanna know how much power this guy has? For most of 2014 the only hitters in all of the minors who had more homers than him were Kris Bryant and Joey Gallo. That's how much power he has.

So those were some of my newest catchers.
As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Your Torrens collection is shaping up really nicely!

    1. I've got a pretty big addition coming in later this week. Stay tuned ;).

  2. I love that there is someone out there who knows more minor league players than I do. You da man!

    1. I can't help it, I'm a prospect nut. I want to see the Yankees finally deliver a decent homegrown product after all these years. I want to see the next Yankees dynasty built on a homegrown foundation. Most of all I want to see the next Gehrig/DiMaggio/Mantle/Munson/Mattingly/Jeter, if the past is any indication we may see one as late as 2016...

  3. You don't owe me anything. Just glad you needed the card. The same seller had a nice Cole Tucker I purchased for myself.

    I'm really excited about the minor league team. The stadium is about a 5 minute drive from my house!

    1. I'll do my best to help you prepare for the 2015 WVBB season/prepare for getting a bunch of in-person autographs ;).